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Jr Powerlifter Looking for a Cutting Program

Hi all

For the last year (the last 6 months fully dedicated) I have been doing a beginner strength program which is a cross between Starting Strength by Mark Ripptoe and Stronglifts.com’s SL5x5.

I am now looking for a summer “cutting” and strength maintenance program to work on from September - January (4 months). I would really appreciate any help / guidance towards links / posts that could help me structure and effective program.

I have 1 1/2hours available for training 5/6 times per week. Cardio is a given already, so some sort of program that splits workouts according to body parts perhaps? I really don’t want to lose any (or minimal) strength gains over this period. This is purely for cosmetic reasons to add a nice cut / shape to the muscle I’ve built up in the last 6 months.

I don’t plan to enter any competitions and will be going back to an intermediate power lifting program from January.

My current figures follow. Below is where I started about 8 months and where I’ll be by the end of August, (with current figures in brackets)
Start / End (current)
Body Weight: 66.6Kg / 87Kg (85.3Kg)
Squats: 60Kg / 140Kg (130Kg)
Deadlift: 60Kg / 140Kg (125Kg)
Overhead Press: na / 65Kg (60Kg)
Bench: 50Kg / 82.5Kg (75Kg)
Barbell Row: na / 60Kg (52.5Kg)
Pullups: 10, 8, 7 (9,7,6)
Pushups: 25, 20, 20 (22, 16, 17)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

just fix your diet if you’re “cutting”… what’s your diet look like?

Pretty healthy diet. I used to drink two litres of full cream milk every day for 2 months which helped me pick up lot of weight during my training. Now, without the additional milk, my diet is usually:

Breakfast: Oats with scoop of whey
Snack: Fruit and whey shake
Lunch: 200 - 250g roasted chicken and veggies (with 150g w/wheat pasta on workout days)
Snack: Fruit, nuts and whey shake
Supper: 200 - 250g roasted chicken and veggies (with 150g w/wheat pasta on workout days)
Snack: Fruit and whey shake

That’s pretty much it. I obviously chop n change the chicken with other protein based meals like fish, seafood, mince etc. Sometimes here and there I’ll add something like a w/wheat sandwich if I’m feeling hungry.

With the milk, I got from about 69Kg to about 86Kg over a period of 4 months on and off.
Now, without the milk, I had an initial drop down to about 84Kg and now it’s maintaining there.

You think that diet alone is sufficient? I don’t see the bodybuilders doing strength training to get ripped at my gym?