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Journey To a 700 Deadlift!

Thinking of going on a CKD once my Achilles is good. Try to get down to the 220 class.

Good afternoon everybody:



Standing Strict Press: Worked up to a 220x2, 225x1, and 230x1. Should have went to 230 right off the bat.

One Dumbbell Press (Strongman Event): 75x8 with my weak arm, than worked down to 60x10.

Crucifix: Worked up to 15lb for 40 seconds, than 20 for 24-25 seconds. Hard shit there.

Did some auxiliary rear delt work.

Al in all, good day.

Goddamn that is a very strong standing strict press! Good work.





Pissed, only made it up to 550 for a single. Being displeased, I drooped the weight to 315, put 1:15 on the clock, and pushed out 30-someodd reps in 1:10, before collapsing in a pool of sweat.

Cousin came in.

Did some frame carries with a hex bar. Got crushed with 405; he, at 185-ish, crushed it, before ripping the calluses of of his hands, all of them. Joshua Talavera (http://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/Athlete.aspx?AID=658263), you can find him there, I believe these are his stats, unless ANOTHER person with the same name goes there.

Did box squats, worked up to 335x3; he did 335x1

All in all, my tendon feels fine, TODAY WAS GOOD DAY!!

Box was about 12 inches, I did break parallel by quite a bit with a super wide stance.

passing through, real impressive numbers good luck, but you wont need it.

My hips are shot from those box squats…

Thanks bro.



Terrible. Went in to bench. NO good spotters at all.

Started to do OHP instead, got 230x1.

Decent spotter came in. Got 315x1.5 on board press, meh.

Went back and did top half OHP, got only 185x2. I’ve found my sticking point (about 25 on my power rack, just so I remember).

Did some triceps work.

It was OK, I gueeeeeese.



Videos today:

Strict Press:

Than Push Press:

Than Giant Dumbbell Presses:

Than Crucifixes:

Than I did some lateral raises and rear delt work.


^ If anyone was still wondering if your numbers are legit… then they aren’t anymore. Very strong stuff dude… so so insane for 16.

Thanx man. Just gotta keep that there video record, no haters can hate.

[quote]karite36 wrote:
Thanx man. Just gotta keep that there video record, no haters can hate.[/quote]

I’m doing the same but my numbers aren’t enough to get haters yet, shame… in time they will be



Since I’ve taken more interest in strongman, benching has become an accessory exercise.

  1. Top Half Standing Press: Worked up to 225x1

  2. Low Incline DB Bench: 110x5 for 2 sets, arms parallel.

  3. Incline DB Bench: 110x3, 100x5, 90x8

  4. Continental Clean:


  1. Cable Crossovers From Low Pullies, tryna mimic the Atlas Stone: 130 per stack, 10 seconds

Conclusion: Gonna switch to doing Clean & Press/Jerk as my main move for the day, than bench, than cables, than triceps.

Cycle: Week 1 Of 3



  1. Dumbbell Rows: 3 sets with 130s, 10 reps was my best set. Supersetted with external rotation. Followed with one hold for 10 seconds with 130s.

  2. Cable Rows With Close Grip: Worked up to 275x6

  3. I was so wiped it took my 4 sets to do 30 pullups, I also haven’t done these in a month.

  4. Incline Curls: 50x3, 40x4, 40x8, 45x4. Not sure how that happened.

  5. Preacher Curls: Worked up to 105x4 with close grip.

Conclusion: Good day.

Great training man… keep up the heavy lifting



  1. Box Squats: Worked up to 405x2

  2. Front Squats: 315x3 with clean grip, could have, and should have, gone lower into the hole

  3. Standing Calves

  4. Seated Calves

  5. Seated Adductors, because I keep pulling my groin on box squats.

Conclusion: Good day.

Cycle: Week 1 Of 3

Damn decent squatting and very impressive fronts



  1. Standing Press: Got 240x3!

  2. One Dumbbell Push Press: 130x1 on my strong arm, 105x4 on my weak arm.

  3. Snatch:

195x0 = lost balance, landed on my knees

  1. Lateral Delt Work and Crucifix

  2. Rear Delt Work

Conclusion: Great Day

Cycle: Week 1 Of 3



  1. Rock-Bottom Overhead Squat: 135x5, I really need to work on that, A LOT for my Snatch.

  2. Deadlift: 460x2 for 8 sets, 1 minute in-between. 16 total reps.

  3. Grip Work

  4. Reverse Curls

  5. Hammer Curls

Conclusion: Great Day