Jtbrown0511's HIT Log

Good to see you back!

I moved away from the Surge workouts, I think they’re called M3 now?, too.

I dropped about 8-10 lbs, then started running Coach Thib’s Layer Program. I really like it. I think I might venture off into a high volume program, 5/3/1 BBB for 12 weeks, then finish the final 6 weeks of the Surge Challenge.

I’m a decade older than you. I hear you on not wanting to look like a bodybuilder. Lean and athletic is the aesthetic I’m chasing, too.

That’s one program I always wanted to try and never did. I remember when it was being created and information was getting out little by little.

How long have you been running the layer program? Seeing good results?

Yeah I just want to train as efficiently as possible so I can spend my time in other areas of my life. I look at lifting weights like this…I’m doing it for a desired effect not for being social and what not. So doing the least I can do to get the desired effects is what I’m after.

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I’m on week four. I think I’ll continue for about two more, maybe longer, depending on how I feel.

All Thib’s stuff has been good.

For the main lift each day, you work up to a 2RM. I’ve added 10-15 lbs to my bench and incline bench, about 15lbs to my squat.

I think 5/3/1 BBB will be a good contrast because of the high workload–I haven’t done many high volume programs.

My one kid is nine… by comparison, I have time to spare.

I’d say you have a little more time available than I do haha. He does write good stuff. I’ve always enjoyed his programs and his articles. He is a wealth of knowledge.

It’s been awhile! I’ve spent the last year bouncing between some different programming and then I’ve been doing HIT for quite a few months, 1-2 times a week depending on where life takes me. I tried Menzer’s consolidation for a few weeks and then had been doing Jay Vincent’s programming.

I just did 2 weeks of Darden’s BIG routine (knees weren’t liking the slow squats) and then just did the NeXT arm workout today and man that was brutal. Worst/best arm pump I’ve ever had.

Next I plan to do some 30-10-30 until surge is back in stock and then I’ll give M3 a go again. Mainly, I need a little change and a good challenge. But I have really been enjoying Ike set to failure on 8-10 exercises. My body has never felt better. I’m also eating an animal based diet so plenty of red meat, dairy, fruit, maple syrup, and honey.

I’m currently floating from 173-176 and have been for quite some time.

More to come!

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Top is pre workout and bottom is post workout. My measurements for my arms before and after are below.

Arm relaxed L - 14.25

Arm flexed L - 14.5

Arm relaxed R - 14.25

Arm flexed R - 14.5


Arm relaxed left 15

Arm relaxed right 14.75

Arm flexed left 15.75

Arm flexed right 15.25

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Good to see you back in the T Nation Plan graveyard, man.

Thank you! Nice to be back! Starting Monday I’m going to give Extreme HIT another go with some garage gym modifications (no leg extension, leg curl, or leg press). And see what happens after 5 weeks. No surge just fueled by food. I’ll do photos and measurements and put them up.

Alright, it’s Sunday and tomorrow I’m going to take a run at the Extreme HIT challenge again. Last week I did the NExT arm workout Monday and then a few 30-10-30 sets on Friday so I’m pretty rested up.

Ive been weighing anywhere from 173-177 as of late. I’ll take measurements and photos tonight. I will not be using Surge and just eating good quality food, mostly animal based and try to bring up my carbs more. I’ve been eating around 1g/lb of body weight for protein and fat and then around .8g/lb for carbs.

I’d like to do killing fat after this to lean down but dieting has always been very hard mentally for me. I don’t do well with feeling hungry. Anyway I’ll post again tonight.

Again, very humbling when I take photos of myself. Beginning measurements are below.

Body weight = 177

Upper arm L = 14 and R = 14

Chest = 41.5

Thigh L = 22.5 and R = 22.5

Calves L = 14.25 and R = 14.25


-above = 34.5

-at = 35

-below = 34

Day 1 Extreme HIT today which I’ll do later this afternoon. Doing everything from my garage gym so there will be a few slight modifications with leg extension, leg curl, and leg press primarily.

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First workout in the books and it was brutal. I forgot how the fatigue accumulates through the workout and weights I could probably handle in some exercises in the beginning, I can’t by the end. Good pump and my legs are super tired. I ended up doing heels elevated DB squats in place of the leg extension. One of the issues I had was my upper back fatiguing from two sets of squats, BB rows, standing OH press and BB curl. I’ll put up some numbers tomorrow for weights and how close I was to doing the full 30-10-30.

Workout two done in 8.5 minutes. I was right at the pace of 30 seconds between sets. Upper back is fatigued but it held out pretty well. I may try to do high seated incline press instead of standing overhead press just to manage that. Weights felt good. I couldn’t quite make the 30 second eccentric in reverse curls but everything else went good. I was able to raise the weight a bit on bench press since I didn’t have to do the first 30 second eccentric. Good pump and muscles feel full.

I’ve been eating a lot. Not specifically tracking but eating three big meals a day and two snacks. I’ve been slightly lowering my fat and protein and upping my carbs with some good homemade bread I made.

Thanksgiving week may be only two days that week but I’ll adjust for the rest of the challenge.

I competed workout 3 on Friday and it went much better than the first workout. I’m still playing around with leg extension and leg curl alternatives so my back doesn’t fatigue so bad throughout the workout.

My weight has hovered between 178-179 over the weekend and this morning. Today is Monday workout #4. Feeling pretty good at the moment and trying to eat as much as I can. It’s hard for me to over eat because then I get acid reflux issues.

But, feeling good and ready to give this challenge an honest go, which I no I didn’t the first time I tried it.

Also, due to thanksgiving this week I will bring my power block dumbbells to my parents and modify the Friday workout to do the whole thing with dumbbells only.


I finished up the Wednesday session for week 3. I have 4 workouts left not counting gains week. Workouts are going well and my timing has been really good. I’m averaging 11.30 on the Monday and Friday workouts and 8.5 minutes on the Wednesday workouts.

I ordered metabolic drive a couple days ago as I made the decision to do the killing fat program starting January 1 or maybe before. My plan is to take a week off after this program. That week I will not workout and I will lower my calories to prepare for 1,600 calories a day. Time to lean up!

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Friday workout in the books, last workout with shoulder and chest emphasis. I had some limitations working out in my garage gym and overestimated my DB bench press which I had to do instead of BB. But, it still went good. I’m enjoying it much more than the last time I ran the program. My body weight is only up a few pounds so I’m curious to see what my final measurements will be. I’m also very mentally ready to take Killing Fat and finally lean down.

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