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Journey To Pythagorean Perfection


300bench + 400squat + 500dead = strong mofo

The first line says it all. I know, not terribly strong given the huge numbers being cranked out here on TN every day, but as a 40 year old who only started lifting heavy recently, I think it's an excellent goal given the way the deck is stacked against me in terms of my age.

Nonetheless, I figured I would chronicle my journey here along with all the other over 35's and see how it goes.

I began with Starting Strength late last year and have only recently switched over to Wendler's 5/3/1 program (with assistance work). The latter will be my focus for the foreseeable future along with some sprint & prowler work twice a week until I reach my first set of goals, 300/400/500.

My lift days are M/T/Th/F and Sprints/Prowler work are W/Sa.

Another note of interest, I recently switched over to the EliteFTS yoke bar for squats and my weights have dropped significantly. I don't yet understand why, but I've gone from 340 X 5 down to 272 X 6 (in my last workout) and it feels heavy as shit. I'm not terribly happy with the difference in weights, but the issues I was experiencing with my left shoulder/bicep are completely non-existant so the end result is worth it for now. I'll keep plugging away and see how it goes.

Last night was sprint work. I like to go over to the local high school and sprint the soccer field. Last night was hot/humid and freaking brutal! 89F with 90% humidity @ 7:30 in the evening. After warming up and running a few sprints at 60% effort I cranked out 8 X 50 yard sprints & 2 X 100 yards. My right hammie was on fire afterwards and I had to ice last night for about 40 minutes in order to get it to settle down. I feel a little sore today but not so much that deads will be impacted this evening.

Thanks for visiting!



welcome chris, good luck in reaching your goals which I am sure you will attain.


welcome. 90% of lifters will lift significantly less with the yoke bar. It sits higher up and changes the leverage, making it more difficult.


I’m not surprised the weight dropped with the yoke bar. In my opinion, the set up feels like a combination of a high bar /front squat. I tried a similar bar last weekend for the first time and barely got 5 reps at 150; a weight I could hit for 20 on a regular squat. It pulls you forward and has a completely different feel to it. Don’t forget, it also weighs 82lbs so take that into account.


Welcome Chris, look forward to following your training.


Welcome Chris.


Welcome, a few of us have the same goals. I had to give up bench due to my shoulder, but the 500 DL and Squat is a common goal on here for some. Not you Pete of course that is just your warm up weights. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Chris. You’re really strong, what were you doing before the Starting Strength?


Hi Chris,

I’m sure you’ll get 400/300/500 no problem.

How far have you got to go?, what are your PRs as of now?




welcome young man…sprints on hot summer night…yup you’ll fit right in!


Good goals, and welcome


luckily, he is already doing 5/3/1…

welcome to the monkey house. another thing about the yoke bar, since the plates are lower than the bar, you are spending some strength just to stabilize it instead of squatting it.


Hi Chris, like your goals and I’m assuming the yoke bar is similar to the safety squat bar ?

I’m looking into one as after rehabbing my shoulder it’s going to be what I start squatting with


hey there Chris - I’d like to get to those numbers too and I have 10 years on you after starting lifting at 47


Good morning T-Men (and ladies). Thanks for the warm welcome to the boards! I’ll start today by answering some of the questions and follow that up with my training last night.

Oh, and also thanks for the info on the yoke bar. I was really stressed at first but that’s good news. I guess it’s just like starting over sub 300 :slight_smile:

@cavalier - To be honest, I was hopelessly wandering around the gym from machine to machine without a program and without a clue. One day researching protein powders I stumbled across Dave Draper’s site which led to Dan John who in turn led to Rippetoe and finally here. Now I think I’m on the right track and loving every minute under the iron!

@FarmerBrett - I only have calculated 1RM’s. I train alone in my basement and don’t max out as a result of not having a spotter. If there’s anyone in the Lehigh Valley that wants to max out just let me know! :slight_smile:

That said, my calculated max’s are as follows on those three lifts. This is using my most recent numbers.

Squat:326 (On the yoke bar)

Now I realize these are just theoretical so I’ll be going until I actually hit my goals on a lift.

@lil power - I believe the two bars are almost identical.

Now for my workout last night - Thursday is deadlifts and shrugs as assistance work for upper back.


5 X 185
5 X 225
3 X 265
3 X 310
3 X 350
6 X 400
5 X 10 X 265


3 X 8 X 350

Hanging Leg Raises

5 X 20


Damn fine numbers, especially for a guy who just started lifting heavy.


Welcome and I think your goals are very attainable.


[quote]dday wrote:
Damn fine numbers, especially for a guy who just started lifting heavy. [/quote]

thx dday!


X2, impressive numbers bro