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Couldnt think of a better title for my thread, so this will be another one added to the mess of a million other training logs, i’ve been posting my workouts in the brotherhood of iron thread for awhile now and will continue reading and adding to it every so often…

I’m hoping with this thread not only too put in my daily diet and training regime but also add what happens to me on a day to day basis

well i better get too the introduction

Im 20, around 6’2, last time i weighed myself(last week) i was 104.4kg, my bodyfat is waaay to high my numbers are

bench 140kg
deadlift 200kg
squat 125kg(yes this is the one lift i struggle with, however now im focusing more on front squats)
front squat 70kgx3

my current goals are

bench 180kg
incline bench 120kgx5
deadlift 250kg
front squat 100kgx5

I’m currently a student at latrobe university in bundoora and also working part time at the local target. In two weeks time i’ll be starting my first cut and hope to get down to about 10% bodyfat, i’ll post more details of my cut in the following days whilst uploading photos, and more backstory about me

thank you for reading my blog and hope that you enjoy it, also welcoming advice, comments and questions


well today was an interesting day, at work today as soon as i walked into work, i had to deal with a customer i’ve never had nothing to do with before, i got my head bitten off even though i was trying to help her. yesterday i bought a bcaa powder from gnc, i had 40 grams whilst working out today, and still not feeling like downing a protein shake. my workout sucked, my elbows are killing me

front squats

115x0, my elbows died halfway down, thank god i had a decent spotter

bent over rows


chin ups


  • at my gym they currently have a competition going, since there are only 2 other people above 100kg, i thought i’d give it a go, and according too the trainers they reckon i have anyone above 90kg beat…i didnt really go all out and went up and down fairly slowly. they want me too attempt the squat competition i have to use my bodyweight so will be doing 105kg, judging by how low there making people go i could easily rep 50 times, i make sure to go ass to calf these are barely half of that

8.25am - 5 minutes of skipping with a weighted rope, on an empty stomach

8.30am breakfast-4 eggs, 2 cups of green tea, 15ml of fish oil, can of tuna and a banana

11am before work - 15ml of fish oil

3.30pm - one scoop of syntha 6 mixed with water, 50 gram can of tuna

5.30pm - had 20 grams of bcaa mixed with water

6-7.30pm - 20 grams of bcaa’s mixed with water

7.30pm - dinner - had chicken curry with a cup of white rice

8.30pm - can of bake beans, 3 z12 tablets

had 3 liters of water

songs listening to today - nas - hero, cold - wasted years, lil wayne - bm jr

til tommorow catch

didnt do anything really today, was just studying, back in the gym tommorow

back from my session tonight, happy with some things not happy with others



  • deadlifts felt real easy, could have gotten 200kg+ but lack of motivation i guess

behind the neck military press


  • was pretty unhappy with this however i felt a pain in my shoulder and didnt want to push it too hard, i need to build the strength up in my shoulder joints

lat pull down


standing dumbbell tricep extension


  • pretty happy with this the first time i’ve done them, may work them into my program

dumbbel curls


  • pretty easy just havent done much bicep work in the past fortnight so wanted to ease back into it

whilst working out i took in 50grams of BCAA’s, kinda makes me feel queasy when working out, might cut it down to 30grams

songs i’ve been listening too

saigon - breathe thru the years
boyz n da hood - ski mask way
outkast - growing old

well todays session was interesting, i’m left conflicted at the end of this

leg press


  • was just to get the blood flowing


220kgx1 PR

  • was happy with this and still had another 10kg in the tank i believe, this is a pr of 20kg



– fucking pissed off i missed this, and honestly its causing me to be depressed, i got this down to my chest controlled then on the way back up about 1/2 way my spotter had to help pull it up, NOT HAPPY

behind the neck military press


-my right shoulder hurts when i push back up for about an inch, i beleive its because i havent done any overhead work in a long time and need to build the strength back up, either way ill probs get physio on it too help, as there is only ever pain when i do overhead pressing

towel lat pull down


  • just did this too switch it up a little, was pretty interesting, may throw it in occasionally

underhand grip rows


  • my back was pretty tired by the point

front dumbbel raises


then did a bunch of pushdowns…

i think im going to have to do alot more tricep work, to help get my bench up, since im just over a week away from doing a cut i may just chalk it up to a loss…

music i’ve been listening too: royce - im me freestyle, trae’s cd’s…if you want any tracks just pm me and ill provide you a link

session tonight

front squats

75kgx3 pr

  • bar rolled forward,could have gotten 5 otherwise



chin ups

bw+5kg x5

bent over rows


underhand b-o rows


incline bench


not sure what the name of this exercise is but its like a cable cross over but for you back and rear delts


dumbbell concentration curls


dumbell tricep extensions


looking back at it seems like alot of volume, was a good session though

just got back from my session. today was a good day i finished exams, also bought some physillum(sp?) husks

ok my session


175kgx5 5 rep pr, i remember when i struggled to get 170kgx1 at the start of the year
200kgx1 semi pr, have pulled this from ankle height

close grip bench


  • dont really do these as often as i should however, im going to start doing them atleast once a week, this weight was easy however i didnt have a spot so i didnt want to push the weight

reverse cable cross over for rear delts


tricep push down


dumbbell front raises


dumbbell curls

20kgx8x3 – last set did a drop set

lat pull down


todays session



-havent done normal squats in awhile, surprised how easy these numbers went up, might stick to doing front squats 2 times a week then back squat on fridays, probably could have gotten as high as 120kgx3 but i didnt have an adequate spot on this exercise

front squat




  • my elbows gave out first again, i dont understand, maybe my tendons are still dealing with the increase in weights

bent over rows


  • elbows were still sore

underhand grip rows




  • never really done shrugs before, 130 was challenging weight, i’ll be doing this once a week

barbel curls - superset with reverse curls
30kg x12—20kgx12

starting my cut tommorow, pretty much the only things allowed in my mouth are green tea, water, protein powders - Metabolic Drive, syntha 6, Spike tablets, fish oil, physillum husks, eggs, tuna, Z-12, HOT-ROX, multi vitamin, the odd diet coke, bcaa powders I’m pretty sure I’m missing an item…but this is it in a nut shell. full body workouts 3 times a week, cardio 4 times a week, i’ll take some photo’s tonight and hopefully it all goes well

well first day of my cut is coming to a close, it was interesting, i’ve added some other foods which have 0 carbs and high in protein and some fats, my workout was shit house i’m not even going to bother posting it i’m that taken aback by it

ok today as it stands at 8.41pm i have consumed

grams cals %total
Total: 1859
Fat: 98 880 49%
Sat: 26 233 13%
Poly: 16 142 8%
Mono: 33 295 16%
Carbs: 59 166 9%
Fiber: 17 0 0%
Protein: 187 747 42%

i think im going to have to add a chicken breast at around lunch and look into something else to eat as the majority of my cals from fat are coming from fish oil…

ok today i tried hot rocks for the first time, wow first one didnt really do much then the second one i took 5 hours later before i started work lol this one definatly kicked in, helped with the hunger pains and tired feeling, had 3 glasses of green tea amounting to just over a liter during the AM, have had 3 liters of water…just trying Metabolic Drive low carb for the first time now, tastes great…will have to order a few more tubs of it on wedsnesday…nothing but good words for Biotest australia…i took pictures there on my phone i will upload them as soon as i buy a bluetooth dingle tommorow… until then see ya

slept like shit last night, only got 6 hours…will drag my ass too gym to do some cardio in the next half hour and i’ll post my diet later tonight

edit: as soon as i posted this the power went out at my house, was raining and lightening…i got to my gym to find that the power hand gone off there aswell, so i went to a gym about 10 minutes away…realized i didnt have my wallet when i got there so had to drive home grab my wallet then drive back and it cost me $20 not happy…did 40 minutes on the treadmill

ok todays calorie intake

Total: 2484
Fat: 122 1102 46%
Sat: 34 302 12%
Poly: 22 198 8%
Mono: 49 439 18%
Carbs: 21 73 3%
Fiber: 3 0 0%
Protein: 311 1244 51%

using fitday to calculate my calories, feeling a little bit better tonight as opposed to during the day

i’ve upped my intake of HOT-ROX too 4 tablets a day 2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon, tommorow ill see how i go with 6…im finding with HOT-ROX its more of a chore too eat as opposed too normally,

well thats my intake as of 7.57pm today, dont think ill have anymore food today, its been a long ass day

photos…these pics are disgusting, deliberately picked the worst looking ones too post so hopefully every time i go on this thread i stay motivated, sorry for the poor quality of photos but here we go these were taken yesterday morning im pretty sure

im pretty embarassed to post these pictures, and i know i should be but hopefully this kind of humiliation will help me on my goals

i can see my self getting banned from this site due to these pics

todays intake

grams   	cals  	%total

Total: 2758
Fat: 158 1420 55%
Sat: 60 539 21%
Poly: 17 152 6%
Mono: 56 500 19%
Carbs: 62 249 10%
Fiber: 0 0 0%
Protein: 231 922 36%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

50 of those grams of carbs came from the gatorade i was consuming during working out, really helped with my mood and workout intensity. im pretty sure ill continue having gaterade as it helps with the dizzyness and general feeling, i couldnt help myself so i jumped on the scale checked my weight was 101.5, im assuming the majority of this weight drop was from eating less

[quote]jtg987 wrote:
i can see my self getting banned from this site due to these pics[/quote]

at least you’re not wearing booby tassels. no problem with the pics, it lets you and others know you’ve got some progress to make. good luck.

todays intake

grams   	cals  	%total

Total: 2605
Fat: 199 1792 68%
Sat: 80 720 28%
Poly: 19 170 7%
Mono: 85 762 29%
Carbs: 32 129 5%
Fiber: 0 0 0%
Protein: 174 695 27%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

was sick this morning, had to destroy my cravings today, never had such an urge to get subway, just thinking of the bread makes my mouth water…did 30 minutes of incline walking today…been listening to alot of cold, linkin park and bow wow - outta my system…had a lot running through my head the last two days

grams   	cals  	%total

Total: 2663
Fat: 157 1411 55%
Sat: 68 610 24%
Poly: 18 161 6%
Mono: 53 478 19%
Carbs: 89 349 14%
Fiber: 2 0 0%
Protein: 205 821 32%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

grams   	cals  	%total

Total: 2663
Fat: 157 1411 55%
Sat: 68 610 24%
Poly: 18 161 6%
Mono: 53 478 19%
Carbs: 89 349 14%
Fiber:2 0 0%
Protein:205 821 32%

todays intake, carbs are high as today was a training day and i had a Gatorade whilst working out which boosted the carbs by 50 grams, had a great workout today, best i’ve had in a week, saw the physio today for work on my shoulder, bench pressing numbers are down as i’ve been told to half the weight and half the volume on pressing exercises,

all is going well had a comment from my training partner that apparently im looking a little leaner, oh well hope everyone is enjoying the avi