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JPT365’s TRT Log


That that blood test needs to happen brother. I know it’s a drive but you won’t get a better answer. I think until then it will be very hard for you to decipher otherwise.

I think I have a slightly higher shbg because my e2 doesn’t seem to go up… will be interesting to share and compare.


Drop dosage down to 9mg daily, wait another 7-8 weeks and evaluate.


This is the route I’m thinking. Can I expect the same symptoms as when increasing the dose?


I haven’t tried the lemon water. I have zinc but I’m trying to figure out the ratio of copper I need to take with it before I start. I’ve seen multiple ratios posted so I’m unsure which is ideal. What dose of zinc do you typically take? I was advised to do 100mg.

I know DIM messed you up. How much were you taking and how long did it take to tank your E2?


DIM: weeks to months, sometimes as little a a pill a day, or every few days.

I take a zinc pill with 50mg zinc and 2mg copper. I only ever took 1 at a time.


Curcumin, from turmeric, also did it.

I would wager that some of the reason that Physio does not need to take an AI, is because he takes so many things that support the liver.

Im pretty sure I saw NAC, and Curcumin on his list.

Anything that increases liver function has the potential to crash my e2.


Damn man, do you just have a super-efficient liver to begin with? My liver values were ok last time I checked but maybe I should have them done again. I’ve been taking a low-dose SSRI too and maybe it contributes to some level of hepatoxicity.


And the plot thickens.


Need to get off of that shit with the quickness. Apparently I’m not even at a therapeutic dose and the only reason I agreed to take it in the first place is because I was losing my shit from testosterone withdrawal early last year.

I only hesistate because I hear the withdrawals are hell and I have a baby due in 6 weeks.


The impact of hormones varies greatly from individual to individual. As men, ours does not fluctuate as much as the women, but think of the effects of the menstrual cycle on women you have known. Some are not affected at all, others greatly impacted.

As a competitive weightlifter in the 70s and 80s, I was around many using AAS, not just weightlifters, but powerlifters and bodybuilders. There was nothing done with estrogen. Yeah, I know some who had gyno and even needed surgery. Everyone retained fluid. Looking back, I believe some of the “roid rage” (which I always thought was BS) may have been due to elevated E2 levels. So, yes, some had trouble with E2, but most did not and I know of guys with E2 levels over 100 doing fine, better than fine actually.

In hindsight, it makes me wonder about all the guys I read about here with E2 problems. But, it is obvious that this type of forum will attract the guy having problems with their TRT program, like so many using small dosing. Some are simply more sensitive to hormone levels.

It applies just as it does to testosterone. More free E2 means more available doing the stuff E2 does.

Very possible.

Mine was 55 when last checked and I have felt much better since dropping anastrozole, as I have mentioned, lipids and joints benefited the most.


As well as TUDCA which I take now too.


I knew there was another one on there that was directly linked to the liver. Couldn’t remember it.

@jpt365 get off the depression pills.


Planning on it.


Milk thistle.
And from physio. TUDCA, hot Lemon water in the am and 4 oz of
Unsweetened organic cranberry juice. The super tart one.

I have the Google keep app. I put all the good shit you guys put on here. And can refer to when needed years from now.


What’s that … is that short for something or the actual name.


Tauroursodeoxycholic acid is an ambiphilic bile acid. It is the taurine conjugate form of ursodeoxycholic acid. Humans are found to have trace amounts of TUDCA.


Damn… so taking just this is just a good supplement for the liver.

I need to get my supplements optimized soon. I take vitamin d since I was low on that. That’s it…


Yes. I take it every day.



Is there a good multi vitamin that I can take which contains all the good stuff that is recommended for trt guys?


I haven’t really searched around for anything specific. I just take a decent mens multi along with about a dozen other supplements.