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Judge My Assistance Work


I feel like I've found way too many potential assistance exercises for my weak spots that I'm losing track of what's the best and what I shouldn't waste my time with...or maybe they're all beneficial and I should just cycle through them?

Bench: Extremely slow off the chest, sticking point about an inch above chest.
Squat: Slow out of the bottom, low back tends to tuck under at the bottom, upper back curves in and lean too far forward sometimes on max effort.
Deadlift: Slow off the floor. Sticking point is getting that first couple inches off.
In General: Weak back.

Bench: Lat Pull Downs, Rows, Pause Bench, DB Bench, Face Pulls, Military Press
Squat: Pause Squat, Box Squat, GHR, HS curl, Hip Bridges
Deadlift: Deficit Pulls, Conventional deadlift, Romanian deadlift
General: Seated Good-Mornings, Reverse Hypers, Inverted Rows, hang cleans

Thank you for any critiques!


that's all I know in this topic...

also POWERLIFING FORUM is better for this


About as simple as you can put it.


Sounds like you have a lack of mobility in your hips + tight posterior chain. Stretching + mobility exercises every single day and in a couple of weeks you should be seeing improvement. Otherwise it's going to be a road to injury.


For raw bench, floor presses with long pauses will help


Snatch grip deadlift will improve your strength off the floor, your grip and your overall back and posterior chain, i would consider using these to help your deadlift and probably also have some carry over to your squat


Thanks for all the advice guys.

Do you cycle through assistance work - like changing it every couple weeks or so or do you keep at them for longer periods? At the moment I have a few key assistance exercises like inverted rows / reverse hypers / pause squat and bench that I do every week and the others I'll switch up every couple weeks or so.


If somethings working keep it. Only change when something stops working. I generally change assistane work every 4 weeks, but thats an average depending on how much success im having with them. Bottom line-Dont fix whats not broken and dont keep whats not working for too long


You don't need to worry much about assistance exercises. Jim Wendler once said "Don't major in the minors". You need to practice the powerlifts a lot and work on technique. That should be your MAIN focus.