Jordan Peterson's Clinical Psychology License Under Threat

Admittedly, I’m a huge fan of Jordan Peterson. I don’t look up to many - if any - people, but were I to choose a role model, he would be it.



The guy is very intelligent and direct, tells it like it is


If anything Peterson should be teaching classes on social media to the college of psychologists.

It’s nothing more than hypocritical double speak of a hit job. They are left wing. They hate anything to the right of the extreme left and came up with a way to try to punish someone they don’t like.

That said, I’m not as big a fan of new Peterson, after coming back from his illness. I always admired his tact and self control which he recently seems to have less off. I haven’t watched the new Rogan episode yet though.


It’s an absurd threat and I hope it doesn’t happen. He does seem to poke the bear on Twitter at times: the Ellen Page stuff he mentioned in the video you posted, calling plus sized models unattractive, calling everyone on social media who doesn’t use their real name a coward, etc. I personally don’t mind his spicy opinions, but he appears to get pleasure out of riling people up.

I agree with so much of what he says and was about to subscribe to DW+ just to hear his lessons on Exodus, which I’m in the middle of right now. But then the Crowder controversy popped up and I decided to hold off for a bit.


Hey Dani, @Dani_Shugart I’m unsure if you listened to this talk he had with Dr. Warren Farrell, whose book The Boy Crisis I had recommended to you in the thread about Andrew Tate. I was actually slammed on here four years ago for recommending the book and speaking about the crisis.


I listen to about half of it and he seems to be closer to his former self now than in the last few years.

He mentioned on JRE that the Exodus lessons will be on YouTube for a few months soon.

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I hadn’t listened to it, but will now! I’m surprised you caught some flack for that. I’ve heard perspectives on this topic, which likely support Peterson’s stance, and they made a lot of sense.

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Ooooh. Thank you! I’ll have to keep an eye out!

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FWIW, I watch and like them both and I can’t see that DW did anything wrong. Crowder on the other hand has been lying about a number of things and did some pretty underhanded stuff. If I was forced to pick, I’d rather support DW.


Agree, much more the old Jordan. Maps of Meaning, his insights into Psychology etc. All the things he spent decades studying, putting together and then teaching/practicing.

I do not need to hear his thoughts climate change and diet (Carnivore diet). This is an issue with many (most?) public intellectuals they get into the spotlight and try to have an intellectual opinion on everything.

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The whole thing makes my heart hurt. I was leaning that way too, then I saw the Tim Pool interview, which made me more neutral about it. But then I heard Lauren Chen’s perspective and now I tend to lean more on Crowder’s side. I hate the entire situation and just want them all to be friends.

Agree about intellectuals venturing away from their area of expertise. I suppose most people are like this, though.

As it related to carnivore, in his defense, every time I’ve heard him talk about it’s because he’s been asked to talk about it and he almost always notes he’s not an expert in the field and that it’s not fun or easy to follow. I personally don’t mind his anecdote in this case.


When he first burst into fame I liked him a lot - all those early videos of a Canadian professor calmly talking to some hysterical barely coherent pink haired person of unidentifiable gender made me wonder how any sane person could not like him.

But then he started talking about topics that I’m professionally, personally and geographically very familiar with and it was such breathtaking idiocy, espoused with utmost conviction. Now I’m questioning even his field of expertise that is supposed to be psychology.

I guess there’s more money in the contrarian industry than “clean your room” platitudes.


He actually has some expertise on the climate from the political side. Not sure about the carnivore stuff either. He’s generally loath to talk about it and expressly recommends against the diet. What I see in the new Jordan is a lot of insults and glibness that I don’t like.

Yup. I’m split. I want them both to be successful. I predominantly agree with Crowder on business model, BUT I don’t think there is anything wrong or underhanded in anything the DW did/does. DW is entirely open and honest about what they do and how. Crowder was pretty underhanded, and made a lot of contradictory statements between his show and the Tim Pool interview. (He said he walked away from 50 mil, but he didn’t, he countered and DW walked away. He said it wasn’t about the money, but his counter offer was more than double the money. In addition to being expressly wrong, intentionally or not, about some of the terms offered). The only thing I’d say bad about the DW in the situation is that the youtube demonetization penalty in the terms sheet was unprofessional.

Crowder really tried to bait his friends and set them up and even then I don’t think it really worked. It sounds more like he needed some controversy to launch his new stand alone platform but never expected DW to respond and snowball the issue.

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What areas are you familiar with and what is an example of a topic he’s so wrong about? Honest question.

I’m a civil engineer, so here’s one example. Incidentally, this is a bizarre rabbit hole.

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I guy I grew up with lives in that rabbit hole. He is a pretty interesting dude. Nuttier than an oak tree, but interesting none the less.

Me too. I’m probably a bigger Crowder fan though. We got to see him and Dave Landau live last summer. It was the best stand up I’ve ever seen (live) and probably my top 5 altogether. If you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it.