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Josh Bryant Program Review?


have anyone try/run Josh Bryant Program with good result?


Vince Dizenzo ran one of his bench press programs a couple years ago. He kept a detailed journal at Elitefts.

I did the Doug Young Bench press routine he talks about. After benching, you do front raises, 1 arm preacher curls, 1 arm rows, 1 arm tricep extensions and finish with Straight Arm Pulldowns.

It was a change from how I had trained. It really made me reconsider training for size and strength, and how there isn’t really a clear distinction. I didn’t think much of 1 arm preacher curls before, but after doing them, I can feel how they carry over to the bench press.

Also, a bunch of his “principles” are really good.

  1. Goal setting, list, writing what you want to accomplish down works. Bryant is big on the mental side of training. Logs and goal setting are the easiest way to get into this stuff.

  2. Heavy work first. Do the heavy sets for your main lifts first, then do back-offs. It can be extra volume, like more lighter benching after your heaviest lifts. Or special work like(Olympic pause squats, bottom position rack bench presses). Whatever light work you do is better after heavier work. Post Activation Potentiation or something like that.

  3. Rotate rep ranges or assistance exercises or lift variations every “cycle.” A bunch of his routines adjust every 4 weeks.

Do you have your eye on any particular routine? He puts out so many.


i plan to hire him for my next meet



I hope you have a great prep, and a great meet. I’m a big, big fan. I would love to hear about your training. Obviously, you can’t give away all the “secrets” or whatever.


Let’s hear it from the man


I realize this is an old thread but at this point I don’t think that Josh Bryant needs much reviewing, then number of elite lifters he is coaching says it all. Plus the fact that all the top benchers (other than Sarychev) work with him. He’s actually doing a seminar in Ottawa next week too.


Ewe Tube recommended that video Saturday. Then, Sunday this old topic popped back up to the top for no reason at all.

I decided it was a Sign, and why not link it.


Someone made a post and deleted it, that’s how this thread came back.


Vinny is hell of a bencher. I competed with him and against him for many years.


Be sure to take good notes!