Journal research on internet

I’m sure there are many people here on the forum that spend there time perusing the internet for research. I’m having trouble finding some good sites… Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’ve done some searches looking for journals, and haven’t come up with anything satifactory. Thanks.

You will have a tough time. I was looking for some for a dissertation and had very little joy off the web. Best bet is to head down to a university if you have one locally abd get into the library there. If you do want proper artiles, chances are you will have to pay via internet, and you may as well buy them in. Get yer friends together as they cost a bomb.

That’s what I noticed. Most journals you have to pay for to use. I tried to get on to Psychinfo and it was 10 bucks a day. I was able to get on to Medpub free but they only have the abstracts and most of the time they don’t even have that.

Once again here is a good medical link,, from there you can search journal from all over the globe. I hope this is what you were looking for…

Hey Brian - this might be a total waste but I know that the site has a bunch of stuff available online from magazines and other publications. I have no idea if there are any research journals there but you might wanna check it out.