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JPT365’s TRT Log


Yeah that doesnt sound like a high E2 symptom. And 40s with a T of 950 doesnt sound very far off of optimal.

If you have a chance check this out:

Testosterone and Estrogen in Men: Good, Bad or Indifferent?


I’ll check out this video, thanks.

On another note, wondering if anyone could shed some light on something I’ve been thinking about.

It sounds like when you lose weight your actually fat cells don’t disappear, they only shrink down. But when you “lose” fat it appears that the action of aromatase decreases. So does the aromatase enzyme get removed from from the fat cell and flushed out upon losing weight or is it inactivated somehow?


I’m now a little over 4 weeks on the new protocol. 10mg ED, no AI. Here are my updated labs from yesterday:

Total Test: 527 Range 229-902
Free T: 16.4 Range 4.4-16.8
E2 Sensitive: 25 Range 0-40
SHBG: 13.7 Range 14.55-94.64 LOW

My TT has only dropped a few points, FT remains exactly the same, E2 has gone down 9 points and SHBG has dropped lower than before. The protocol I was on before this was 20mg EOD. Below are the last labs drawn on that protocol:

Total Test: 555 Range 229-902
Free T: 16.4 Range 4.4-16.8
E2 Sensitive: 34 Range 0-40
SHBG: 16.5 Range 14.55-94.64

Any feedback is welcome.


You left out the most important thing. How do you feel?


I tend to leave at least one thing out every time lol.

For the past 5 days I’ve felt really good. Steady energy, not unlimited, but decent. Positive outlook and happy mood. Feeling like a go-getter, really confident and outgoing. Little to no anxiety the past 5 days and no depressed feelings either. Physically I feel strong. Libido has disappeared but I’m hoping it returns. No morning wood for the past few days. Sleep has been disturbed for a few nights now, but it’s not affecting me like before, I can function.

A bit of a mixed bag I guess, but miles away from how I felt just last week. Hoping to god I don’t get the rug pulled out from under me too soon.


Your results are similar to my own and proves daily injections works to lower estrogen without needing an AI, in your case by 9 points can make or break a protocol, Free T is unchanged as well.

Even though your SHBG appears to be really low, it behaves as if higher when compared to my own SHBG level (22), when I have a Total T of only 500, Free T is over 21 pg/mL or at the very top of the ranges. The stickiness of SHBG varies from person to person, some bind up T more than others at the same level.

Your SHBG will fluctuate in a given 24 hour period (weight lifting), Free T should also do the same. Blood testing is only so accurate and doesn’t show Free T fluctuations well. Total T is more accurate than the Free T labs.

Your only 4 weeks into your protocol, beyond 6 weeks will tell the tale. If a protocol is a success, I feel good at week 6 and I don’t start feeling amazing until 8 weeks. Weeks 4-5 are mixed bags for me becoming more consistent by week 6. If by weeks 6-8 you don’t feel good, I would increase the dosage slightly, maybe 12mg daily.

Daily protocols, small moves equals big changes in my experience.


Yeah, I’m waiting a few more weeks to see how things feel on this protocol then I’ll consult with Defy. They wanted me to do 20mg ED but I’m not comfortable with that kind of increase at all. I’d rather make micro-tweaks like you’ve discussed here. It might take longer but I’ll be less inclined to run into problems that way.


Fellas, any insight into what could be causing nightsweats and insomnia? I’ve been waking up every couple of hours for 3 nights now. I’ve also been sweating for 3 nights. Last night I was literally dripping wet, had to dry off with a towel and change the sheets at 4AM. The temperature has been in the negatives at night where I live and my heat adjusts itself to turn down at night, I don’t get it. I’m otherwise feeling ok.




Naturally testosterone, estrogen and even thyroid hormones are lower at night time as metabolism slow down, when estrogen is excessive you will get night sweats. If you have made a change to your protocol in the last 6 weeks, then your levels (estrogen) are swinging.

Also TRT can increase T3 uptake during the 6 week adjustment period after a dosage change. I’m barely a week into a new protocol and am warmer at night time and colder in the mornings even though temperatures are the same.


Not that I know of, I feel fine besides being tired and I don’t have a temperature.


OK. Then if could be your hormones stabilizing


That’s the first thing I thought of is high estrogen but I just got a low result the other day. Granted estrogen goes up and down all day. Maybe you’re right and it’s just the adjustment period.

Another thing of note is that I’ve been waking up looking ripped. I haven’t looked this way in months. I wonder if I’m losing a bunch of water for some reason. Maybe the E2 drop? I’d been just chalking up my midsection’s appearance to fat gain but it looks like it’s been water the whole time.


High estrogen can cause hot hands or feet, if levels are swinging, estrogen could be high, then lower at other times.


It was in the sheets you changed at 4am.


That happened to me. The scale will confirm


Lol yes, I know, I was more wondering why. Has to be hormonal, I’ve had no dietary or water intake changes.


For water weight u can check to see tightness of ring on finger. And you can weigh yourself at night and in am. Usually you weigh just slightly less. Sometimes I would lose 2-3 pounds over night.

Some also track how much weigh they lose when doing cardio exercises. You can see by how much weight you lose if u are holding on to water or excreting too much


Menopause! :rofl:


Before TRT my weight swings were massive between day and night. I’m talking 7-8lbs sometimes. I’ll have to check the scale and see how my weight is now, it’s been packed away in the basement ever since I moved into the new house. I think my wife keeps it down there because she’s pregnant and doesn’t want to see the scale go up lol.