Jp_dubya's Training Log

Excited to be a part of the Surge Challenge.
Today’s workout was minimal. Myoreps style-ish. All concentric reps performed firmly. Fast but where tension wasn’t lost. Eccentrics 4 seconds, 1 second pause.
Leg curl, first set to where I know I couldn’t complete another rep
Followed with 12 seconds rest. I don’t know how many sets of 2 I got. My guess is 6
Rear Delt reverse fly same style.
Low on platform full leg press. Same style
Chest press on machine. Same style
Horizontal Row. Same style
Strapped on Blood flow restriction bands.
Decline DB triceps ext. 4 sets, no lockout. 30 seconds rest between sets
slight incline DB curl. Same approach
Lateral raise, Same approach
Went in late. gym closed.

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Another training day. Tinkered with the rest and limited the number of add’s sets after fatiigue
Leg curl start. 2 warm up sets of no particular fatigue.
1 set to last imaginable rep with decent form. 15 seconds rest, 3 reps, 15 second rest, 3 reps, 15 second rest, set to a grinding positive last possible rep. All reps in every phase are fast, continuous tension throughout, 5 second eccentric, 1 second pause.
Rear delt machine. Same tempo and technique 1 set to last possible, 15 seconds rest, 3 reps, 15seconds rest, 3 reps, reps to last imaginable rep with a grind,…Still 5 second eccentric, 1 second pause
Low platform, calves to ham leg press. "max, 3 reps, 3 reps, max
Chest press, same method
Machine horizontal pull. Same. Here is my thing on these. If your pulling is really cramming your chest into the pad, I feel your effort is compromised.
BFR wraps on
Machine lateral raise, reps to almost failure, 30 second rest, 3 more of these
Modified French press, set, 30 second rest, another set, another 30, slight decline dumbbell triceps ext, last possible pos, 30 seconds rest, another set. partial ROM on these, no lockout at the top, no loss of tension on the botton.
DB slight decline curl, 2 sets with 30 seconds rest, flip over to incline DB curl, 2 sets to near failure. On these, at the bottom, maximum stretch on the biceps, contracting the triceps HARD.
remove the BFR bands
Machine ab crunch. set, 15 seconds, 5 reps, 15 seconds rest, 5 reps, 30 seconds rest. Set to last imaginable positive rep…SLOW eccentric. making sure the abs are contracted as hard as possible.

oh, then shower, go to part time job for 11 hours, get 24000 steps in.

Still on call, joining the surge excitement Monday.
Trained yesterday evening.
Seated Leg Curl
rear delt machine
low platform FULL ROM leg press
Chest Press
Horizontal Row
These all done to reasonably 1 rep to fail. 20 seconds rest, sets of three until third rep was missed
Incline chest press
Nautilus pullover
These to within 1 rep of fail

NO BFR bands…forgot them
Modified french press, 2 sets to within 1 rep fail, 30 seconds rest
slight decline dumbell ext, same
2 sets decline DB curl, 30seconds rest, 1ish rep to fail
2 sets incline DB curl, same style
Lateral raise machine. 1 set to within 1 rep (perceived) failure, 20 seconds rest, then 3 rep set until 3 reps not possible.

after surge is done, I may return to this, but cut the arm stuff in half.

Initially after the surge training, I may just do an EASY strength routine for 2 or 3 weeks, 5x per day.

SInce I am starting the surge training Monday, I bought a bodyfat scale and will post start point. Accurate? not really. precise? yes. Reason is my twin brother did dexa test and bioimpedence scale, 6 weeks or so later, repeated. On both instances the scale and DEXA were negligibly different.
I’ll tape measure myself as well. Chest, gut at navel, upper arm, forearm, mid thigh, calf.
Excited to start.
Not sure why top is bold and huge

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Excited to see how this goes for you Big man! I’m loving the journey!

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Went to the gym last night, surge in hand. Saw the crowd. No way I was going to be able to bounce between machines with any good timing. Set the alarm for 545. prepped surge, started the clock, got to the gym an able to start 21 minutes after. I failed.
The workout.
Thighs. Challenge to get to the leg press after the pump. Will have to step it up. Load it before. I have to take towels and stuff to mark my machines, I don’t feel bad at all because it’s done so quickly.
What I am going to change. The stretch. Going to stretch quads manually and vigorously for the time, then hop on the leg press. It just didn’t feel safe.
back was fine.
Severely overestimated my one arm overhead tri ext. Have to drop a bit. It’s a lot more work for my triceps than I am used to. performance dropped markedly.
Forearms. Disaster. I never do them. HUGE learning. weights will have to be adjusted.
Learning day for sure. Rep cadence I have to remember.
Pump sets I am going back to my 30-10-30 approach…that is, control throughout, hard contraction.
I have my measures down, at home. I will edit the post.
Hard for me to drink the second dose during, soldiered through. Surge taste? better than I would have thought.
I got a bit of a tingle. Not as bad as a niacin flush, but noticeable.
The pump. The wait helped. As was stated in the book, wait to engorge. Engorge it did.

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Shoulders, Back, Biceps, Calves day
Shoulders. This was rough. My guess was over on the lateral raises, dead on for the press, dead on for the walk, too heavy for the shrug.
Lats, all was good. really got in the groove. Pump reps I contract hard and rep smooth. Easy for me with back
Biceps. Tons more work than I am used to. Used a weight I thought I was good for. Not so much. Will have to adjust.
Calves. Ouch. I never do calves. doing full reps caused me to cramp hard. had to rough through that.
toes pointed leg curl. I used the lying leg curl. Set to XL so the weight was low. Felt good.
Hoist Equipment. I can’t stand this line of equipment. Tried for the calf raise. Abandoned after the pump reps. Hate it. Hate it, hate it.
All in all the workouts are challenging and fun.
This is where I beg for forgiveness. I added one set of Tibialis raises at the end. Not to failure, just feeling them out.
Is anyone doing anything on their off day? Brisk walk?

Day 3.
Chest block
Pump was ok, I fatigued on the pushups, so,…I had to sissy out on reps the concentric of the push-up on rep 6 and beyond. Went to girly knee push ups. My horisontal press and fly may have been too heavy. Maybe not. Thirty reps is a lot
Stimulate phase was great. I really like that the chest press machine puts me in a stretch at the bottom. I can really pull the weight down into the stretch.
Flutter, great. I am really liking these.
Biceps. Pump, Still have to dial in the weight. really draining.
Stim phase, OK. I have to lower the weight to get the target reps in. How are people getting the stretch in on these? I am arching and driving the weight back.
Flutter. good. really thinking I am going to put these into my arsenal later.
Ticeps. all good throughout. My second favorite after Lats
Legs. This is a lot of reps for me. It feels almost too light but man, by the end and the rest, the pump is amazing
Stimulate. WIth the amount of work done in the pump, the weight feels too light in the beginning but by the target rep goal, damn
flutter. I simply hate your for this. LOL.

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You have to always balance intensity with form with no winner.

I like the fact that you’re thinking through your workout. Make adjustments as you go to get the end effect you’re after.

Experiement. If you get the weight wrong, adjust it next time.

I have to remember, the pump phase is to what? PUMP. The Stimulate is to what? Stimulate.
OK, the flutter is to partially annihilate.
This was Saturday’s workout. I had it in my draft. I was going to go again this AM but slept in late. Alarm set for PM not AM.

Quick question. IF working out in the AM, do you have a suggestion for meal, waiting time before SURGING? I mean, will SURGE be best on a completely or partially empty stomach?
How best to get in an either full or partial meal around the workout?

workout 4.
Pump phase good. Good pace. Had a little more juice with reps so I really focused on muscle contraction throughout.
Stim phase - worked great.
Flutter phase - my love hate continues. it went well. the rebound pump is exciting
There isn’t anything I’d change. I am really dialed in on Lats
Oh the hate. Never did 'em, but soldiered on.
rebound pump is so weird. me “oh that wasn’t great…wait!!!”
hate these too. but wow. I didn’t cramp as badly. Got through with much lighter weight than I imagined I could do. This applies to all. Initial stretch feels great. 1st full rep, “I went too light” 5th and 6th? I am saying holy crap…last rep stretch? youch.

OK, just to make sure I am doing flutter reps correctly. The example I can think of is meat-head bro reps on the bench, the plates rattle at the top of the partial rep and the bottom. Is this correct?
I feel great. Calves ache this am. Forearms ache too. Back feels full as do Triceps.

workout 5.
This fooled me again. Gym was busy, so I had to opt for goblet squats
Leg Press pump was good. I think on pump reps I am going to have to go a little faster, with no break in the tension. I thought the weight was too light but held the tension and by the medium foot position with constant tension, the weight was good. I still may try a minor increase
Goblet squat. Had to. Weight choice was good.
Flutter. HATE…well, love hate.
Hard to think this is enough work but today I am achy and still have that full feeling in my legs
Chest. All phases great. I can really dial in on these.
Biceps. Still having a tough time. It is just a lot more than I am used to. I am not doing any modifications to be true to the program, but I think I would change this.
Did as listed, except on the flutter reps. Really didn’t get any feel on these the last time, so I did standing with overhand grip. I fluttered the reps between flexion and ext and I got a heck of a lot more out of it than I did with seated wrist curl.
Today though, I have a bit of lateral epicondylitis. Hoping this eases for tomorrow’s workout.


Thighs Shoulders Calves Chest
Thighs went smooth. I read and re-read the manual and I think I was going too slow on pump sets. Sped those up to fast but smooth and it helped. I was able to get more reps, meaning add more weight.
Leg press is still good for me. The ext and curl are a little distance, but hustling over there certainly won’t hurt me. Flutter reps are good. really like these at the end of a block.
Shoulders were OK. The hang I like, which I didn’t think I would.
Laterals and shrug are OK. Laterals I still have a slight pain in the lateral epicondyle. Stim and flutter phase went well
Calves I hate but may have turned the corner. Got the reps in.
Chest is easy for me. Feel wise that is.
Again I sped up the pump reps which allowed more reps/weight.
Stim phase I was a little gassed, but got the reps in. Felt great.
My dear friend flutter really finished it for me.

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Catch up post.
workout 10

Thighs - went well, EXCEPT, gym was busy and these kids don’t understand that when leaving a towel on a machine means you’ll be right back.
Pump sets went particularly well.
Stim sets, Someone grabbed the leg press on me,so I had to choose the leg press near the ext and curl machines. Weight is light on this so I had to make the max weight it had feel heavy.
Held at bottom for the 10 to start, initiated the positive but only a 1/3 rep, controlled it down, launched all the way up to just short of lockout. begin the negative but came down 1/3, squeezed to the near top fast, then began a faster first 1/2 negative, then a very VERY deliberate negative for the bottom 1/2. Held at bottom with full tension for at least 2 seconds.
Did 12 reps, was gassed.
Flutter was fun too. Got real good focus on these. The bro rep style was great. The slowdown hit hard at about 25 seconds.

Man I hate these. But, it is getting better. really worked the reps to get a great feel.
Ached for 2 days
These have been fun. Getting the weights dialed in finally.
Bar hang triggers a weird tremor in the muscles.
the DB raise and Row went well.
The the problem. All the racks taken. Had to switch to DB presses.
That was actually a pleasant change. I did is seated. really really pulled in the initial and final stretch position.
Dumped and did the lateral raises. What I changed on this, credit to Thibs, is focusing on how far out I could raise the DB, instead of flapping my wings.
DB farmer walk brought challenges as I had to weave my way around people. When doing these, and maybe I am wrong, but I am applying some tension out as if I could lateral raise them while marching. Shrugs are weak after this, but feel really good.
The flutter…ouch

Here is where I really really struggle, but I think I am responding pretty well.
This is a ton of work for me. Getting quality target reps in is hard.
here is where I took a little liberty. On the stim, I did a small incline seated. Lifting my chest and forcing the DBs back I got a good stretch in. On each rep, driving them back and quickly contracting my triceps in the fully extended position got me a great feel.
60 seconds after was not enough for flutter to begin, but did it anyway. Man…

Yesterday…Loved this day

Chest by far my easiest block to get right. Everything felt great
Lats very close second. I really have it dialed in
Triceps I like it but the weights are tough to get exactly right. Some residual fatigue from chest
Calves - friggen hate calves. Every time, it aches the next day. It is getting better but still bad.

Measurement time after Saturday.


Thighs - same issue as last time. Campers on the equipment.
resolved by doing the nearer dreaded leg press. 1 1/4s again. From lockout, all the way down, pause with tension, 1/4 up, down, full rep, down 1/4, up. All while maintaining tension.

This was odd. Was my best. got good strong pump reps, even pushups, but my stim set crashed at 8 for a weight I got 10 with normally, but without pushups.
Flutter felt good.
I am really, really dialed in on these. makes me wonder why I ever stopped the pullover before.
friggin hate but completed. after the flutter reps, I stretched my forearms for a good solid 15 seconds. The reflex pump was amazing.

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OK day. Gym busy, had to leave markers so I could get stuff done
biceps - went well. Still not used to the volume. I peter out so I use weights less than I’d like, but I still get em done.
Triceps. Felt strong on dips, so I get 2 extra reps. That cost me on the overhead work on the stim phase. I was close to target reps, but felt real good.
Shoulders. Loving this block. Was very dialed in on it. Stim phase was the best it’s been.
Legs. This was tough today. Got it done though. leg press was really done well. Reps were deep and smooth. Squat I really, really struggled…
Today’s summary. Flutter I am really getting done well. The pump after was incredible.

My legs are kinda angry with me today.


back, chest, biceps and calves (oh my)
Back was really dialed in again. Underestimated pump sets, but that’s OK. Stim set was good. Came close to failure and a rep short of target, but it felt good.
Flutter…These are getting amazing. I’m initiating the movement with a contraction and fluttering hard. Sometimes I could use more weight but I keep going. cut it when the speed goes down.
had to wait for chest equipment so I did a light stretch on lats. I think this helped
Chest - very, very good. Start to finish this is easiest for me. Flutter, same thing. contract hard to initiate the movement and bro rep 'em out.
Biceps. - still not great in my performance but the pump is really satisfying.
Calves. my like-hate continues. getting them done but hate every second. On these I just wonder if after the flutter a good 10-15 seconds of jumping rope simulation would help.


Shoulders, Legs, Chest, Forearms
Shoulders went fine. Had to resist going to failure on stim just to get the reps. Early workout. 6AM
Anyone else feel their shoulders twitch when hanging?
Loaded carries were hard because ear bud speed bump folks don’t know how to get out of the way.
TIRED. Reps were difficult. Got them in though and am paying the price now.
Still the pump is outstanding. My jeans are tighter in the thighs and looser in the waist.
Flutter reps really REALLY burned.
Although this is my best block typically, I have no doubt that the pressing with the shoulder block caused some residual fatigue.Didn’t go to failure but damn close.
Forearms. I was hurried and rushed through and this sucked. The pump was crazy again but I really hate forearms and calves.


Thighs, Shoulders, Calves, Chest.
Took extra day off, went in mid day.
Solid breakfast, eggs and bacon.
Actually slept well night before.
Thighs went well. Hobbling in a hurry to leg ext had to look fun. Had to be more than 10 seconds but got the reps in. Teetering on fail, but didn’t
Shoulders I am grooving. Went very well.
Calves and me hate each other. bordering still on hatred, but I soldiered on and finished. The pump is ridiculous.
Chest was STRONG, despite shoulders prior. Again the pump was close to what Arnold explained.
Flutter reps are really a favorite. Each of the pieces fit well together, but finishing with the flutter is awesome.