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Judge My First Cycle and PCT

Doing a cycle of test enanthate 250 mg per week for 12 weeks while on cycle I am gonna do arimidex 0.25 mg eod, then 1 week after the last test shot, I will start pct with 500 ius of hcg for the first shot then 5 days later again 500 ius of hcg then 5 more days later 250 ius and 250 iu again 5 days after that…I am also gonna take Nolvadex 10 mg ed and clomid 50 mg ed for 4 weeks… plz judge my pct and cycle protocol and give any opinions to make it better… Thanks

are you gyno prone? I would say up the dose of test ethnate to 350. you will see better results and it will work better with your AI. HCg isn’t used for pct. it is naturally suppressive. Its used to keep your testicles from atrophying on cycle. So use hcg on cycle 500 iu in a week split into two doses. This will allow your actual pct to work better as well as many say hcg allows their leydig cells to start functioning faster to clomid and nolva. Also nolva up the nolva to 2o mg for four weeks. keep your clomid the same. If you get sides from clomid just use nolva at 40 mg.

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