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Journey to My First Physique Competition - 2015


After much thought, I decided to start this thread for two main reasons. I opted to post it in the bodybuilding forum because it seemed to be the most applicable. I cannot post a log because I cannot divulge the details of my training and RMP does not seem to the right forum for this type of post.

1) I am currently a client of John Meadows (JM) and I know there is a lot of interest regarding his methods. While I cannot discuss the specifics of my training. I will be more than happy to answer any general training questions, nutritional questions, etc. I know that I am no JRAW or JM, but perhaps I can be of some help.

2) It will serve as a source of motivation. I am well aware that I have a lot of work to accomplish prior to my first competition either in the summer or fall of 2015.

Brief Synopsis and Stats

Height: 5'10
Weight: 171
Years Training: 3

I first started training in September of 2010. Prior to that, I did lift weights in college because I was a collegiate tennis player and soccer player, but the focus was on performance and not hypertrophy. In September of 2010, I was a measly 127lb at a height of 5'10. After reading tons of articles here on T-Nation, I was able to gain 30lbs in 2 years. When I first started working with JM in November of 2012, I was at 157lbs.

Now, I am currently at 171 lb and looking to continue gaining. I will post a few pictures showing my progress. If you notice asymmetries, I have a mild case of scoliosis (30 degree curvature). There is very little that I can do about it, so I just focus on getting bigger and keeping the asymmetry to a minimum.

After some discussion with JM, I have decided that I want to compete either during the summer or fall of 2015. JM suggested Physique since my body type is more in line with that then bodybuilding (I am your classic ecto). I am well aware that it is stigmatized by many, but this is the path that I have chosen for now. I am extremely motivated and excited for the next 1.5 years. Hopefully, I can make the necessary progress to be competitive during my first show.

My current training split is 4 days a week (banded program) with a special emphasis on bringing up my calves.

As far as nutrition, I am consuming about 3,000 calories on non-training days and 3,400 on training days. This breakdown does not include my weekly cheat meal.

I will try to update this every two weeks regarding my progress, but will reply to any comments in between my updates (as long as they are in good taste and constructive).


Very cool. Great progress in the short time you've been serious, and also that you have a specific goal and a coach who will no doubt steer you in the right direction to get there.

I've found that something as silly as keeping a thread sort of makes you feel accountable. Hopefully you'll come to view this as I have all my past contest threads.

All the best on your journey.



Stu, thank you very much for your kind words. I have followed your progress via your threads (both competition prep and rehabbing your injury) and you have always been a source of inspiration.

It is my hope that I can one day look back at this thread and be able to examine the steps taken throughout this journey.


This was my starting point. This front relaxed pose was taken in Sept 2010 at a weight of 127 lbs.


September 2012 (157)


May 2013 (171)

This is my latest photo before starting my current program with JM after working with him for 6 months.


Right Relaxed - Sept 2010


Right Relaxed - Sept 2012


Right Relaxed - May 2013


Cool stuff man. You have alot of work to do but you seem smart and are giving yourself more than enough time to get ready. Good luck man and keep us posted on all the progress. I for one am interested in watching this play out.


Thank you very much for your interest. I am still waiting for the other photos to post as the one that I posted is from September 2010 when I first started training and I weighed 127lbs. Hopefully, the remaining photos will be approved shortly.


Just saw them. Definately progress, definately still a long way to go but I see no problem with your timeline and you have one of the best in the biz helping you out so again, very eager to follow along and best of luck!



Gonna be an interesting journey to follow, good luck!


Since you have a good 18-24 months and you're specifically training for physique, what's the general approach you're taking as far as achieving the look you want?

Offhand, I'd guess over that time you'd work on emphasizing your calves, deltoids, triceps, lat width, pec width, and upper chest, and possibly ab thickness, while specifically de-emphasizing obliques, low-back, and traps.

Good luck. I'll be following this.


Planning on doing a Physique show in October myself, so will be following along dude. Curious to see how JM approaches a Physique competitor!

Good luck bud, and awesome progress so far.


Your offhand guess is actually pretty accurate. Obviously, I am in the position where I need to make overall improvements, but the focus of this program is to bring up my calves, continue to fill in the upper chest, my front delts and biceps. I really believe that bringing up my front delts will help me look wider from the front. My delts look relatively good from the rear and side given my size.

As for my calves, I am training my calves 2 to 3 times a week using a moderate to high rep scheme (10 - 25 reps) with relatively short rest periods (30 seconds to 60 seconds). Again, this all depends on the week. One thing that JM is having me do is train the tibialis every single time I hit my calves. This is often neglected during calf training. Luckily, I have a Hammer Tibialis machine at my gym, but it can also be done using bands.

I hope this answers your question.


Thanks a lot! I will try to provide as much information as I reasonably can throughout the process.

Also, please keep me informed about your prep for the Physique show and overall experience. What show are you planning on doing in October?

I wish you the best and hope all goes well during the next few months.


Thanks man. I have a thread over in the Bigger, Stronger, Leaner section of the forum if you'd like to check it out.


Good luck mate - JM is the man and will most certainly get you good results.

I'll be following along