JRE- Jordan Peterson

Clean your rooms and watch


He’s done a couple of podcasts with Rogan. I’m really starting to like Peterson.

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Thanks, lucasmon. I haven’t seen this one yet. I’ll give it a listen. I like JP, but I like Jonathan Haidt more. If you’re not familiar with Haidt, he’s also a really fascinating guy.

Rogan threadjack/

BTW, not Peterson related but Joe Rogan does some fantastic podcasts. There’s one where he talks to Robert Sapolsky about parasites. Blew my mind. Sapolsky is a professor of biology, neurology and neurological sciences and neurosurgery at Stanford University. How cool is it that we can listen to lectures from people like this from the comfort of our own home?

Also, I recently listened to Rogan interview Bret Weinstein and Hether Heying talking about evolutionary biology and sex. Really, really fascinating. I don’t want to hijack your thread, but that podcast would generate some interesting discussion. All the way from animals and evolution to biology and relationships, porn, other more current topics.


Haidt is great. Heterodox Academy right? I watched a panel he was on with some progressive undergrad who was out of her mind (my assessment - I’m not a professional so…). He was very respectful and handled the conversation very well.

WRT Joe Rogan - he has such a diverse guest list … some of his conversations get fucking wacky, some are boring, a healthy majority are fascinating. I especially like when he has ancient civilization experts on (Graham Hancock, Robert Schock).

There was one he had this extreme hunter on and it made me REALLY want to get into hunting … fascinating dude.

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I found JRE 4 years ago thanks to someone on this site. It was my gateway drug into so many other podcasts. There so much great information out there that I can listen to when I’m driving, or doing yard work or dishes or whatever.

Some podcasts I listen to have streaming video, and I think, why would I sit down to watch this? I got shit to do. But being able to stimulate and to a certain extent distract my brain while I’m doing some mindless task like mowing is priceless.

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I have listened to Haidt as well. Bryan Callen has told Joe that he needs to get him on.

No love for Gad Saad? I find him very fascinating.

I honestly can not get into Bret Weinstein. I sort of find him to be an opportunist who used his situation to get into the “discussion” with Peterson, Haidt, Harris, Saad, etc. I mean he was part of the problem that created the issues at the Uni. (progressive/ bleeding heart liberal) Could also be he just looks like a nerd to me…lol

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I’ve only watched Jordan Peterson’s interview with Cathy Newman prior to this and I’ve heard he likes cats.

After watching this, I’m quite amazed at how well he understands the way fucking commies think. I’ve known these people in both the 1st and 3rd world in Asia in real life and their mindset is ALWAYS similar even though they were from different racial and cultural backgrounds.

But err… his apple cider experience was a little bit exaggerated, don’t you think?


It was the sulfites.

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I do like Gad Saad, but I haven’t listened to him in awhile.

This is the first interview with Weinstein I’d watched, so maybe I caught a good one. He and his wife are talking about evolutionary biology, so their field, mostly talking science. Animals for the first part. I thought it was really fascinating. I made a few notes since I wanted to talk about it with my husband and son. It gets a bit more political in the last half, with MeToo and TG, and those were the less interesting parts for me.

If anyone wants to catch a few clips.
First 30 minutes animals. BTW, I didn’t know some of these lizards can essentially clone themselves. Lone female Komodo Dragons in the zoo sometimes have offspring.

Then they cover all kinds of biology and anthropology related to human sexuality.
Minute Markers
38 Breasts and concealed ovulation in humans
49 Beautiful vs Hot
Monogamy and Children
59 Birth Control
1:00 Gender Roles
1:03 Bangin’ Strangers
1:07 IG Booty Pics
2:00 Epidemic of Novelty
2:02 Porn is the New Sex Ed
2:07 Porn and Sexual Autism

You get the idea. Heather Heying is pretty interesting as well.

Yes. And he wrote The Righteous Mind. Awesome book. For me, Haidt is a more kind voice. I’m not sure if that’s the right word. He’s much less likely to get heated, or be polarizing. He’s somehow able to be very moderate.

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I thought it was a bit odd. But if I drink even half a beer I will puke for eight hours, or eventually dry heave, and won’t shit right for days. I can drink hard cider and wine no problem.

I agree. If he stays in “his lane” it can be interesting. It is when he gets into everything else that he seems out of it element. Made more obvious after listening to Peterson and Haidt.

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Yes - very level headed - stoic even.

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Damn right. I think I read that based off of your recommendation a couple years ago. It literally transformed my relationship with my parents. Fantastic read.

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I thought this is a good one.

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Peterson…that bastid.
Just when you think that you’re doing well, eating semi-clean, training regularly…keeping my garage clean…

Then Peterson comes out and challenges us to do better every day, and that it is our responsibility to be more disciplined.


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I saw one of his lectures where he said it’s okay to play video games. I about fell out of my chair…

Good info Puff. I like Joe Rogan, but not all of his podcasts are with people I care about. Getting recommendations is helpful. I’ll put these fellas on my list.

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Has anyone taken the “Understand Myself” test by Peterson?

I just took it ($8 w/ code “willink”). It’s definitely interesting if you’re into that sort of thing. I also very recently took “the why of You” by Print for work with similar outcomes.

No but want to/will at some point - do you understand yourself better? I know you did the 23andme as well … you’re just a self exploration monster lately

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I would say it’s made what I’ve always known/suspected more clear. Nothing in the results has been profound by any stretch and I would say it’s mostly, but not completely accurate.

For example, My agreeableness trait was ranked low (11th percentile) driven mostly by an extremely low compassion ranking (1st percentile). I would say, generally speaking, that notion that I’m less agreeable is accurate I don’t think I’m nearly that low on the compassion ranking.

The highlighted portion, in particular, is simply not true for me. I actually, generally, avoid conflict and very very rarely (even on here) do I purposefully or happily make people feel bad to “win”.

There are quite a few of the categories that fit pretty well, though. I’m very low in neuroticism (6th percentile), high on intellect (82nd percentile - does not = IQ, but simply means being interested in ideas and abstract concepts), low on extroversion (12th), so on and so forth. I’d say the explanations given fit me pretty well.