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Joseph Torrez

I’m surprised nobody brought this up yet:

It’s interesting that this fighter has such an unimpressive record in the ring at 1-4, yet successfully fought off 2 attackers and scared the other 2 away. I’ve read a lot in this and other forums about how martial arts training is not very applicable to real street encounters. Not disputing any of that but based on Torrez’ performance he clearly had a totally different mindset at home than he does in the ring as he obviously should have, but this is also diametrically opposed to fighters that do well in the ring but have not handled street encounters well, which we’ve all seen videos of. I’m inclined to say mindset is a decisive factor in a street encounter regardless of training.

Does anybody else have information/thoughts about this? I’m really curious how the legal proceedings will turn out

just need to point out, it wasnt like he got them into a thai clinch and drilled them

He had a knife.

I dont think theres much to discuss here, if it was just some joe blow defending his home with a knife and no MMA background, nobody would be really batting an eye.

Op I would say his record in the ring has nothing to do with this situation. A poor record in the ring in itself doesn’t tell me a lot. In this situation there are two outstanding points that negate most of his trained skills, 1) I bet he doesn’t train multiple attackers at his gym very often. 2) sounds like it was a knife fight more than anything( all bets are off in a knife fight). What he had going for him was two big things 1) he was defending his family (I don’t know of a greater motivating factor) and 2) he had home turf advantage (that’s a huge thing inside a house). I say bravo and well done young man your a credit to the fight game.

i kind of reminds me of the fight scene in Jack Reacher…

[quote]cycobushmaster wrote:
i kind of reminds me of the fight scene in Jack Reacher…[/quote]

Jack Reacher knows MMA ?