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Jtown's Training Log

Gym was closed today. Mom got be some resistance bands and stuff for my birthday so i messed around with them. Anyone have any good ideas what to do with them?


  1. 3 eggs, cheese, 2 beef franks, 1 piece bread- 40 g’s protein

  2. 3 beef franks, a little rice, cheese- 25 g’s protein

  3. pork, peas, cheese- 50 g’s protein

  4. will get a big whey shake in- 60 g’s protein

Low on protein thats why the whey shake is so big. ME upper tomorrow

warm up



115x2 PR

125x1 PR

Db Bench




DB row

45x12 PR






Happy Birthday to myself. These Pr’s were quite the gift. I have to stop going for singles all the time as well or i might burnout.


  1. 3 eggs, pork, cheese, bread- 50 g’s protein

  2. 5 oz fish, Rice, hummus- 35 g’s protein

  3. whey- 50 g’s protein

  4. 7 oz chicken, rice- 50 g’s protein

  5. going to birthday dinner with the family so ill forsure smash

185 g’s protein so far.

DE Lower

Jumps- didn’t do them


20x10x3 PR






Good session overall. Still can’t get my knee’s/ quads to hurt when Single leg squating.


  1. 3 eggs, cheese, 2 beef franks, 2 rice breads- 40 g’s protein

  2. 6 oz steak, chips- 40 g’s protein

  3. whey shake- 40 g’s protein

  4. 8 oz steak rice- 55 g’s protein

  5. 6 oz steak, rice- 40 g’s protein

215 g’s total protein- not bad

Off day today. Would have ran hills put mulching got in the way of my path up the hill. Instead ran on the treadmill 4 incline 6 speed for about 12 minutes then jump rope. Broke a sweat and was breathing pretty hard.


  1. 3 eggs, beef, cheese- 40 g’s protein

  2. steak, chips- 50 g’s protein

  3. steak, cheese- 50 g’s protein

  4. whey shake- 40 g’s protein

  5. 8 oz tuna, peas, cheese- 40 g’s protein

total protein= 220 g’s

DE upper tomorrow.

DE upper

Db bench- 35x15 *PR HELL YA!


40x9 *PR

DB row

45x12x4 PR

42.5x12x4 PR

db shoulder press

30 x12 x2 PR




42.5x15x3 PR

Great day. Back later with diet.

Looks like you’ve got your head in the right place. How long is an offseason for lax?


Offseason is about 7-9 months. There is a transition phase where there are optional speed/skills workouts.

I appreciate the kind words man! I just came to the conclusion that i need to stop over thinking things. Just hopped on a proven program, am lifting hard, eating alot, and conditioning and things have been going well.


  1. 3 eggs,cheese,beef franks, rice bread- 40 g’s protein

  2. 6 oz beef, cheese, 12 oz choco milk, italian sub- 60 g’s protein

  3. whey- 50 g’s protein

  4. rice, 3 eggs, beef, peas- 30 g’s protein

5 medium ham and banana pepper pizza- 40 g’s protein

  1. whey, dark chocolate- 25 g’s protein

245 g’s protein total.

No legs this weekend. Have to study for exams. Diet will be similar throughout the weekend so im not going to post it. Will do legs monday and go from there. Also looking into making a home gym. found a BIGGER FASTER STRONGER rack on craiglist for 100. Also found about 300 pounds worth of weights. Looking to buy a plate loaded dumbell handle so i can use any weight i want.

Looks like i wont be lifting till wedensday at the earliest because of exams. Any idea how my diet should?

still in exams. Have 2 more days of them then i am back. Starting off exactly were i left off with ME lower. Still eating fairly good. Summer is around the corner just got to get through these damn exams.

Almost done with exams. Going into the gym tomorrow and picking up where i left off. Considering my lifts are so low i was thinking of running Starting Strength for a while to see where it gets me. Any ideas on this? Good idea bad idea? MY main goal is to get more athletic and West side is doing that but i feel i good really get my lifts up with SS. Idk any input would be awesome.

Finishing off my freshmen year of high school with a few regrets. 1 st was not putting in enough effort in school. I am going to finish off the year with a 2.8 and i am disappointed. Second was dealing with my lifting. I should of listened to everyone earlier and started making progress earlier. I do strongly advise every beginner to forget all the bullshit and just jump on a proven program and lift, eat, and run.

ME lower

Box squat well below parallel




155x2 PR

165x3 PR




35x12x4 Saw starts around the 3rd set.

Great workout and happy to be back. Done with exams finally. Very happy with the PRs. I feel like my form is getting better so ill be at 200 in no time.


  1. 3 eggs, 3 slices cheese, 3 oz bacon, 2 pieces non wheat bread- 45 g’s protein

  2. 3 scoops whey PWO- 75 g’s protein

  3. 1 scoop whey, half a large ass pizza about 30 min PWO- 60 g’s protein

  4. will have a steak and vegg

  5. whey before bed

already at 180 g’s protein hopefully getting around 250 or so. First day of summer is also today. Time for some awesome training.

Also trying to drink atleast a gallon of water a day so i bought a jug.

  1. 1 scoop whey

morning weight was 181 yesterday




125 x 1.5 pissed.

db bench










shitty day. Guess the layover from exams plus shitty eating and sleep fucked me up. Back on the grind today.


  1. 3 eggs, 6 oz ham, cheese, 2 pieces rice toast- 50 g’s protein

  2. 3 scoops whey- 70 g’s protein

  3. 7 oz chicken, rice- 45 g’s protein

  4. sausage hot dawg plus snickers- 10 g’s protein

  5. 8 oz steak, rice- 55 g’s protein

235 g’s total

hill sprints today and recovery.

mowed the lawn today. Didnt want to do too much cardio so i didn’t run hills. I’ll save that for tommorow.


  1. 8 oz steak, 4 pieces cheese, 1 cup almonds- 70 g’s protein

  2. 8 oz chicken, rice- 55 g’s protein

  3. whey- 50 g’s protein

  4. 8 oz chicken, cheese, almonds- 60 g’s protein

240 g’s protein, or something like that ( LOL bad at math)

DE lower plus hills plus frozen pizza!

10 months progress


Bench- 45x5- 125x1

squat- 55x5- 180x1

weight - 143-181



first pic is me at 143

this one are a few of me at 181

sorry for the weird faces

last one.

this is 10 months of inconsistent training and poor food choices. Goals by next year at this time are 205 bench and 250 squat. I want to keep my weight similar or just add slowly. More concerned about strength. Still doing hills once a week and will continue to add more days a week as the season approaches. Nothing to be impressed about just want to have progress pics for down the road. Anyways im hungry