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Journey to Insanity

Hello ! My name is Tiberius . I’m 21 years old, 175cm-ish/ 5ft10-ish , weighting 127kgs / 280lbs and this is my journey to insanity !
The goal is to hit 1000 reps per exercise in a reverse pyramid style of weights and reps and of course to maintain that for time ( I’ve hit 1000 reps on bench press before , but I was feeling hella good on that particular day so it was just a one time thing) . I don’t know if I’ll reach my goal …I change my mind very often in regards to my training methods, but I’ll sure try so bare with me .
Before I write today’s workout I’ll leave my instagram and youtube in which I post sometimes PRs and such.
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/hanma.tiberius/
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/journeytostrength/videos

I’ll start off with a workout that didn’t went quite as planned but oh well , next time will be better for sure .


   Zercher Squats:

165Kg/363lbs x 1
155Kg/341lbs x 1
145Kg/319lbs x 2,1
135Kg/297lbs x 3,2,1
125Kg/275lbs x 6,5,4,3,2,1

              Total reps:32
              Total sets:13 
              Total weight:4190Kg/9218lbs

My elbow pit couldn’t handle it anymore and my back was fried too and to be honest I’m too fat for over 3 reps lol. Will shoot for 50 next time . That’s all for today …


  Bench press:

165Kg/363lbs x 1
155Kg/341lbs x 1
145Kg/319lbs x 2,1
135Kg/297lbs x 5,4,3,2,1
125Kg/275lbs x 9,6,5,4,3,2,1

                  Total reps: 50 
                  Total sets: 16
                  Total weight: 6530Kg/14366lbs

Second time I’m going this wide on bench press , until now I was doing something like a close grip . It was decent but kinda unbalanced and shaky and all over the place…oh well .
Here’s the vid of the 165kg …'tis a PR …yey!


     7.2cm/2.8inch Deficit Deadlift:

215Kg/474lbs x 1
205Kg/452lbs x 1
195Kg/430lbs x 1
185Kg/408lbs x 2,1
175Kg/386lbs x 3,1

                       Total reps: 10
                       Total sets: 7
                       Total weight: 1870Kg/4114lbs

      Stiff Leg Deadlift: 

175Kg/386lbs x 1

Ok, so for deadlifts I’ll be starting with allot less volume. Soon I’ll be adding accessory exercises to all days , but for now I’m just gettin’ the hang of it . I pulled the stiff leg deadlift because I wanted to test it and see where I’m at with it , just so I’ll know with what weight I’ll start when I’ll add it as an accessory . Yeah , it’s kinda low …most of my deadlift’s power comes from the leg drive. My hamstrings are weak :frowning:

In for this log. That seems to be fun.
To clarify:
you start with a single at tip weigt
then lower the weight go 2,1, lower 3,2,1 lower until you do something like 20, 19… to 1?
Good luck man

It’s more like an AMRAP followed by AMRAP-1, then AMRAP-2 and so on , but in most cases it ends up being an AMRAP after AMRAP after AMRAP and so on .

Thank you , hope you’ll enjoy my journey !

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Looks interesting, I will be following. God Speed.

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Thank you . Hope it’ll keep getting more and more interesting for all the readers .


          Front squats:

165Kg/363lbs x 1
155Kg/341lbs x 1
145Kg/319lbs x 2,1
135Kg/297lbs x 4,3,2,1
125Kg/275lbs x 5,3,2

                  Total reps: 25
                  Total sets: 11
                  Total weight: 3355Kg/7381lbs

          Overhead squats:

35Kg/77lbs x 10,8,7

          Air squats:

BW(127Kg/280lbs) x 25

Ok so I added some accessory stuff this time . Overhead squats um this is the second time I try them so I’m not following the normal patterns of 1rm and amraps with it . Also I skipped the ab work since I’m a fat fuck belly lover lol . Nah , fo’ real , I’ll do it next time …probably :smile:

Also could someone give me some info about the overhead squats . Do I keep the weight hovering over my head or behind my head with shoulders locked out ?

I do believe, and I’m not sure, that they should be held in a snatch grip.
Shoulders locked out, head neutral not shooting forward and a good brace.
The lockout because you can’t hold any weight overhead without them shoulders locked out.
But I do not do them, I have tried and might try again. Takes some great mobility to do.

Thanks guys

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Ok …I’m coming with some problems this time around.


Right before heading in the gym I had what I call eye seizures. Basically what happens is my eyes roll up and stay there whenever I get very nervous . Will not get into details …but I was “blocked” for hours and eventually I had to go to sleep to get my eyes back under control .


Ok …heh…I guess I miscalculated this thing a bit when I decided the exercises I will cycle through .

         4cm board press : 175Kg/386lbs fail
         8cm board press : 175Kg/386lbs fail
         8cm board press : 170Kg/375lbs fail x2 and after 15 min another fail

What I had planned is to cycle from bench press to 8cm board press(4cm initial plan) to 16cm board press .So Basically heavier with each exercise( not in a session but every 5 days or so ) . But it didn’t work obviously , idk why …I benched 165Kg/363lbs about a week ago . So maybe I’m having the same problem as with rack pulls ( rack pulls are way harder for me or atleast were than actual deadlifting) .

So now Idk what exercise to cycle …in a heavy order …Ik i want to do close grip bench and normal bench but what exercise will I place as the third one or the first one ? Floor press as the one before those two ? Or maybe a heavy negative after those two ? Or maybe something else ? Will have to think about it . Now if I come up with a plan Ill head back down in my gym later on …if not , deadlifts tomorrow



235Kg/518lbs x 1
225Kg/496lbs x 0 Not enough rest , maybe .
215Kg/474lbs x 1
205Kg/452lbs x 1
195Kg/430lbs x 2,1
185Kg/408lbs x 4

                     Total reps: 10
                     Total sets: 6-7
                     Total weight: 1980Kg/4365lbs

And decided to see what’s my 1rm on pendlay rows …and it was 125Kg/275lbs . My rows suck.

Also today marks the day in which I first deadlifted over 500lbs …yey!

Here’s the video to the lift

Rocking the “Hanma” shirt too
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Ok this day is mainly made for my axle clean and press and to hit shoulders , bis , tris , forearms and wrist . Idk if it’ll be in the same manner like the others , I’m still figuring it out .

        Axle Muscle Clean & Push Press

80Kg/176lbs x 2,1
70Kg/154lbs x 4,3

        Full Front Rise:(basically a barbell front rise but all the way to overhead)

35Kg/77lbs x 6,4

        Barbell Curls:

65Kg/143lbs x 4,3,2,1

        Skull Crushers:

45Kg/99lbs x 5,4,1 Lol my triceps are weak

        Db wrist curls:

10kg/22lbs x 10 I need to increase the weight on this

        Db wrist extensions:

10kg/22lbs x 10

       Wrist adductions & abductions:

3kg/6lbs x 10

       Wrist supinations & pronations:

2kg/4lbs x 10

What these four are is placing a weight at the end of a dumbbell then grab the other end of it and do the motions .
Ik today wasn’t too interesting but tomorrow there’s highbar squats :slight_smile:


       Highbar squats:

215Kg/474lbs x 1
205Kg/452lbs x 1
195Kg/430lbs x 1
185Kg/408lbs x 2,1
175Kg/386lbs x 2,1
165Kg/364lbs x 3,2,1
155Kg/342lbs x 7,3

                     Total reps: 25
                     Total sets: 12
                     Total weight: 4235Kg/9336lbs

       Jumping squats:

BW x 10,8,7

       Air squats: 

BW x 25

      Air calves raises:

BW x 25

      Side raises:

10Kg/22lbs x 19,6

Annnd skipped ab work again …wo ho congrats me .
I was kinda scared going into this session because I knew if I wouldn’t have hit the 10Kg/22lbs PR my motivation would have went to shit …but I did it…yey

Here’s the vid of it


     Bench press:

165Kg/363lbs x 1
155Kg/341lbs x 1
145Kg/319lbs x 3,2,1
135Kg/297lbs x 5,4,3,2,1
125Kg/275lbs x 7,6,5,4,3,2

                       Total reps: 50 
                       Total sets: 16
                       Total weight: 6590Kg/14528lbs

Should have done my accessory work too but it’s sunday so I was too lazy .
Nonetheless 2 more days and I’ll complete the first cycle or phase or whatever you wanna call it …starting next cycle I want to either increase the total reps by 50% or add all the accessory stuff …or both …idk …I’ll leave tomorrow’s problems to tomorrow’s me lol


    Slightly below the knee rack pull:

245Kg/540lbs x 1
235Kg/518lbs x 0
225Kg/496lbs x 0
215Kg/474lbs x 0

And some pain hit me in the mid back …so I called it a day . My pulls are so much more difficult if you eliminate my leg drive 245kg felt way harder than my 235kg deadlift even tho it’s just a 10 kg difference . Tomorrow I’m either doing my axle cleans and presses or resting so I can restart the cycle from the zerchers fresh . Probably resting .