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Jtown's Offseason 2


Background: I play lacrosse and am going into my junior year of high school. Offseason just started and last till about February.

Current Stats:


Bench- 140
Squat- 210
Front squat- 155ish
Press- 105

Goals by end of offseason:


Squat- 290
Front- 225
Press- 135

Going to be running a push/pull/legs split. I am putting off deadlifting for a while because of lower back issues.




Push 1

Bench- 45x5, 95x5, 115x3, (140x3) x 3 PR
Db incline- 40'sx12, 45'sx12/10
Side raises- 10x30/30/30
rear delt swings- 10/30/30/30
French press- 30x12/12/12
pushdowns- (25x15) x 3

Didn't track cals, kind of a cheat day. Conditioning is not a focus now but will be done 2 X a week if not more.



Your going to have to have to be a bit more consistent with things. You keep on changing programs and you start up a new log every 2 weeks.

May I suggest you split your training into blocks. For example choose a period of time such as 8 weeks where you plan your training for those 8 weeks, and have specific goals that you want to reach by week 8. This method gives you a short term goal to aim for and it may help you be more consistent with your training. At the end of those 8 weeks, you would deload and give yourself a few days off, that also includes a special treat such as 2 large pizzas and ice-cream.

Sorry to hear about your lower back... Ive had another lower back "blow out" recently myself. Im going to really try to incorporate more core work and I really do believe that static stretching after working out has its place.

Bird. Word.



Bird- Ya this is my 3rd log in a while. I am really indecisive and wanted to give 5/3/1 another try. I just can't come into the gym and base my performance on some %'s. I will be keeping this log organized.





Db row- 45x12, 50x10, 60x8 PR
CG lat pulldown- 35x15, 42.5x12, 50x8 PR
Cable row- 42.5x12, 50x10, 60x8 PR
2 curls
5 sets of calfs

15 minutes walking on treadmill at 3.5 incline and 3.5 speed


212 g's pro
122g's carb
67g's fat


Kind of a bodybuilder day but back is a weakness of mine so i dedicated a day to it. Seems to be moving along nicely. Front squats tomorrow.

As for supps I am taking fish oil, vitamin d3, vitamin c, and bcaa's/creatine during training.




Front squat- 45x5, 95x5, 135x5, 155x5 PR
RDL- 135x12, 155x8, 155x8
1 leg curl- (25x12) x3
Hanging leg raises- 3x12
calfs- 3 sets

15 min walking on treadmill at 3.5 speed, 3.5 incline

Couldn't really control what i ate today and it was way to much.

Really pissed i didn't eat well today. I need to get my nutrition dialed in or i will never reach my goals.


I have always struggled with diet myself.

I think the main factor in following a diet is to be prepared. The night before you should know exactly what you are going to eat the next day. Having your chicken breasts, shakes, nuts and carb sources ready are vital in helping you keep a decent diet.

Uncle Bird.



waist- 34


Bench- 45x10, 95x5, 115x5, (145x3) x 3 PR +5
CG- (115x6) x 3 PR +1 rep
cable chest- 45x15 x 3
pushdowns- 25x15 x 3
side raise- 10x20 x 3
rear delt swings- 10x25 x 3


198g's pro
145's carb
55g's fat

Everything was good today. Bench is finally moving along.


No offense, but why are you running 5/3/1? At your development level you need to be on starting strength, or even BSF. You also need to be eating more. You're majoring in the minors, bud.


Im not running 5/3/1


Based on my latest pr's my maxed are

Squat- 225
front squat-180

I don't see SS doing much for me.



Did a pumpish pull session. Not really pushing for pr's just trying to work the muscle.

Was very good but went to a birthday dinner for my dad so could track.


Good day. Back squats tomorrow.


What? Why? No offense, but that program has gotten literally thousands of people bigger, stronger and faster. At your size with an athletic background, you should be much stronger. You're the poster child candidate for either SS or BFS.


I guess well agree to disagree. I ran SS and stalled before i even hit a plate bench press.

I am not trying to sound like a douche here but for being 16 i find myself stronger then most kids my age.


I'm also fifteen, 10 pounds lighter (I weigh 160), and bench/squat a plate more than you while being built with the most messed up leverages for both. I bled linear progression for all it was worth, and got a 155X5 bench press at 136 BW from it along with a 270X1 high bar squat.

You have to be advanced enough in strength, and preparedness to use advanced method. You also need to stick to one method, bite down on it, and use it for all it's worth. Keep on it if it is working, and discard it after a long time of using it if it doesn't work for you. I'm posting to say I will quit following your log unless you make a conscious effort to become more dedicated, improve your physical preparedness (the ability to handle more training stress) and eventually start to become decent.

Angry at you,



I hope i can prove to you guys that i am dedicated in the near future. Push pull legs split has been working well lately so im going to stay with it.


Jesus Christ kid. You gave up on a once in a lifetime opportunity to be coached by Zraw (a move I defended by the way) 'cause you said training for lacrosse was more important, and now you're using a program that has NOTHING to do with sports performance. What the fuck? Maybe everybody was right for giving you shit. You could pick any number of established programs that are designed to enhance strength and athleticism (ws4sb, ss, designer athletes, bfs,etc...) but instead you do exactly what you passed up. Makes sense.


dude your 16 idk why people are giving you shit. My advice is to do whatever kind of training program makes you happy. If I had to stick to some program just because some dude on the Internet said it was "optimal" I wouldn't even want to train. Its kind of my inner hippy, but you need to do what makes you happy.


Just keep it going. Put a bit more focus on eating more. Don't worry about your waist. Try adding a few more sets to your training days too.


You missed the point. If he's training for personal satisfaction, do whatever floats your boat. But, he asked for, then turned down Adam opportunity to be coached by one of the more knowledgeable people on the site because he said it conflicted with his goals, and now he's doing exactly what he said wouldn't help him. I want to see this kid succeed, and I believe he has the ability to do it, it's just frustrating watching him shoot himself in the foot repeatedly.