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Journey to All-America

So right now I am 17, a starting my senior year in high-school, and continuing to try to get faster and stronger for the upcoming season.Last week I committed to Kenyon College for Lacrosse (Go lords), and have already set my goals for what I want to accomplish by the end of college (All-Conference, and All-America) This log is going to basically keep track of my lifts, and all that jazz.

COMMENTS CRITQUES and ADVICE would be really appreciated

Height: 5’10
Weight: about 170
BF: no idea, some abs visible (will post pics)
In the short term I want to:
Squat 450
Deadlift 475
Bench press 315
Clean 300

Basically just bigger faster strongre

September 17th 2012
4 rounds
10x Goblet squat (purple band around knees to consciously make me push out)
10sec “hollow” holds from rings

8x2 Deadlift wide stance, #225 and green band

5 deadlifts
6 ring pullups with purple band around hips for resistance

5 KB snatch, 16kg, each arm
lap of sizzles

September 18th 2012
“Speed Training”
Foot work drills
Sled pulls, 50lbs on sled, done on astro turf
-> side shuffle
-> Back peddle

Hour of lacrosse practice, mostly foot and skill work

Food Log:
7:25 Turkey on a small roll, broccoli
9:15 half of a chocolate chip muffin , rest of the turkey on the roll
11:20 2 chicken cutlets, broccoli
3:00 small weight watchers pretzel bar (these things are damn good, Apple, small handful almonds
5:15 Chicken Florentine and Farfalle (chicken, pasta, spinach)
8:00 Hamburger mixed into a small bowl of salad, grapes

4 rounds
10x Goblet squat (purple band around knees to consciously make me push out)
10sec “hollow” holds from rings

10x3 Bench w/ 25lbs on each side and green bands

6x bench with just the green bands
3x ab wheel rollouts

4 rounds
4x press 65lbs
3x weighted pullups 24kg kb
8x physio ball pushups
6x trx chest pulls

Hey man, I also play lacrosse, but at high school level. I actually went to a camp run by kenyon 2 summers ago. I’ll be following.

Oh nice, I loved my visit and everything about the school so I am really pumped. First Fall ball games is sunday and I’m gonna kill a kid haha I’m stoked the seasons back.

Here is a before pic, the scale I have is broken so not sure how much I weigh.

September 20th 2012
Life is really stressful right now so not sure if that may have an impact on how things are going. Schools just typical school and having relationship issues that I’m over-analyzing and stressing.
7:30 Turkey on multigrain bread
12:00 chicken, grapes
3:15 chicken florentine w/ spinach, chicken
6:15 brownie, worked at back to school night didnt have the chance for real food
7:10 Chipotle (steak, brown rice, lettuce, corn, cheese
off day from lifting

Day 3 of tracking food! becoming a habit hopefully I don’t slack off
7:30 Yogurt, first time ever having it, was bearable but not enjoyable
9:15 Turkey
11:05 Chicken, rice, cheese, lettuce
3:00 Apple, GRapes
10x goblet squats with 24kg
15 sec ring hold

cleans at 135

10x hamstring pulls
3x pullup with 16kg

4:10 chicken, rice, cheese, lettuce
7:10 beef and broccoli, onion fritters (soooooo good but awful shouldnt be eating them)

first time doing cleans since i broke my hand in may felt really good and can’t wait to throw more weight on and get to my old max

September 22nd
Off day from the gym, pretty tired from the cleans,worked some volunteer stuff for my school did tours and such.

8:15 Beef and Broccoli
1:00 2x fried oreos from the fundraiser, Hey it was to help fundraise for prom
2:00 chicken in marinara sauce with some cheese w/ a glass of whole milk
6:30 sweet and sour chicken w/ a glass of whole milk
11:45 scoop and a half of gold standard whey mixed with whole milk

September 23rd
11:00 yogurt
12:00 2hamburger patties with a little cheese on a single bun
Lax Game at 3-4 and then 4-4:30 I felt like my heart was going to explode first time in a game since summer ball ended in august felt fast but cardiovascularly out of shape
5:40 Chicken Florentine with spinach and a glass of 2%
9:30 2 1/2 egg and turkey omelette with cheese, 4oz of milk

September 24th
Couldn’t get a lift in today, school till 2:50 then met with my coach till 3:45 then dentist and then I had an awards presentation at my school for getting my Eagle Scout.
7:15 Bacon and Turkey with cheese in a small whole wheat wrap
11:00 Steak and green beans
2-2:50 munched on some almonds in class, only about 2 handfuls
3:10 chicken
5:45 yogurt, 2pieces of chicken
7:00 glass of chocolate milk
8:30 big dinner, ribeye, broccolli, slice of garlic bread, mashed potatoes

Pretty proud of myself today. Got a cupcake from some girl in my class and I had the self control to not eat it and surprised my girlfriend with it. God rewarded me by having it actually be a terrible cupcake and saving me from that

Weeks worth of progress, took the picture in the morning

Today is the first day I started taking HOT-ROX and trying out Creatine Mono. Felt really good during my workouts and during practice

7:15 2 eggs
11:00 Chicken and Green Beans
1:45 Grapes and almonds
10x goblet squat with 24kg bands around the knee
15 sec ring hold

Squats with band (supposed to add about 150lbs at the top its the EliteFTS gray bands)
3x2 @135lbs on bar
3x2 @185lbs on bar
3x2 @225lbs on bar

6x Each single leg squat with 16kg kb in each hand
10x GHD situps with pvc on back

2x10 Hamstring pulls
2x20 back extensions

1.5hours of lax practice with sprints

8:20 chicken and potatoes
10:00 potatoes