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Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro: Religion, Trans Activism, and Censorship


I haven’t seen him debate anyone besides undergrads.


Cenk Uyger isn’t an undergrad (he’s a buffoon to be sure, but still…)


Two intellectual giants going at it. They both sound like undergrads, probably because they haven’t grown much (lived much) between college and where they are now. That’s what I don’t get about these YouTube intellectuals; what have they done to make me care what they think about anything?


lol … dude, stop shifting the goal posts. You sound ridiculous. I don’t care what you think their intellect is like, you said :

So I pointed out he debated Cenk Uyger who is not an undergrad. Sorry it’s not good enough for you lol.

Since you’re standards are what they are, who do you think would be a worthy opponent? Who would be acceptable for you?


What I found funny was that he said the left has those minds and only named a dead guy.


First off, get a sense of humor. Not everything needs to be taken literally. Second, who is Cenk? What great contribution to Western thought has he made? I don’t think there is a “worthy” opponent because Shapiro does not argue like an intellectual but like a lawyer. It’s not about trying to discover the truth but to try and persuade someone to believe a particular narrative.


Given that most intellectuals lean left it stands to reason the left has them in abundance. Here’s a name: Jordan Peterson.


Does it matter given your statement? Your qualifier was ‘undergrad’ - I gave you someone who was not.

You of all people would know I have a sense of humor so cut the dramatics princess. Did you ever stop to think I might just be busting your balls?


The pudding hoagie.


Is that a Scottish dish?


So you’re a wiseguy, eh. Anyway, Cenk and Ben are just what we need: two lawyers arguing over the fate of the universe.


Takes one to know one

Don’t get me wrong. While I tend to agree with some of what Ben says, he thinks he’s right instead of seeking the truth (Cenk is the same). In my estimation, while I agree with Ben more, they’re both hucksters of a sort and their opinions should be taken with some salt…


Nah. It’s been reported to originate in different parts of the globe simultaneously. Anywhere that you have pudding, hoagie buns, and a lack of patience and restraint- you can find a pudding hoagie.


The thing with Shapiro is that he always brings up logic and facts and how “your feelings don’t matter” but in the case of abortion, for example, all he is doing is using facts and logic to support a conclusion he has drawn based on feelings. I have heard some of his anti-abortion arguments and they are not very good at proving a truth. In fact, his arguments at times actually support abortion.


I had to Google hoagie.


I thought you were from Joisey?

Calling them that might be a pennsylvania-ism.


Where I’m from they’re called subs or grinders. I may have heard hoagie before but when I saw pudding I just thought about something British.


Youre able to quote “Billy Madison” and pretend for a moment like you have a concern for anything resembling a logical argument? The irony of this is it demonstrates, once again, the lack of original ideas in the posmodern era we live in.

That is, your response wasnt even your response. You repeated something you saw in a movie and mixed it with a mixmash of some other ideas like “logical fallacies” and “appeals to emotion,” neither of which you would understand if they fell on you like a ton of books.

It’s also amusing that you completely ignored what I said about postmodernism, which is not all some “vague generalized opinion.”

All I have to say is I caution anyone who relgiously follow Cuck Shapiro or JBP, or anyone else for that matter. It is not my job to educate people who have no interest in challenging their prejudices or finding the truth, which appears to be almost everyone on this forum.


No one is willing to give you the time of day to formulate and articulate a real response because you’ve proved, over and over, that you’re a fringe lunatic.


Says this:

Then does the same damn thing.

Of course, you’re the enlightened one. It’s just shocking you believe that…

^That’s sarcasm since I doubt you’ll catch that.