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Journey to 200

Hi Im Mark from Sams Fitness in Sydney, Australia.
Ive been training for five years (lifting weights without proper technique or coaching).
I now, after finding a good strength coach. will endevour to get to "“table tennis strength as my coach Shannon Green at Warrior Performance, Sydney.”

Shannon believes that there trainees should achieve some minimum strength standards before training with implements. This will validate a baseline of strength and injury prevention for a new strongman trainee. The requirements are as follows:

Squat 1.5 x body weight (BW)
Deadlift 2 x BW double overhand without straps (remember that strongman is a heavy grip sport)
Power Clean 1 x BW
Push-Press 1 x BW
Bench Press 1 x BW
Shannon says, â??This is the bare minimum; itâ??s what I call table tennis strength â?? the minimum strength you need to to compete in table tennis.â??

  • some kgs on my accessory lifts.

27/01/12 Body stats:

I will be making a youtube channel, with videos of me working out and hopefully some guest appearances from my strength coach and work mates.
I will call it mark90samfit. thanks
would love some feedback/advice pointers, insults :slight_smile: