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Joran Van Der Sloot: Reduced Sentence?!



Excuse the source. I read the article and couldn't find the original source, so I just searched for the title.

Side note: it bothers me that they even refer to the victim as "lesbian," as if it fucking matters

Question: WHY can't we kill a piece of shit like this, when his culpability is OBVIOUS? 20 months for killing the Peruvian chick? Come on.

He is obviously gaming the system.

I didn't want to post this in PWI and only get a set of responses from the same people who generally post the same reactions; wanted a wider gamut of opinion, though I bet the general sentiment will be the same.


I think they call out the sexuality of the victim because it's the Advocate, and a straight girl dying isn't news for them.


Forbes doesn't mention sexuality.



I'd flip the switch.


Fuck you attorneys :slight_smile:

Actually, I saw "lesbian" in another source. I will try to find it.


I finally agree with you on something. I have marked this day on my calendar.


What reaction are you looking for? The fact that a scum bag murderer is getting our of a Peruvian prison after only 20 months? I hope someone slits his fuckin' throat within five steps out of the prison gates and rapes his dead body using his still warm, pumping blood as lube.

Or that the advocate decided that the woman's sexuality is pertinent? I hope someone slits their fuckin' throats within five steps of their office doors and rapes their dead bodies using their still warm, pumping blood as lube.

but seriously, her sexuality shouldn't make the story news. The fact that Joren has been infamous for allegedly murdering Natalie Holloway is why this is news. I think they threw in "lesbian" to attract more reasons by appealing to a baser audience.


How the fuck one is temporarily insane ?

I picture Hannibal Lecter sitting in his cell and suddenly yelling "Alright, time off, not insane anymore." then walking out.


I'm actually keeping this one in my back pocket for certain work related situations.


Yeah, you're right. I'm just pissed that, in lieu of overwhelming evidence that this guy is a murderer and psychopath, we still "owe" him "due process of law."

Fuck that.

Why does something like "violent emotion" aka crime of passion apply to someone whose thought process is ABNORMAL, as demonstrated by their history? People like him are clearly more impulsive (abnormal) that the majority, at least when it comes to crimes like this (violence, rape), so why judge them with the same yardstick meant for us?

That's why I disagree that having harsher punishment will necessarily decrease the amount of violent crime. People who are impulsive don't weigh consequence before they act (at least not to the same degree as most people), hence telling them they will be executed if they kill someone won't necessarily stick in their conscience. We'll have to kill people like them anyway, on a regular basis.


I'd bail ya out, Bonnie!


I find it irrelevant that any kind of "punishment" would be a deterrent to the type of person you just described. It's a non sequitur that they even factor in any kind of punishment into their "thought process" (whatever that "process" might be).

He's exhibited habitual disregard for laws or human decency and respect and I'm sure will continue to exhibit it as such. Which is why I hope someone slits his fuckin' throat five feet outside of the Peruvian prison gates and...you get the idea.