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Juan Williams Fired by NPR


NPR has really gone off the deep end.


Here's a link to the atrocity he committed- http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/10/21/npr-fires-juan-williams-oreilly-appearance/

Kinda reminds me of that 10/10 vid. Oh, you don't agree with our agenda? Your choice, no pressure.


Oh wow, had no idea who that guy was. "Political correctness can lead to some kind of paralysis where you don't address reality" - well said.


I feel the same damn way. I don't get nervous, but look in their direction a hell of a lot. Fuck NPR.


his employer fired him for saying something publicly that they didnt like (and sounds like other things he said on fox that they didnt like).

whats the problem?


Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and dealing with this racism? There are now calls to defund NPR with tax-payer money. John Boehner to the rescue. The CEO of NPR commented on how Juan should keep his views between his psychiatrist and publicist, so black people now are crazy on top of it all.

This is some horseshit.


But this is OK over at NPR:


I like a lot of there science programs but i am really tired of them using tax payer money to push social agenda's. i agree with defunding them - let Soros keep them afloat.


Truth is always the first victim of political correctness. NPR has been far left for many years this should come as no surprise to anyone. This is a perfect example of a government sponsored radio station which could not stand on its own. There would not nearly be enough sponsors for them to continue to push their politically correct agenda.



I'm always surprised by the number of people I know, who I believe are conservative in mind set, and yet have told me they listen to NPR believing it is non biased. Hope this changes their mind. Feel bad for Juan Williams being firing for expressing his opinion, but he did alright in the end. (Wonder if the same can be said about NPR?) Read he signed a 2 million dollar deal with Fox today - a nice raise the article added.

Defund them now: NPR CEO attacks Williams’ sanity, then retracts; Update: Williams signed to new, $2 million FNC contract

Had a laugh over this articles write up on the firing also - cute non PC video included.


Considering he is FOX news resident, foaming at the mouth, right wing, radical, nut job, I would have to say this is not a surprise. Williams should count himself lucky that he isn't living in Europe, where he would be in jail for making racist remarks.

Just remember this when NPR is fund raising.


Jaun williams is not right wing at all.


This is just a glimpse of what is to come if we keep theese liberals in office. Obama has thrown a few people under the bus when he had to. Their moto is conform or gtfo.


I fail to see how firing a black man for being RACIST is going off the deep end. I applaud NPR for their strength of conviction. RACISM will not be tolerated, even from blacks.



How was he racist?


Turban heads are people too.



True, but Muslim is a religion not a race. So you can call him a biggot, or say he is steriotyping. He should not be fired for saying what he felt. I get a little more observent aroung some muslims now. Look like if a white wearing a red hat, blue shirt, blue jeans, and had a black beard was rumming around killing people. I would be cautius if I ran into some one who fit that description.


He's not a racist, and what he said wasn't racist. It's a rational stereotype that he keeps under control. Oh lord, he gets a bit nervous. Why don't we just cut to the chase and start castrating males at birth?


NPR had problems with him being on Fox anyway. They were probably looking for a reason to fire him and this was the first and easiest chance they got. You can't tell me other Americans don't get nervous when they see a Muslim in traditional dress.