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Jtown's Training Log Part 2

So I have to admit i missed you guys since i stopped posting in my old log. I am currently in season for lacrosse and only able to train 2-3 times a week. RIght now I am a sophomore in high school age 15. Starting JV and getting a bit of time on Varsity.

Current lifts:





Weight- 170ish

waist- 32.5


waist- 33

Cheat meal post game can’t track macros.

Lax game. Played all JV, 5 minutes Varsity. Won both games. Bench and squat tomorrow.


It’s great to see your log is back :).

Well more lax yesterday so i couldn’t really control what i ate but managed to sneak in a training session.

Incline bench




115x7 PR

CG bench



DB low incline


Shut it down there. Very little energy.

Ok, so i know most of T Nation thinks i am a fuck up but i will continue to log here because i want to prove everyone wrong.

Just making this clear right now i have one goal and one goal only right now which is to be the best athlete i can be.

Going to do 5/3/1 inseason template for my lax season and follow it into the offseason. Again i am sorry to everyone i disappointed with this stuff with zraw.

Had a game tonight started JV but didn’t play much cause they stunk. Got decent varsity time and won both games.


waist- 33

Inseason cycle 1, week 1




185x5 Didn’t dominate the weight, knees caved in need to work on squat form.




125x7 E1rm= 154 lbs.

Cable rows
42.5x12x 3 probably should of ramped these

Hammer Curls




Great to have you back buddy!!

I think you have made the right decision. I don’t think the people of T-Nation understand what its like to be part of a team, to dominate on the field, to win championships, to beat your opponent and to celebrate with your pals!! Your athletic career will only last so long, while you have your whole life to “sculpt your biceps”.

I still think you can build an impressive physique while you train for lax, but I think its important you prioritise, and your priority is to dominate and destroy on the field. I like your opening pic for your new log… to me its just screams “defiance”.

How often are you training with your team? How many games a week are you required to play? Any diet plans?

Fuck ZRaw. Fuck the unbelievers. Lets do this MOFO!

tweet tweet

I read that thread, and while there were some legit points made, I feel there was definitely some overreacting going on. I’m rooting for you bud!

Also…looking at your final sets it seems you may have started to heavy. Just my opinion. I’m actually going insanely light right now, albeit somewhat by accident. I got 12 reps on my 531 squat week and 10 on my deadlifts…oops.

Bird- Really appreciate the kind words man. I agree that their is no better feeling then winning games but i myself made the mistake of entering that thread in the first place. I truely do feel bad for what i did. As far as diet goes i will be tracking calories/macros starting today.

Mightymouse- No doubt, it was 100% my fault and i feel like i did own up to it. Zraw was very kind and understanding even after i told him i was not going to do it. All the shit i got from other posters doesn’t bother me because i did deserve it and expected it.

I will also say i started too heavy on squats. May either drop the weight next cycle or just keep. I’m just trying to maintain strength ATM.

Did lift yesterday (sunday) still sore from squats and just low on energy.


waist- 33

cheat day


waist- 33

218g protein/217g carbs/71g fats
2380 cals

game tomorrow

The template Wendler recommend for in-season is a great one even for off-season. Its my favorite since
its easy to combine with school, job, a life in general etc. ( I dont play a sport btw aka I am always in off-season mode lol )

Good luck Jtownlax and I hope I didnt come off as an hater in your bigger,leaner thread?

Ps. I second the other posters regarding lowering your squat max. You should be able to hit the prescribed reps with solid form and without much effort. 10 reps on bench and OHP and 7-8 reps on DL and Squat is what I am expecting to hit on an average workout for the first Week of a Cycle. If I have a great workout I hit more than that.

Again Good luck with your lax team and 5/3/1.

Had no control over food the last few days. Going to be more consistent with tracking.

waist- ?

1862cals/180gprotein/142g carbs/ 66gfat

easy practice today


So your changing your program again?

Will this program be sustainable when taking lax into account? It sounds pretty intense with lots of volume.


This will be in the offseason.




cycle 1, week 1
ME Bench (5rm)
130x5 ehh

Incline press (3x6-10)

6 way raises




Nice start.

What is your diet philosophy?


I think one thing that could help theBird and others who visit the log would be some videos of your lifts, in case your form is off or anything. Not saying it is but it doesn’t hurt to tape them…