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Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the Riddler?


After seeing him in Inception, I wouldnt mind this.



Yea - I could see that. He's a really good actor.



EDIT: Put it this way, when I first heard that Heath Ledger was going to play the Joker I thought, "Damn and the first movie was so good too." Then I saw the Dark Knight. And it was AWESOME!

I have all the faith that Levitt will do a good, if not, great, job given that nothing else changes (director, writers, etc.)


As long as Nolan is directing it will be awesome. Franchises only go to shit when the directors ditch them.


I remember back before the first movie came out when I heard who was going to be the Joker. "This is crazy, never work, I can't beleive how bad of an idea this is".

Yes I have learned my lesson. Pic a good character actor over a "type" any day of the week. He will do fine.


They should get French Stewart to play Robin


They should forget Robin ever existed.


I love this selection. I had heard Johnny Depp would play the Riddler at some point but this choice sounds even better, and I would go gay for Johnny Depp as long as his face was completely clean-shaven.

Gordon-Levitt was fucking outstanding in Brick and I heard he's excellent in Inception. I can't wait for this film.


I was never skeptical of Heath as the Joker. Always figured it would work. But, JGL is a different story. I can't see it. It's in the eyes. There is supposed to be a picture attached with Heath and Joseph side by side, but who the hell know if it will show up.


x2 on going gay for Johnny Depp.


I can see what you're saying, but let's be honest. No one thought Ledger would turn in the performance he did, which is maybe the best movie villain of all time. JGL has proven himself to be a damn good young actor, and the Nolans are still helming the script. Batman Begins is one of the 10 best movies of the 2000's and The Dark Knight is one of the 10 best movies of all time.

The 3rd installment has some big steps to follow but I'm confident it'll be in line with the first 2, and that JGL will hold his own with Cillian Murphy and Ledger.


I have to agree with you. Although, at the time when people were worried about Heath I always had faith in him and look what he did with that role. I love that movie. Both of them are fantastic.

I may have my reservations with Joseph, but I don't think Nolan would mess up what he has created so far with a poor casting choice. Nolan has worked with JGL, so I gotta trust he knows what he's talking about.

When everyone was skeptical of Ledger I was with him. Now most seem to like JGL, but I am now skeptical. We'll see what happens.


Fuck all 3 batman movies.... Go see Predators!!!

:slight_smile: I can't wait for the 3rd batman. It'll be awesome and like everyones been saying the director wouldn't mess this movie up with casting a main role to someone who couldn't pull it off (I'm not even going to mention pug nose, sour beer/stroke faced Maggie. Ughh)


I want to see who the other villain is.


Ugh ... why'd you remind me Maggie "Hit in a face with a shovel" Gyllenuglybitch was in that fuckin movie? Hey. At least she fuckin' died.


^^sorry polo... But your right. At least she's dead now


I wouldn't be too surprised if she came back from the dead. He has no current love interest, and I don't see Batman just fighting bad guys the whole movie.
As for the Joker...lets get Edward Norton in there. He isn't going to be doing The Avengers, so he's available and a viable option.
I hope the next Batman is shorter though. I don't mind long movies, but The Dark Knight seemed to plod along during the third act.
Oh, and Batman's voice is ridiculous.


Man I'm glad you aren't writing this.


He'll do fine. If they do add in cat woman, I hope they keep it a secret until the last minute.


I think Maggie Glynnhhaallee is attractive. You guys (Polo,Greg,Ron) are just haterz.