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Josh Bryant Programming


Has anyone worked with Josh Bryant, or at least familiar with the programming he uses? Seems like this guy is consistently churning out monsters down in Texas. A 275’er of his named James Strickland just benched 612 raw. I know he has promoted his “powerbuilding” stuff in the past but there’s only limited information out there.

Disclaimer: NOT looking for a pirated pdf program. Just wondering if anyone who has worked with him or used his programming could shed some light. Thanks.

Disclaimer 2: I get the jist of his powerbuilding programs as well. I’m wondering more what type of periodization and peaking taper he uses on his guys for competitions. Thanks if anyone can help.


There’s a guy named Matt Sohmer who is coached by Josh Bryant, he has some IPF junior records, once held the open squat record and won the NAPF championship as a junior. I never really looked into him too much but I saw a video of his where he said he does well with high frequency, like squatting 4x/week. His bench sucks though, I think his best bench is like 315 or something and he squats and deadlifts 800.


i only know one thing, he trains brandon “c4” cass who deadlifted 925 (920?) at 220 conventional with only a belt.
I think on his website he has published some articles that you can read !


I have a few off his books. He likes the competition lifts followed by “special work” to develop max force/speed so there are no sticking points.

So Bench Press first, to “Practice Like You Play.” 3 weeks of triples, deload. Three weeks of doubles deload. 3 weeks of singles, deload.

Followed by CAT(Compensatory Acceleration) Benches, which are similar to Westside speed work, to Practice maximum acceleration.

Or Bench Press, followed by “Dead Bench” from the pins, to develop maximum starting srength.

Then accesories to stay swole.

Vince Dizenzo logged about working with Bryant on EliteFts a couple years ago.

Chad Wesley Smith has some info in the article “How I Built My Best Bench Ever: The Dead Bench” on Juggernaut.

And "My Best Deadlift Cycle Ever. " Which is an awesome article for everyone, anyway. Halfway thru, Chad lays out a long deadlift program from Bryant.


Awesome @FlatsFarmer thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. I actually did read his article on the dead bench in the past. Good stuff.



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