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Journey To a 700 Deadlift!


OK, I'm pretty sure this is my first log on T-Nation, so here we go:

Age: 16
Height: 5'10
Weight: 245lb
Squat: Can't squat right now, partially torn Calcaneal (Achillies) Tendon.
Bench: 325
Deadlift: Half way between stiff-leg/conventional 585x3 from 4 inch blocks.

I'm starting this blog to track my progress and all that, on the road to a 700+lb deadlift! Please comment.




-Worked up to a triple with 325 (I felt that asshole pull the bar, felt more like 1-1.5 reps on my own before he started to pull like a retard).

-Dropped down to 265, and did 8 sets of 2 reps for speed. He didn't touch the bar, thank fucking God. Got 3 reps for the 8th set.

-Did some V-Bar pushdowns, don't remember how high I went, I think like 130-140x4.

-Left, about to eat a steak. Tomorrow's gonna be back.


impressive numbers at your age, keep it up


Thanks rasta. All numbers are with no belt, no wrist wraps/straps, and no knee wraps. 100% RAW


Hold on a second here. So have you actually pulled 600 yet, or are you just skipping it and going all out for 700?



I've pulled 605 from 4 inch blocks, and even if I was only 10lb away, it would be kinda pointless to make a log about a 10lb increase. Remember it's partially stiff-legged because I have a partially torn Calcaneal (Achilles) Tendon. I'll be getting PRP injections on the first, until it's healed. I'm currently on a 12 week cycle, 11 to go, for my pulls.

Rack Pulls at about 10 inches for 4 weeks
about 7 inches for 4 weeks
About 4 inches for 4 weeks
Than hopefully back to the floor




Did lying dumbbell rows on an incline bench, worked up to 115s for 4 reps.

Moved on to 1 set of Kroc rows; did 10 reps with a 130.

Did some cheated bent over rows with 315 for 3, worked my way down to 275.

Did some pinch grip deadlifts, worked up to 150 for 3. I do NOT count the bar.

Did some barbell curls (EZ-Bar), worked up to 135 for 3 (assuming the bar is 15lb).

Worked down to about 105 on close grip curls.

Died a little inside, but it's all good, that's why I love it.
About to eat.




Did standing press, worked up to 225 for a double.

Moved to close grip, got up to 205 for a double.

Weird that my close is so, while, close to my conventional. I'll be moving to close grip for a WHIIIIIIIIIILE.

Did about 10 sets in total.

Moved to lateral raises, did 65s 3 times.

Some rear delt work (heavy).

Did some bent arm dumbbell shrugs, got 125s for 8 reps, shoulda tried 130s, but really didn't care. If my press goes up, so will my shrug.

All in all, it was great.

Probably not gonna get to pull on Sunday, since everyone's overreaction about this hurricane. Maybe Monday...




Pissed. Only got up to 615x1 from just below the knee. Last week, I got 585x3 for 2 SETS, than got 605x2. Some days you just aren't your best.

Did Good Mornings starting from the bottom, got 315x1 with a closer stance than last time.


I think I may start using wrist straps on max deadlifts again...



Bench: Worked up to a double with 325, than did an overload with 365, went back and got 325x2 (one legit) with a pause, went down to 290, 270, 245, and 225 with a pause for 2-6 reps. Did some dips, worked my external rotators. All in all, good day.




Did lying dumbbell rows on an incline bench, worked up to 120s for 3 reps.

Moved onto close grip cable rows, did the stack (250) + a 45 and 10 plate, so 305x1. Worked down to just the stack for 10.

Did close grip (I seem to be stronger) on preacher curls, worked up to 100x2 all the way down.

Did pinch grip deadlifts, worked up to 170x2 not counting the bar.

Eating chicken and broccoli taryaki.


Got my first, and according to the Doc, only PRP shot. Extremely painful. In fact it was the most painful thing I've ever been through in my entire life. Holy shit that hurt. 4 weeks of not squatting or deadlifting. Followed by 4 weeks of easing back in to heavy deadlifts and speed squats.


Did seated overhead press from the rack position (close grip and all). Got 225 after 215x3.5.

Did seated lateral raises, got 40x7. Did some crucifix work. held a 25lb plate on what seem like 10lb chains for 15 seconds for 2 sets, so 35lb.

Did some rear delt work, nothing to write home about.

Did some seated dumbbell shrugs, 13os for 10 reps.

Did some lying trices extensions with an EZ bar, worked up to 125x5, assuming the bar is 15lb. Worked down, got 105x8.

Good day.


Holy shit at those numbers at 16. I'll be following for sure! Making me feel seriously week right now, spose I best narrow the gap weight wise since you have 50lbs on me.. good work op


Thanks Jake, though one note on my numbers:

My lockout sucks, sucks on bench, so don't take those numbers at face value, I bombed the lockouts on most of the bench numbers. Workin' on it though, should have video soon.



Worked up to 330x2, blew it off my chest like nothing, bombed the lockout.
Did board press (maybe 2 inches, 2.5). Got 315x1, with 1 assisted.
Did triceps, got 130x5 (if the EZ is 15lb), all the way down/up.


Keep it up.. your way ahead of me strength wise but as well as your board presses you may want to try floor presses or perhaps better still pin presses from near your failure to improve it. Being honest pin presses more helped my strength of the chest but it's nice to be able to get a feel for moving weight without any stretch reflex


I love floor Presses actually, but not at this point in my cycle. I'm trying the board press because it's closer to my sticking point, and my spotter is less likely to deadlift it off my face. Pin presses, I also like off the chest, but not my weak spot. Thanks though. And if that's you in your avatar, good shit man, you look sick as fuck.


Ima have to change my avatar, I'm awhile off Jeff Rodriguez (a top team universe competitor) yet... you sound like you know what your doing anyway, I'll be checking in for the big numbers


Thanks buddy, stay tuned. I also write a blog. PM me if you want the link.