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Judas Priest Song in Honda Commercial


Anyone else notice that 'Hellion' is being used in this Honda commercial?


The music I grew up with is now mainstream; makes me sad


I guess now you'll have to buy a Honda.


Yes, I heard it the other day. It caught me off guard.

I waiting for it to go into "Electric Eye".....so, it was a tease.

I don't have a problem with it being "mainstream" at all...


I like Priest, don't think they've ever been considered "underground" though.


I actually heard this just last night. My GF was watching TV and I was at my computer desk (unable to see the TV screen), but instantly jumped up to see what she was watching when I heard those familiar guitar chords (usually she's obsessing over the Kardashian Family -lol). Definitely kind of a let down, and Yeah, I guess a bit sad when a track you grew up thinking was pretty bad-ass is now used to sell cars.



I'm actually in the market for a Honda Odyssey.

I'm gonna ROCK that mutha!

But until then...


My dad listened to Judas Priest.


I can't remember the exact details, but I recall "Breaking the Law" in a commercial once. It's very fuzzy but I'm almost positive someone used it.