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Jr. Nationals Sergio Oliva Jr.


I thought this was a pretty interesting story. I'd read about him in muscle and fitness awhile back and how fast his arm's grew. But its exciting for bodybuilding, he placed fifth in the heavyweights claims to be six foot (though in an interview he was almost the same size as Shawn Ray). He was also just dropped by Gaspari nutrition.

Like father..


like son the power of genetics.


thanks for having me resent my own dad on Fathers Day :slight_smile:


LMAO! No shit.


Damn he looks great. How old is he?


hahhaha nice


nice observation lol.

I think he is 24-25 I'm not sure though. He is son of Sergio's wife who shot him five times as well another strange thing about him. I hope he is able to built a great personality with such an interesting start to his life.


the return of the myth victory pose and all.


Why the heck is the steroidsR4losers guy commenting in every bodybuilding video! Is he from T-Nation as well? I swear everytime I click on a link from here, he'll be one of the guys in the comment section saying "..."

Back to the topic, I'm really excited to see whether he can surpass his father or not since they have similar build and proportions.


Legs look better then his dads already. Would be interested to see a back shot.


lol that guy comments on literally every bodybuilding/powerlifting video on youtube...he's made several accounts too...personally, i think he may be insane...


Genetics Reign Supreme


It is really crazy how similar their arms are starting to look.


Video is obviously dubbed... women would never cheer for a bodybuilder!

Can't wait to see him age/develop a bit more, wonder how much of his training his father helps him out with(especially since he is still in phenomenal shape at his age), or if he lets him do his own thing pretty much.


He has a very aesthetic look. I'm guessing most people would love to look like this more than say Ronnie, Jay, etc.. His forearms are almost as big as his pops too!


He is essentially just getting started so I wouldn't assume he has reached his goal based off how he looks in that pic.

The more current shows aren't going for a "Ronnie, Jay look" anyway. If Heath doesn't win the next O, I am betting he will be in the top 3 at least.


The thing he lacks is really thick, dense muscle. Sergio was extremely strong, and on the cuban olympic lifting team. On the video with the woman screaming, maybe its his wife. Hopefully its not dubbed it would awesome to have people cheering that much for you.


In an interview, he says training and contest prep has changed completely since his father's days and he can't really help him besides emotional support.


Agreed, i'm hoping for a heath win. i think he has the best package right now


Classic physique, like his dad. He got the genes from the deep end of the gene pool.