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Jose Canseco on A&E Tonight


Anyone going to watch him on A&E tonight? Am I getting this right? He's been on juice for 24 years and finally wants to come off? That's one hell of a long cycle. Should be interesting to watch. It's at 10pm tonight..


thanks for sharing, Im about to watch it when it comes on over here


It sounds interesting at the very least. It's not just a simple interview with the guy.

"Viewers watch Jose play guinea pig as he tries to end his long addiction."

And everyone here thinks coming off a 20 week cycle is hard. Imagine 24 years. LOL


I personally think Jose Canseco is a DOUCHEBAG...I wouldn't trust 2 words that come out of that guys mouth as I believe he doesn't have two brain cells firing at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:



The only show with Canseco that I would watch would be his public stoning and burning. nuff said. Two timing bitch.


OK so i watched the show and have 2 things to say
1 - he is an idiot... there is no way you come gear after 24 yrs cold turkey without negative sides. it just doesnt happen!

2 - Canseco is a snitch and a dirtbag

anyone else watch the show?


Well, it wasn't what I expected, but it was decent. It's good to see that the doctor didn't find anything majorly wrong with him. Except low test which is a given.

And his attitude isn't all that bad. I would have gone ballistic if I had to tear down my own gate to get into my backyard. And if I was served papers, I would have gone ballistic on that little girl with her bat. He doesn't seem to live up to the monster image that the media has portrayed juicers to be.

It doesn't matter how you feel about the guy. Here he is on national television showing what steroids has done to him after 24 years. He's proof that they're not as harmful as everyone thinks.


I wanted to watch it but don't subscribe to A&E. I asked around for someone to tape it, but one friend hasn't mastered taping from his cable receiver and the other didn't have A&E.

I meant to give a shout out to the forum about the show, but forgot...


I didn't get to see the show. Was is really 24 years of consistent steroid use, or did he cycle off and on for 20 years?


That's a good question. They really didn't go into detail about that. But he juiced unsupervised, relied on bro knowledge and tried to quit cold turkey. If he knew how to cycle he surely would do some sort of PCT rather than just quitting cold. So it's a possibility that he did it for all 24.


hardest thing for me to believe is that wigg... [hair] he actually STILL has it even after 24 years of cycling - rare.


whether you like the guy or not there are some lessons to be learned. I have not seen it but i have seen alot of guys on the boards downplay the issue of mental symptoms such as depression from coming off.

There are very real side effects to these drugs when used long term, i chose not to believe that for close to 20 years myself, i have specialists that monitor my bloodwork and are helping me get back to normal, i could not imagine, nor would i want to how it would feel to just flat out stop, not a good plan.


Hey now ..don't be hating on the dirtbag Hate the playa not the name!!!


If nothing else, he's an idiot.

How stupid do you have to be, to carry HCG across the border, knowing full well that anyone whose even an avid baseball fan, will see the word S T E R O I D tattooed on your forehead?