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JPT365’s TRT Log


First of all, I’m sorry for your loss, that’s never easy.

I think this would require bravery lol. I’ll see if I can comvince my PCP to do anything that’s been suggested here. If not, I’ll get a new doctor or go to an endo, possibly both. I haven’t told them about all of my symptoms for fear that I’ll sound like a hypochondriac, but whatever, time to take care of myself.

This sounds so familiar, I used to beat myself up thinking I was doing something wrong for the longest time.


Thank you.

The guy I went said… “well you got a lot going on here.”
No Shit Sherlock! That’s why I am here.

I hope you can find a doc that will listen, and get this sorted out.

Mine used the term, mild Graves disease, so even if yours is sub clinical, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel like shit some days. And then some days… you feel like Superman!

One of the things I have figured out is to stay hydrated. When mine is bad my stomach gets really tore up, that coupled with the sweating, is a great recipe for dehydration. Which I think exacerbates the problem by concentrating the hormone in your blood. I could be way off here.

I don’t know if any of this babbling is helping, but I do understand.


You’re definitely helping me out. I’ve been showing my wife a lot of what you’ve been saying to me lately, it’s eerily similar to what I go through. Your hydration point is yet another thing I’m going to show her later. I always tell her that I seem to get very messed up when dehydrated, even in the slightest, actually just said this last night!


I’m sure it’s difficult for her to see you go through this. She knows something is wrong but doesn’t know what to do to help you.

My mom doesn’t understand it, but does acknowledge now, that something ain’t quite right. It’s frustrating for her. Probably for your wife too.


My wife’s been really great, she’s my biggest supporter, definitely a keeper lol. I do have trouble explaining these problems to other family but oh well.


At least she doesn’t think you’re crazy! A good support system is half the battle.
There are a couple of thyroid forums on the net where there are numerous threads of spouses not being able to deal with it.

Lucky man!


That’s gotta be really isolating when your spouse ditches you in the midst of that storm, can’t imagine.


No shit! I was like… OMG! That’s just wrong!


As some of you know from the askphysiolojik thread I was experiencing extreme irritability for 4-5 days which then turned into pretty bad depression. Interestingly enough my libido has also been raging, quite a contradictory set of symptoms, horny and sad. I had labs done yesterday because something obviously wasn’t right. Here are the results:

From yesterday:

Total Test: 658 Range 229-902
Free T: 21.6 Range 4.4-16.8 HIGH
E2 Sensitive: 45 Range 0-40 HIGH
SHBG: 12.5 Range 14.55-94.64 LOW

Compared to a month ago:

Total Test: 527 Range 229-902
Free T: 16.4 Range 4.4-16.8
E2 Sensitive: 25 Range 0-40
SHBG: 13.7 Range 14.55-94.64 LOW

Looks like my dose might be too high. I did lower it to 6mg today in order to bring down the E2. It also looks like my SHBG keeps dropping, is this to be expected? @charlie12 posted links to articles which stated that low shbg could be indicative of underlying issues. I am planning to make a PCP appointment to ask for A1C/insulin sensitivity to be done. I will have updated thyroid panels in one month as well.

Edit: Defy called me this morning. They’re pushing me to take the anastrozole to lower the E2 rather than manipulate my dose. They also said my Total T is lower than they’d like it and they’d actually like me to increase the dosage. I argued that Total T shouldn’t matter as much as Free T and that mine was high. They said my Free T is excellent, but that I was correct in saying that Free T matters more. Still, they’re pushing anastrozole and wanting me to add HCG as well to boost SHBG. I really don’t know what to do here. @physioLojik do you have any ideas on how I should proceed?


Manipulating your dosage may prove futile as SHBG fluctuates so to will your Free T and Free E2, lowering the dosage may not be the correct move. You large change in Free T levels between these two blood draws suggests you missed the SHBG fluctuation that preceded the change in Free T.


It makes sense not to jsut start taking an ai. The hcg is going to create more e2 and make it even worse… wtf I feel your frustration.


You felt great a month ago?


Will you expand on this? Would this mean that my SHBG was even lower at one point than what’s presented on the newest labs?


About, yeah, weeks 4-5 were good from my logs.


It could be your SHBG decreased and Free T increased and the timing of the labs was too late to catch lower SHBG, before Free T has a chance to decrease along with SHBG increasing.

An inconsistent thyroid production could be the cause, difficult to see on labs sometimes.


If you take an ai then it’s a temporary change. Either you stay st this dose and now your in ai for a long time.

Take hcg and it will add to e2 and an ai won’t lower the e2 created in the testes.

Lower your dosage and you are directly working to lower e2 with a maybe in terms of shbg.


Then go back to the dosage. This was a test and it didn’t work.

Or wait it out. Maybe take something that will optimize your liver. Try zinc and dim.


Ah, the thyroid again, I’ll be checking it again in a month to see what’s happening there. As far as dosage, would you recommended staying at the 10mg ED or switching to a lower protocol for the time being?


If you keep making changes while levels fluctuate, you always be increasing/decreasing dosing all the time.


Yes, this I know, and I feel like no one is listening to me in the practice I’m a patient with.

I’d like to think this as well. But according to Defy I need my total T higher than it is on the current labs and Free T to stay exactly where it is.

I’ve been at 10mg ED for 8 weeks now.