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Juarez, Mexico

Does anyone know of any “farmacias” pharmacies in Juarez, Mexico that sell legit winny and primo? any help will be appreciated…thnx

Look for signs it might be fake gear and you should have no problem.

All i’m gonna say is that the farther you go into Mexico, the better chance you have of your gear being legit. Never been to Juarez, so can’t help you there.

I live in El Paso, the “sister city” to Juarez. There are pharmacies in just about every business block in Juarez that will sell you steroids of your choice without a prescription. However, crossing these roids into the US is the trick. The Customs personnel over here in El Paso are keenly aware of this issue because our high school kids were abusing roids and it became quite an issue. If you get caught you will be in deep shit. The trick is to purchase the roids over there in decanote form, and administer them over there and thus avoid having to cross them illigally into the US.


thanx for the info, but i was not planning to cross the roids into the states, i live in juarez and just wanted to know of any reputable pharmacies in juarez, where i can buy the roids without the worry of the roids being fake…thnx

Put “Juarez” into our search engine on this site and you’ll find 2-3 articles on it. Can’t remember if I mentioned any specific names, but I think I did.