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Jouko Ahola on Atlas Stone Technique


A cool video. He evidently used heavier stones and higher pavillions than the actual WSM competition. One of the best for sure.



that was crazy. the first 3 were basically shoulder press. Where can you get atlas stones.anyone know? would love to train with those.


Several places sell them or the molds to make them. Some that come to mind are atomicathletic.com, slatershardware.com, totalperformancesports.com, marunde-muscle.com, prowriststraps.com

The latest issue of Milo also had an article on how to make them.



Ahola changed the sport of strongman, one of my favorites of all time.

Buy stone molds from slaters. They are easy to make.


o really, molds? thats great making your own equipment, i like ima check that sites out. thank you irish grip, and kalle> Do you guys train with them?


slatershardware.com is where I got mine from they have them in different diamaters to make different weights, you can further adjust them by being lighter or heavier by adding foam balls or lead weights to the center of the molds.

Just need a couple bags of quickcrete. The main thing is to shake them and vibrate them throughly. I didn't do this on the first one I made and the surface was rugged and unusable. It made good for a landscaping project though.

There is instructional videos on that website.

Yes I use them. my entire left bicep is black and blue from trying to load a 300lb stone in contest yesterday.


yea those are pretty useful tips. im honestly thinking about getting it. What diameter should i get?


It depends on your strength level and what your goals are.

Do you plan to compete in strongman?

I think an 18" is best at first as you can make stones from damn near 200-300lbs with one. a 16" is so small and you will never see it in a male contest. I have one and it is a completely different lift compared to a 20" stone.

tacky is your friend with stones!!


i do plan to compete when im older. i have been in one before but it was more for football athletes, tire flip clean and press farmer walks and etc so yea you can still probably say it was still could have been done with strongmen competitors. So 18' would be a better choice? i would say yea i believe as soon as i get the technique i will be able to do heavy weights.


If you where to buy 1 mold right now. Yes I would get an 18" mold.

There might also be some training crews in your area which have stones and everything else you need. go to www.nastrongmaninc.com look up your state chairmen and ask him. Also try a post on www.marunde-muscle.com looking for a training crew in your area.