Judge My Current Plan

Did you measure T during the deficit?

Not to start an argument, but what does it matter at this point? He’s already down that road; no use second-guessing.

Or maybe I’m particularly nihilistic today

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About the same 10ng/dl lower

There’s no innate reason to state that it does.

Wouldn’t PCT be a way to get off that road?

Maybe. Generally, you are probably right, and second-guessing might not help OP. I hope that 140mg test cyp will keep him stable, happy, and healthy. Maybe I’m doing more harm than good in mentioning it at all.

I think the reason I raised the potential issue is that I started TRT at a similar age, and the majority (if not all) of my bloodwork was done during a deficit or at least in a state of restrictive eating (balancing very hard and excessive training with semi-suitable amounts of food) but never having a phase that would’ve allowed for some hormonal recovery.

I’ve not had access to test cyp, only Nebido, and have had a really tough time not having negative sides. That might of course be because how rarely injections are done (for me, once every 9 weeks), but another hypothesis I have is that TRT if you don’t need it might not be smooth sailing.

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I honestly have no idea. You probably know better than me. It’s really not something I know that much about. I just think of PCT as something bodybuilders do in between cycles to minimize issues, but I’m not very familiar with what all they use. To your point, maybe he’s early enough in the road it’s an option. Is it no longer an option for you?

Sadly no, I’ve asked because I’d be keen to learn if I really need this or not (I have one nut small enough to suggest it is necessary) but with the way I didn’t eat enough for a really long time it’d be interesting to learn and feelibg

Seems like I’m hijacking this thread but I’ll reply since I was asked.

I’m not entirely sure. I live in a country with socialized, not privatized (well, it exists but I can’t afford it), healthcare. Furthermore, this country is very anti-doping to the point where it makes getting legitimate TRT very hard which has implications on how skilled practitioners are and what is/isn’t allowed.

I doubt I’ve run into a doctor yet that’d know what PCT even means, but it is possible to check what drugs can be prescribed within the country. The drugs commonly used during PCT are prescribed and so I’ve asked if we could use something like that to make stepping off Nebido less painful. Given it’s long half-life, at worst it’d take 6 months to be completely off of it and evaluate if the body is producing sufficient T on its own and I’d rather not walk around with essentially bottomed out T for too long.

The answer has been and continues to be “no”. I think there is only one of those drugs that ever see clinical use with men and it is for men receiving TRT that are trying to father a child.

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