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Jordan Boroughs is 74kg of Bad Assery


Jordan Boroughs...

first He wins an NJ state title 2006

wrestles for Nebraska
places 3rd in Big 12
sophomore year he places 3rd in 149 at NCAA
wins two NCAA titles at 157 with a medical year in between

His SR year is undefeated and takes his 2nd NCAA title

3 weeks later he wins 2011 worlds at 74KG

wins Pan AM games that same year
wins gold at 2012 olympics

takes a steaming pile of shit on Kyle Dake
7-0 in this years worlds trials.
(dake just won 4 NCAA titles in 4 different weights)

he broke his ankle on 8.22.13
had surgery 8.23.13
and won his second world title today wednesday 9.18.13

that is some bad ass mother fucker.

little high light

Here he is giving Dake the sonson


Damn. Extremely impressive!




Had to bump this.

Goes on to win bunch of other titles in 2013

looses his first international match earlier this year

New rules on criteria scoring of a tie.
who scored the bigger points
who scored latests
kind of a crock of shit- but takes it in grace.

beats David Taylor an NCAA Penn State stud in his own right
wins two out of three to get his slot.

In a very close bout for the US world team slot.
stays calm and turns it around, pretty slick.

wins Pan Am games
gets the Most out standing wrestler award.
gets home for a few days from Pan Am games and has a newborn son.

@alliseeisgold on twitter


Followed this guy for a little while.




This kid doesn’t stop

2014 worlds roll around

Jordan Boroughs sprains his MCL in the first round
goes on to the semi’s competes injured with 5 miles of tape on his knee

takes his first international loss to a foreign opponent
( lost earlier in the year to a another US on some bullshit new rules)

He looses to Denis Tsargush former 2x world champ 9-2
who goes on to win Gold

Boroughs then goes on still injured to take Bronze

video here showing heart looking sketchy


And here is taking bronze

looks like he got some rest
he is moving allot better more like his usual self

some tech breakdown of the semi final match in the other post above

this russian Tsargush is super physical
borderline nasty guy
he smashes Boroughs face blatantly
and boroughs stops and looks at the ref a few times.
watch how he smashes to tie up repeatedly

the russian has a superb 2 on 1 and uses it well to control boroughs
also his hand control is tight
watch how he laces up the fingers and stalls
you can see Boroughs repeatedly shaking his hands trying to free them

they met in 2012 at the olympics with a different outcome


The double leg at the end of the bronze match was fantastic. He did that on a leg held together with tape and will.

I hope his leg heals up well, because he could be fun to watch for a long time.

Thanks for finding these.


Robert A


All I see is gold.

had to bump this AGAIN for bad assery

2015 USA team trials

has a closer match with Kyle Dake- yes that Dake 4x NCAA in 4 different weights.

then in the second match
Blows up Dakes Spot

makes teching people a habbit and does it three times in the worlds.

beats this kid 10-0

and this kid from Ukraine to win
also 10-0

all I see is gold