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Josh Henkin--Sandbags Fraud


Buyer beware! I would be wary of buying the ultimate sandbag recommend by T-mag from Josh Henkin. After numerous phone calls and emails and zero response .I have come to the conclusion that Innovative fitness solutions are a fraud.

His complete lack of response and delivery of ordered items leads me to believe that he is just a fraudulent organization.

It is disappointing because I have always had the greatest respect and no problems from any of the training items and supplements recommended by T-Nation and supplied by Biotest.

This lack of service certainly reflects poorly on T-Nation and I strongly caution anyone who is considering purchase items from Josh.

He is a fraud and a thief.

I guess it is easier to steal than to provide service

A very disappointed T-Nation member


You want to explain this one a little better?
Those are some pretty harsh statements to be throwing around here.
Was there a quality issue?
How long of time frame are we talking here, a couple of days, weeks or months with no response?
Maybe the guy is on vacation?
You seem pretty hell bent for leather in an effort to chop this guy up with out really telling us anything other than how much of a fraud he supposedly is.


Word? I was looking into buying a sandbag but then I was like "you're going to pay money for a bag...filled with sand?" I felt really stupid =D

That sucks man, good post--power to the people. Oh by the way, do you have a punching bag? I have one and I've been using that in place of a sandbag, it's tough on the wrists for the first couple 20minute sessions. However, it's just like learning how to do a clean and jerk, the first couple times you might get wrist fatigue (or even weird pains in the upper most part of your traps).



I've ordered and received both the medium & large sandbags and the DVD with no problems.

I'm assuming you've already tried the contact info that I've copied & pasted from his website?

Josh Henkin
9832 N Hayden Rd, Suite 207
Scottsdale, AZ 85258-1235


Agreed. A random post like this out on an Internet forum reeks of utter shadiness (especially from someone with a total of 2 posts to their name on this board). At this point, the original poster could very well just be a competitor of some sort or a person with an axe to grind.

I have a friend who is tight with Josh, so I have a pretty hard time believing this one...


I bought one of his sandbags and the service was prompt and he was helpful in answering questions. At the time, he was having problems with his email server and I actually initially contacted him through a private message on T-Nation. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation as to why you haven't been able to make contact with him.


Agreed. A random post like this out on an Internet forum reeks of utter shadiness (especially from someone with a total of 2 posts to their name on this board). At this point, the original poster could very well just be a competitor of some sort or a person with an axe to grind.

I have a friend who is tight with Josh, so I have a pretty hard time believing this one...

Thank you for your posting. You are right - my posting doees come off sounding like a scam itself. I agree. I'm shocked and saddened that I have to go to the length of posting on this public forum to get a response, but I can't seem to get ANY response from Mr. Henkin on this matter. So really, what can I do?

I would be happy to retract all comments and sing Josh's praises if only he would contact me about my purchaes! MY CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED OVER 6 WEEKS AGO FOR THE PRODUCTS AND I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE THE PRODUCTS.

I have called him and left messages and sent numerous email messages as to where the product might be in transit but NOT ONCE has he responded back to me to update me. So if your friend is tight with Josh as you say, perhaps you could pass on my situation and have him contact me! I will send him ANOTHER email tonight with all my contact info AGAIN so there will be no excuses for him to not get in touch with me.

Perhaps he would like to respond here as to where he's been?

I just want the product. But as of right now I have paid for a product I have never recieved and have had zero response from the Mr. Henkin.

Paid for product, never received product = SCAM in my books.

Yes I am disappointed. But wouldn't you be? I think my reaction fits the situation. What would you suggest that I do?

My point in posting is to let other potential buyers know that if their experience is anything like mine, their credit card may be charged for the product but they may not receive it. I think this is an important message that T-Nation members should be aware of.


I've actually met the guy at the Staley Boot Camp. I bought my sandbag from him there. I personally don't think he's a fraud or a thief. Shoot Charles Staley or Team Staley a PM and I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction.



Although we know Josh here we are not invoved with his business. Sorry-Jules


I dealt with Josh when I reviewed his product and he was always quick to respond to emails and even sent me info on related stuff.

I would be very surprised to learn that he is doing something fraudulant. Knowing some of his friends, I know they wouldn't stand for that from him.

Make sure you have the correct contact information. Resend a message or phone call and allow for a response (a few days minimum).

Then, if you really need to, contact your credit card company and get them involved.


I ordered the DVD, small, and medium sandbags and waited 4 weeks before e-mailing Josh about the delay. He answered right away that manufacturing was behind and I recieved my stuff in another 2 weeks. Slow, but hardly fradulant.


me too got my stuff and he responded


I ordered a sandbag and the guy was top notch with answering questions and sorting out shipping to Canada.

The product is well worth the price and I plan on ordering more in the future. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for your issues.


I am sorry you had a bad experience. I never received any emails from you other than one today which I responded quickly to. You did not include your name nor an order number, but I offerred to track the order down for you.

You emailed only berating me and not providing me with any useful information to help identify the mistake with your order. I pride myself on customer service and if I make a mistake I am always willing to go the extra mile to help out the customer.

I am a coach first and as such I have been in the customer position many times. I know how it is to have a problem with an order and the frustration that comes with it. However, we have had an excellent response with customers and have tried to be upfront about any issues we were experiencing.

I also run a full training business which sometimes makes it hard to return phone calls, but I always make myself available via email which is also listed on the website. That isn't a reps email that is my own.

If you would like me to look up the order please return the email I had sent you earlier with any relevant information or if you would like a refund I have no problem doing that as well.

This is truly some type of mix-up that is not reflective of how we handle business. For whatever reason I did not receive most of the communication you said you had sent. For whatever reason I apologize that there was not a timely reply. However, the one email I did receive I emailed you right back. So, I hope you will be willing to help me get you the product in a timely manner.

Thank you,
Josh Henkin


I got fantastic service and was very pleased with Mr. Henkin's sandbag DVD, so I would definitely urge anyone in doubt to cut the man some slack.


Same here. No problems. I like them. Much better than the Ironmind kit and much cheaper than the new Powerbags.


I know nothing about the product in question but I do know a bit about making do with what I can get. But if you want a sandbag to work out with here's a good way to get one. I went to a military surplus store and bought a couple of discarded heavy duty duffels for only a few dollars each. Then I bought some ziplock bags. Then I went to the hardware store for sand - it can even be bought by the ton if you need that much. Sand goes into ziplock bags, ziplocks go into duffel - voila - instant sandbag you can add or remove weight to or from as needed. Very versatile.

Then I took the other one and put sandbags in the bottom for weight and stuffed it full of old wool army blankets until I had the weight I wanted - instant punching bag I can hang anywhere with a piece of rope or chain.

Portable, take anywhere workout equipment.


Dude get with the times doing what you did is SOOOOO 1950's. The USA doenst make things any more. The citizens dont Build, create. Come on get with the times. Its all about marketing and Image. Getting it NOW, done for you little work aside from spending cash and it MUST have that new look, that industrial aint gonna last a wek look and that brand label. Yhea those bags may work fine but they dont scream I bought these Top of the line Mutha*****.

LOL sorry nice work had the same punching bag set up my self and actaully worked great as a lat pull down wieght as well. Fill the bastard uo hook to rope rope over a bar add bar for hanlde and pull.

That said Josh's bag are NICE. Used them at last years Staley Seminar and they are top notch.



I did the same thing. Took 3mm thick contractor garbage bags and made 20-60 lb. "little sandbags" out of them (double wrapped in contractor bags with duct tape).

Then, I bought a sturdy Eddie Bauer dufflebag with handles all over the place. I can add however much weight I want, and have at it.