JP181 Log

Writing a log on this site because …
a) this site is legit
b) keep me motivated to stick with powerlifting and eventually compete (RAW only)

Current stats-
Age- 21 (Turn 22 on wed)
Height- 5’7
Weight- 185ish
Bench- 290-310 (depending on pause-290/touch-n-go-310)
Squat- roughly 365-385 (depth would pass for any strict organization aka USAPL)
Deadlift- 500

Weight class- 181
Bench- 315+ pause
Squat- 405-450 deep (big goal)
Deadlift- 550+ (did 530 back in hs and attempted 575 at the state meet my senior year, so it shouldnt take long to get back up)

*Side note- Currently a junior in college studying Exercise Science and Nutrition.
Will be working for my masters in either Exercise Physiology or Human Nutrition.
Will also be certified in a few Strength and Conditioning organizations.
Therefore if you guys have any questions that is more in depth with exercise or nutrition I will try to anwser to the best of my knowledge!


DE Bench-

Warm up - 4 Board 295x3 (top set)
DE Bench w/Red Bands 135x3x3/155x3x3/175x3x3/185x3singles
2 Board Bench 315x1 (top set)
Incline Hammer Strength Press - 180x8-10 (3sets) Last set drop set
Ez-bar front raise- 3x10-12
DB Side raise w/ Ez-bar dead stop skullcrushers- 3x8-10
Floor DB Tri Ext- 50x3x8
Tate Press- 30x3x10

I let the weight sink into the board when I do board presses.
Productive workout especially after a heavy bench workout from tuesday.
Yesterday I pulled heavy so my erectors are feeling it which made my arch hurt (I don’t like to arch to much on the bench anyways).