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jtg987 - Rate Me

yeah well this is me as of last week 1 week in the super hero program, and just changed my diet too 3 days no carbs, 1 day carbs, trying to trim down, for summer its currently winter here in aus so i’ve got a bit of time but better late than never ey?

i’ve been weights training for a little over a year and made great gains, muscle and strength wise…now just trying too lower the body fat and i guess using this as a motivation tool. Im also stopping drinking tommorow,

pretty much as of yesterday 19 years old, 96kg at 6’2

the photo is me at mt buller victoria last wedsnesday

Nice view.

I’d go for more chest development; incline bench especially.

Can’t quite see your traps but i’d go for them too and lats.

Arms are decent ish, i’d hit the tri’s more.

Otherthan that good luck,

I can’t compare to any “old” physique of yours so I cant give a grade for progression.

In terms of “body wise” and absolute perfection i’d give you a 4.

yeah not making excuses but i used to be 100kg no muscle what so ever just flab, ill try dig up an old photo.

yeah id say the size of my arms atm or shoulders is my strong point atm im really busting my ass off on shoulders/traps due to the super hero workout, bad angle ill try get a better one in the coming days for everyone

well this is rate my physique not rate my progess so i will critique ur current physique not the progress from a previous one.

Im not actually going to rate you until u put more pics up though… Can we see a better front shot close up… a leg shot and back shot… there is alot of ur “physique” that one can’t even see and frankly im more distracted by ur avatar (which is awesome) and the mountains in the back of ur pic

ur best parts are ur biceps and delts though best is a relative term and even so they dont look that great

can’t tell much of anything about ur traps lats or pecs…

ur stomach looks a little flabby on the front and sides… do u do ab or oblique work (sorry i haven’t looked at the super hero program)

it would be good to post pics and lifting stats now and then like 4-8 weeks down the road again to see progress in both strength and physique

ok my lifting stats at the moment are

bench 105kg x 3 (this was before I hurt my rotator cuff since then my best is 100kg x5)

incline bench with dumbbells 35kg x 8(this has gone from 20kgx5 at the start of the year)

military press 55kg x8(i may attempt 60kg today its just depending on my triceps at this point)

squats 97.5kg x5(in 2-3 months its gone up almost 40kg)

deadlift 130kg x3( I havent done this one in awhile but I do reps with 120kg 3 sets of 10)

ummm any other lifts anyone is interested in? our gym has very basic equipment.

also when I do ab work I get a twinge on my right abs pretty easily, I had a hernia operation when i was 5, is this a result of this or something completely different?

i feel like ur physique belies ur lifts… and it may just be the picture, but i would have guessed u had lifted less with arms

pretty good bench and military press… prolly just need to shed a little more fat for definition

im actually also interested in ur bicep curl… weight reps and style (close grip, ez bar, straight bar etc…)

oh also as for abs… what ab exercises do u do… u may want to put some time into trying to find one that doesn’t cause the “twinge” afterall there are a ton of ab exercises out there…
and if there is one muscle group u want to look ripped for aesthetics its abs

have u tried hovers?

yeah ill give hovers a go, its the good ol crunches that are giving it too me lol

umm usually with arms it would be the last exercise i do, never really counted what i did just what felt right, usually its just standard curl 3x8 doing it now with either 17.5kg or 20kg dumbbells as i said depend on the day

but yeah occasionally ill chuck in the ez-bar or hammer curls, nothing too serious.

by belies do you mean that my body looks stronger than what it is?

no in fact i mean that it looks weaker…

but i dont think that ur pic is the best to tell from… ur kinda far away and the angle and lighting are poor