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Jose Conseco Knocked out in MMA!







He does look like he's using...LMFAO


Too predictable.


super pathetic cry for attention.


LOL. That guy was a big motherfucker. That was about the most interesting or entertaining fight I ever have and ever will see. Which I guess isn't saying too much...

But good find.


It looked like when Hulk Hogan was wrestling Andre the Giant (size wise) ... Jose couldn't take a punch at all .. shit


I saw him once at a distance in Vegas and he is pretty massive.


nice lu lu lemon pants, they were rippin him for that on a local sports station was pretty funny


That was funny


he's a fast runner.


I'm surprised that his strategic & wily use of "rain a flurry of punches then run away" was not a success.

At first glance I thought "Holy shit WTF so this is what Yao Ming is doing in the off-season"


lol so fucking stupid. stick to baseball, Jose.


Yeah, that was about the most pathetic showing I've ever seen in MMA. I ripped him myself on my site. Who fights in pants?


Serves that bitch right


I didnt know Jose was supposed to be able to take a punch. He plays fucking baseball. He aint a fighter!


Yeah but with all the fly balls he took off the noggin I would think he would be able to take a punch!!


haha! this is true. Boooo Jose