Journey to Improve T-Levels 27Y/O

Hey guys, here’s a little bit of a back story followed by my blood results before and after testosterone therapy, as well as some questions; I call it testosterone therapy and not TRT, because my naturopath decided to go the Clomid route before jumping straight to TRT.

So I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 12, over the years I’ve been on various medications including long term courses of high does prednisone which I believe screwed with my endocrine system.

For the past 10 years or so I just haven’t felt myself, I’ve been generally tired, have next next to no sex drive; pretty much all of tell-tale low T symptoms. I am now medication free and doing quite well health wise following the regimen from my naturopath, but we are still trying to get my hormones mediated.

I brought up how I felt I may have low T to my naturopath, and he decided to do some blood work on the matter about 2 months ago. I had in the ‘low range’ of total testosterone, and had low free testosterone with LH ‘in the low end’ of the range; which was probably the reason he decided Clomid could be viable to begin with.

To summarize: Started off with low free-t about 2 months ago. Have been on Clomid for exactly two months now. I’ve seen a significant increase in both total and free testosterone, however, my Estrodiol levels are high now as well. I’ve noticed a SLIGHT increase in sex drive and energy, but no where near what I should have.

Age: 27
Weight: 130

Test Numbers:
Two Months Back

  • Total Test: 311 Ref Range: 250-1100 nmol/L
  • Free Test: 29.5 Ref Range: 35-155 pg/mL
  • LH: 2.3 Ref Range: 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL
  • SHGB: 33 Ref Range: 10-50 nmol/L
  • Estrogen was not checked this time

Following Two Months of Clomid

  • Total Test: 640
  • Free Test: 103.7
  • LH: 4.2
  • SHBG: 44 (increased)
  • Estradiol: 59 Ref Range: <= 39 pg/mL

The doctor has decided to start me on Myomin to combat the estrogen, it’s being mailed now. I was wondering if anyone could chime in on the effects I might notice with elevated estradiol as well as SHBG in the higher end of the scale as well as the efficacy of Myomin. Hopefully I’ll notice a big difference once the estrogen is under control.

Any advice/suggestions/or hunches are completely welcome; and I thank you for your time.

Hmm, anyone?

We do not have guys reporting here that herbals are effective: [perhaps 1-2 exceptions]
Each 2 capsules of Myomin contains:
Aralia dasyphyllia Mig. 200 mg
Cucuma zedoria 200 mg
Cyperus rotundus 200 mg
Smilax glabra Roxb. 200 mg

You probably need 1mg anastrozole in EOD divided doses.

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    – you should have a history of years of using iodized salt
    – check body temperatures as per the sticky.

How much clomid? 25mg/day if often more than enough.
If dose is too high, T–>E2 production rates in the testes can be very high and anastrozole cannot control that inside the testes. Your herbals probably cannot either.

Some guys have estrogenic side effects from clomid that make them moody or depressed. Nolvadex does not do that and has the same actions as clomid.

Should test LH/FSH together, not LH alone. LH has a short half-life and is release in pulses. So any one LH test is not very useful. FSH has a longer half-life and is a better indicator of LH status than LH itself.

Also test TSH.

I’m in similar situation as you are (similar T/E, age etc.).
12,5mg of clomid every second day is the most effective dosage I’ve found. It got my T level to about 6xx from 3xx.
25mg was too much as a was getting some sides (nipple tenderness… not sure why as this is supposed to act as anti-estrogen in breast tissue???)
I’ve added arimidex about 4 weeks ago - 0,25mg twice per week… but am now getting joint pain and libido is gone…so it’s too much I guess, heh.


The anastrozole dose that you need depends on a few things. The main driver is your serum bioavailable T levels. If you are an anastrozole over-responder, you would need 1/4th of the expected dose.