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Joo WILL Eat Dat Cat Poo!


Watch and be amused.



Where did that clip come from?

Is it a movie or something?



the movie is Anchorman, it came out a year or so ago with that guy from snl.


Was that an extra on the DVD or something? It definitely wasn't in the movie.


It was in the movie eh....atleast in the version I saw it...so funny...Will Ferrell is hilarious.

Btw, for the Canadians, Old School is on CBC Monday Night.


Well it wasn't on the pirated version that I had seen... :slightly_smiling:


I don't remember that part. I think this warrants a re-watch.
Anyone else ever eat cat food while watching cartoons?


I think it was on the unrated DVD version. BB


I think I downloaded this version of the movie. Its so frigging hilarious.

His cameo in Wedding Crashers was great as well.


holy hell on christmas, that was really funny


his cameo in wedding crashers made the movie imo. I liked it but he really rounded it out.


When the shadowy figure was walking down the steps, I turned to my gf and said "thats either Ben Stiller or Will Ferrel."




Dude I was the same way I was asking my GF "who's it goona be? who's it goona be?" It's gotta be Will, maybe Luke, that would be good too.

And when I finally saw Will I stood up in the theatre like a tard and cheered...

The Frat Pack, they're so hot right now...