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Judaism Vs Christianity Debate



I find all this very interesting would like any feedback or opinions on the matter



If you don't believe in either position what it to you? I am sure jewbacca would say that Christiany is ok for the gentiles since it matches up with the noahide laws. Although a discussion on how the messiah is viewed in Judaism or how he views the messiah would certainly be most entertaining to me; especially concerning messiah ben yosef and/or messiah ben david view.


that doesn't make sense about Jews believing Christianity is OK for the gentiles


Sure it does. Since RamBam or before, it has been the position of Judaism that Christianity is a Noahadic religion and complies with the laws that were given all people, and permits them to be counted among the Rightous from All Nations.

Christians (or at least Christians who were not Jewish or had a Jewish mother) were never subject to the Covenant of Mt. Sinai --- a theological mistake most Christians make.

Other than this point, I have zero interest in a Jewish-Christian debate.

All it does is lead to hard feelings among friends.

Despite their bad rap in the media, American Christians, in particular Christian fundamentalists, are the finest people I have ever met, and truly love HaShem, the G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, with their whole hearts -- and put that love into action. That's more than I can say for most of my Tribe, or anyone else, for that matter.


After this can we have a debate about Thor versus Zeus?


Shouldn't that be Odin vs Zeus? Thor can go against Hercules.

By the way, picked that door yet?


Superman vs. The Green Lantern imo.


Did the dirty! So, my favorite Jew how was Hanukkah?


Do the Jews not view Jesus as a false prophet and therefore Christians are following another God? Im not trying to start an argument just curious.



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There is no one "uniform" opinion of Judaism regard Christianity. In general, however, the Jewish consensus was that heresy was committed by a claim of false diety, proper punishment for same was imposed, events falsely recorded, and his followers were decieved are imperfectly following G-d.

That said, they are still following the one, true, G-d. Christians worship G-d, albeit through helpers. They look to the messiah (albeit a returning one). Their moral code is very sound.

It falls under "not our business."

Unlike Christianity, Islam, and militant atheists, Judaism does not seek converts (although they are welcomed).

Now, the Sun is falling. Sabbath is near. Bye.


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They both practically have the same powers, that would be boring.


You know that would only matter if I kept picking it over and over again! :slightly_smiling:


I'm certain there is plenty we would disagree on, but it's interesting that you recognize this. Yes I do love the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob with my whole heart. He who commanded the cosmos to exist and all that is in it. He who created them in His image male and female and called their name Adam. He who cursed and condemned man for his rebellion, yet never failed to preserve a covenant remnant from Noah, all the way through the tumultuous history of Israel, the dark ages and to this very day.

He who promised father Abraham that in his seed would all the nations of the Earth be blessed. He who led His covenant children Israel from Pharaoh's grasp and then swallowed his army in the sea. He who fed His sons with manna as they stumbled their way through the desolate wilderness seeking a land flowing with milk and honey promised them by their LORD deliverer. He who delivered the law to Moses and consumed the unfaithful idolaters on Sinai. He who established the priesthood, the ark and the tabernacle dwelling unapproachably in the holy of holies and requiring blood sacrifice through Aaron for the sins of His chosen people.

He who denied Moses and led Joshua into the promised land defeating every "giant" in their path. He who repeatedly sent terrible judgment on a stiff necked whoring people only to promise them redemption and glory every time. He who set the heart of the king of Assyria against His holy city Jerusalem like an "axe", even though the king had not set out to do so and then judged Assyria for doing it, inflicting wasting disease throughout their troops. He who delivered David from Saul's jealous hand and went before him in battle as he slay his tens of thousands.

He who declares through Nahum the prophet "The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished." He who promised though Jeremiah as Jerusalem lay burning to the ground, "a new and everlasting covenant" wherein no man will teach his neighbor to know the LORD because they will all know Him from the least to the greatest as he writes His law on their hearts and no more on tablets of stone. He who delivered on that promise, which was the same promise made to Abraham so many years before, in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, a man born God, conceived by the Holy Spirit.

He who humbled Himself in the form of sinful flesh, and in that flesh obeyed His own law flawlessly. He who willfully submitted to torture and death at the hands of the very creation He was saving in so doing. He who was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world for the sins of His eternal elect from all nations just as He promised to father Abraham so that both Jews and Greeks would be one Holy church (here comes Chris) set apart by the circumcision of the heart, justified by faith as was Abraham who "believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness". He who after shedding His own blood in death once for all for the sins of His people, rending the veil of the temple from top to bottom opening the holy of holies to all who would approach through Him, defeated death, both natural and spiritual by rising from that grave the 3rd day, bringing all of His saints past present and future with Him.

He who was the last Adam, not simply restoring man to his status before the fall into sin, but providing an unthinkable upgrade by living gloriously within their hearts communing with them Spirit to spirit seeing all their sins as forgiven in His blood and resurrection. They live because He lives. I live because He lives. He who mercifully and graciously reached into my rotting grave of Sin in which I was most truly dead and raised me up with Himself forgiving all and loving me as a son, brother and bride. He who is leading me on a lifelong journey teaching me to love what He loves and hate what He hates. Sanctifying and recreating me in His holy risen image purely by free grace and birthing in me a passion and love for those who have not yet been so richly blessed.

Yes, I love the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob with my whole heart. Always imperfectly while yet in this body of death, but then face to face when I pray my time in this Earth will have been used in His power so that I may hear Him say to me, ME, who fully deserved His terrible wrath, "well done thou good and faithful servant".



One uses thunder the other lightning.

Lightning probably hurts more.


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