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Juanma - Salido


Anyone catch that fight? It was a classic possible fight of the year. It will be interesting to see where Juanma's career goes from here, I wonder what would have happened if Arum had pulled the trigger on that Juanma-Gamboa fight.

Im also looking forward to the Danny Garcia-Morales fight. I'm rooting hard for Garcia because he is a Philly fighter.


Great fight, i was watching it with some casual fans and they loved it. Salido is one tough bastard, i wish juanma had better defense and wouldn't get hit so much.I guess defense takes a backseat when you steamroll everyone early in your career.


Just watching the replay of this fight. AWESOME FIGHT!


Yeah, Juan still has a bright career ahead of him, Salido just has his number. I'm assuming Juanma's next move is to jump up in weight class.


I love to watch him fight, he always brings it. but that being said i hope this fight didn't ruin him.


Was I the only one who spit out his drink when they showed the scorecards?