Jose Perales Bench 140kgx26

Jose manuel perales ipf record holder
benching 140kg(308lbs)x26 raw

havent seen any other guy under 200 like he is, doing teh same

That guy has the shortest bench stroke of all time. I seriously don’t think that was more than 6 or 7 inches. Yes, I wrote “stroke” and “inches” in the same paragraph.

Is that even a legal grip??

My bench was stalled out bad and I started doing wide grip benches for about 4 weeks. We called them snatch grip benches. It was hard on my wrists, my shoulders were fine but I’m not sure how long I could have went before they got beat up, but I got a huge PR from it. My sticking point was about mid-way.

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Is that even a legal grip??[/quote]

I don’t see the rings so I think so… He’s probably just really short

still quite impressive through

Very impressive. He obviously have a good build for bench press, but still 140kg x 26reps is very good!!

64 reps with 100kg

[quote]zombiec wrote:
64 reps with 100kg

that was brutal

[quote]Hodges einWindir wrote:

[quote]zombiec wrote:
64 reps with 100kg

that was brutal[/quote]

yeah but you know wat is damn fraky

the guy who start training with him two months ago

date: sepyember 27 he does a set of 90kgx7 and had problems with it

date: december 02 he hits 125kg and after that a rep with 132.5 kg

tiem of training about just two months said perales

how the hell do you explain that ??

^^^Easy access to cheap Mexican Pharmacueticals?

[quote]zombiec wrote:
64 reps with 100kg

Gotta love the lifting music.

i think his ROM is about 1/4 of mine. (6’3)

I like the floor, it’s like they moved the beds in a room at Motel 8 and threw in a bench. I like the first guys sweater. Still strong as hell though.