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JPT365’s TRT Log


I spoke with my wife and we discussed me taking some trips to a couple different states for help with this. She unfortunately can’t travel with me due to being over 7 months pregnant. I live in Vermont so finding someone who’s skilled is a challenge. I’ll be doing some research.


You do realise you can poop out excess estrogen right?
Cruciferous vegatables help block estrogen.
So basically eat a LIttle too muh coleslaw or whatever and give yourself the shits :wink:


Lol I’ve been eating cups upon cups of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc. it’s not working!


Welll it was worth a shot!
But be careful, too of a good thing is still too much.


How is your sleep, zinc intake, Omega 3?


Sleep is broken most nights, waking up a couple of times a night on average. Zinc isn’t something I’ve taken in a while, I think I’ll reintroduce it this week. I religiously took 3-4 grams of Fish Oil daily for years. I took a break from it because when I ran out of it a couple months ago I felt better. That could have been a coincidence and I plan on reintroducing it soon to find out.


How many hours of sleep do you get on average?


I try to go to bed at 10:30PM most nights and I wake up at 7AM, later on days off. 7-9 hours depending on the day.


Sleep should not be an issue then, unless you wake up feeling tired and experience a lot of daytime fatigue.


I do wake up feeling tired a lot of the time and I’m pretty dead during the day. However, I was sleeping pretty well just a couple of weeks ago. Something changed in that time (most likely E2).


Possibly. You should keep a log with what you are eating, your sleep, your medication, training, and different categories in which you rate your wellbeing: fatigue, energy, mood, anger, and whatever else you come up with. This will help you finding patterns after a while that you can use in the future to repeat or avoid certain effects.


I do keep a daily log of my symptoms and I track my calories (and foods) in myfitnesspal. So far I haven’t been able to make any connections, besides tomatoes, which seem to be an irritant.


Anabolicdoc.com I think he’s in Vermont. I don’t use him but I see his videos and he’s legit. He was on tot revolution.


If your sure it’s e2 I would stop the suffering and take a small amount until you can get to a doc who can work with you.


I tried to find info on him but I couldn’t find a practice here. Where did you see that he was in VT?

I wish I could be 100% certain. All I know is my E2 has almost doubled in a month and the onset of my symptoms was rapid. Started with high levels of anger and irritability and spiraled into depression. I’m not prone to depression (but have a lot of experience with it due to being a mental health professional) so something’s up.


Oops hes in Bloomfield, CT AND Fort Lauderdale, FL

Go to site below and email them … jay will respond to you and tell him you want to join the facebook group and for a list of docs he recommends. I joined and i found several docs who are highly recomended and work directly with patients. i hate this clinic trt shit. you dont get direct care. its always third person junk.



Thanks for the link. Will do!


Well, let’s start off the week 9 update by saying I was in the supermarket earlier and almost started crying due to the song they were playing throughout the store…clearly E2 is still high. The depression continues, erections only come here and there and they’re not as hard as a couple weeks ago. I also seem to be losing my appetite and motivation to do anything sucks.

I did start taking the DIM, not sure if it’ll do anything. Seeing as my test cyp dose is currently 70mg a week with a free T in the low 20’s, is it feasible that I could do well on 8mg ED or 56mg a week? I don’t want to feel hypogonadal either but idk what else to do besides starting the anastrozole.


Misread your post deleted my responses.

Did U get a new doc? By now you should of splurged in a blood test. 70$ and I get free t, serum and e2 sensitive. Discounted labs was the last spot I use. Don’t need your doc to order. Don’t his tomorrow…or tell the doc to order them now…


No new doctor yet, weighing my options since out of state is going to be my go-to if I want an in-person consult. I’ll look into getting labs done. It’s a pain-in-the-ass for me as I have to drive an hour one way to get to the closest place who will be willing to draw labs for an online company.

Sent you an email.