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Jtown's Training Log

hey guys. I am a very inexperienced high school kids who is starting my offseason training for lacrosse. Really just made this log to keep myself accountable. I have lifted for about a year. Couldn’t even bench the bar at first. Still weak and fat but you got to start somewhere.

Goals for the start off lax season.

Squat- 255

Bench- 155

Deadlift - 315

waist- Less then 34

Start of the offseason numbers

Squat - 155

Bench - 115

deadlift - 205

Waist- 38

so im doing Joe defrancoes WSB4SB3 program. Its just a westide inspired program geared for athletes. Weighing about 175 now a days. Very fat maybe 22%. Goals by december 17: Get up to a more solid 190, bench 170 squat 225. From there i will reassess and probably cut down to 170 but a clean 170. Anyways just got in the gym yesterday and saw where i was at. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions feel free to post.


bench- work up to 115 with some left in the tank.

db bench - 30x 12, 35x 10, 40x6

db row- 40 x 10 x 3

skullcrushers- 20 x 10 x 4


squat- 155- terrible knee pain but stopped. could get 185 before the season.

bss- forget x 3

hypers- 3x 10 unweighted


Diet today

1- 4 eggs, onion, turkey, cheese- around 45 g’s protein

2- enough pork to feed a family, cheese, peas- about 70 g’s if not more

3- protein shake plus beef jerkey- 50 gs protein

4- steak and rice and veggies- about 40 g’s if not more

total for today- 205 g’s protein

not bad.


don’t know if you are joking or not but i am honored to have you in here. Your progress is very inspirational!

srs bro

So today was off. Didn’t do much but some chores around the house. Resetting my goals. I just want to reach those strength goals and keep my bodyfat in check if not lose some.

I thing i was thinking about today is my conditioning. I am very slow. It is really the only aspect of my game that isn’t above par. My question is if i do 1 speed day a week for a few months, then 2 speed day for another few, and 3 speed days towards the beginning of the season would that be a good way to prepare for the season? My speed days will either be hill sprints, some linear speed training, or pick up games/ one on ones.

Anyways trying not to sweat the small stuff.


1- 3 eggs, salami, cheese, green onion - atleast 40 g’s protein

2- pork, peas and cheese and evoo- atleast 50 g’s protein

3- 2 scoops protein shake, more salami- 60 g’s protein

4- probably a steak or some meatballs and veggies. Need to get around 50 g’s protein in

Hopefully i can get over 200 g’s protein as a total today.

Not really worried about calories as i will adjust if my lifts aren’t going up. I’ll take some progress picture sometime to monitor my fat gain.

Well going to relax some more today and watch some collage lax.

Thanks for looking!

I’ll echo you on not sweating the small stuff. Do whatever you need to kill it.

thanks spar4tee. Last year i got so caught up in the small stuff and i know it hindered my progress. Im just going to follow the program to a T and hope i can make the most of it. Just trying to get stronger and faster in the end.


ME Upper

Flat Bench- warm up



120x1 **pr

125x 0 - missed lockout got about half way up.

Db flat


db row







Incline Curl



Good pump everywhere and happy with the Bench PR. THis is a little more volume then i’m used to and i was wasted at the end of the workout. Good 45 minute session.


  1. 3 eggs, salami, cheese- 35 g’s protein

  2. pork, string cheesex2, chips- 40 g’s protein

  3. Pwo protein shake- 50 g’s protein

  4. 12 ounces beef, cheese, 1.5 slices of non-wheat toast- 80 g’s protein

205 g’s protein roughly. Ok day besides the chips.

Off tommorow. Doing some hills.

Bench sounds like it was pretty close. You’ll crush it next time.

Thanks for the kind words brotha. Hopefully getting a plate on bench soon. Not that its impressive but its more of a mental thing i guess.

Did some hills today. I have a very nice one in my back yard that goes incline, flat, then inclines again which would be my driveway. I would estimate its about 60-70 yards maybe. Anyways ran 10 sprints and was about to black out. Will probably shoot for 12 next time.


  1. 3 eggs, salami, cheese, 1 piece non wheat bread- 40 g’s protein

  2. 7 ounces beef, 3 string cheese, chips- 70 g’s protein

  3. 10 ounces chicken .5 cups rice- 70 g’s protein

  4. will get a whey shake in before bed- 50 g’s protein

230 g’s protein.

Well i have Dynamic effort Lower body tomorrow. Don’t really know what ill be doing for my jump training but ill figure something out. Probably broad jumps.

2,567 calories
119.4 fat
129.6 carb
261.9 protein

A little more accurate then my guessing. Fitday is awesome! Way more then i expected and im still a little hungary. THats probably why i got so fat in the first place. LOL


DE Lower- Forgot/couldn’t find a place for broad jump. Will do them next week

BSS- 15x 6





bodyweight x 12



Just set up my box squat and see how it felt/ practiced form.


Good day overall. Nice leg/ lower back pump. Played 20 minutes of pick up BBall after my lift.

Diet ( couldn’t put it into fitday because i ate lunch at a restaurant sooo…

  1. 3 eggs, turkey, cheese, nonwheat bread- 45 g’s protein

  2. 8 oz chicken, .5 cup rice, greek salad, pita bread, veggies- about 50 g’s protein

  3. whey shake- 50 g’s protein

  4. about to have 9 oz beef 1/4 cup rice- 60 g’s protein

205 g’s protein. Okay. carbs are a little high.

DE upper tomorrow. Pumped


DE Upper.

DB Bench

35x12 ***pr

Db row

45x12 ***pr


35 x 12 ***PR

Db Millitary

25x 12x4


55x12x4 ***PR

Triceps Pushdown



Very fun and intense session. Took about 40 minutes.


  1. 3 eggs, turkey, 2 pieces toast, 1/4 cup cheese- 40 g’s protein

  2. 7 ounces beef, chips- 50 g’s protein

  3. whey- 50 g’s protein

  4. 18 ounces chicken, mash potatoes, veggies- around 150 g’s protein

290 g’s protein total

18 ounces wasn’t a typo. Mom made a lot of chicken and i just smashed. Good day overall. ME lower either tomorrow or Saturday. Quads are still very soar from those split squats.

Off day today. Going golfing and fucking around with friends


  1. 3 eggs, turkey, cheese, 2 pieces bread- 40 g’s protein

2.12 oz chicken, chips- 90 g’s protein

  1. 1/2 cups rice, 10 oz chicken, veggies- 90 g’s protein

  2. getting in a shake before bed and maybe another meal

total should be well over 250 g’s. pretty low on carbs too. ME lower tommrow.

Add some pizza to the diet. I couldn’t resist.

Gym closed at 6 today. Don’t have time to get in there. VERY pissed but its my own fault. Today is my scheduled cheat day so im just going to eat some burgers or pizza tonight. Rest of diet was pretty clean. Just a bad day overall. Back at it tomorrow. Getting in there early so no more fucking up.

ME Lower

Box squat ( well below parallel)- bar x 5




165x1 PR + 10

BSS- 15x8









Good day overall. Happy with the PR but my squat is still embarrassingly weak and im still working on form. Still some knee pain on the Split squat but towards the end i got some pain-free sets in. Quads were nice and pumped. Hypers kill my hamstrings and lower back. Was going to do some planks but my whole lower body was spazing out. Ill come back with diet later.


  1. 3 eggs, 2 beef franks, cheese, onion, 2 pieces bread- 40 g’s protein

  2. Whey shake- 40 g’s protein

  3. 8 oz Steak, rice- 60 g’s protein

  4. can of salmon, rice- 70 g’s protein

  5. whey, pizza, ice cream, mini bagels plus PB- 50 g’s protein

260 g’s protein total. Went a little crazy with carbs this weekend don’t know why. ME upper tomorrow. Ready to set some PR’s