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Jonsi88s Log

Hey guys,

I’ve been lurking around on T-Nation for around 2 years. I felt like it was time to start a log to easier see what weaknesses my program have. I’m gonna try be pretty detailed because I want to keep record for my own sake, not because I think you are dying to know about my training.

A little background of my training if anyone cares.

I started strength training around the time I was 18. I didn’t have any free barbells so all I did was RDL for legs with 35kg db’s which was the biggest db’s the gym had :). I did that for around 3-4 months then I joined a better gym and could do squats, deadlifts and bb benchpress, I was in heaven :P.

My 6RM when I started was around 70-80kg on squat, maybe 100kg on deadlift and 70kg on bench and I weighed like 73 kg I think. After 4-5 months of training my 5RM was 110kg on squat, 135kg dl and 90kg bench and weighed 82kg with some fat added. I had to do swedish military service for 10 months and I lost pretty much all the weight and strength after a month with all the running and very little food compared to what I was used to.
I could get to use the gym maybe 1 week per month and that probably helped me to maintain the technique for the lifts.

After the army I weighed around 77kg and I very quickly gained strength and muscle because I could eat more often and train regularly. Up until now I’ve done TBT within the ranges of 3-6reps and 5 weeks of GVT.

About 2 months ago I injured my right knee after squating, I don’t know why, probably because squating heavy 2 times during the week and 1 heavy dl and running 2 times was too much. Right now I still can’t squat below parallel but I can deadlift and I do bulgerian spilts with db’s. I’m was doing madcow 5x5 but after injuring my knee I have tweaked it. When my knee is healed I will try doing a split and see how my body responds.

Current stats (I’m probably stronger on upper body but haven’t tested all lifts)
Bench 115kg x6 254pounds
Close grip bench 110kg x3 242pounds
Squat pre injury 152.5kg x5 336pounds
Deadlift 170kg x 5 374pounds
Max chins (strict form) 15 reps
Standing Military press 75kg x5 165pounds
Power hang clean 95kgx3 209pounds

Ez-curl (not super strict) 40kgx15, 55kg x5 88pounds, 121 pounds
(I’ve long neglected biceps so I’m trying to bring them up hence their weakness)

Current training is one set highest weight and others are warmup sets

First number I use for reps second for sets, tell me if you do it differntly

Deadlift 5 reps x 4
Incline press 5 x 5
T-bar row 5x5
Close grip bench, not intense working on my form since that sucks and I’m losing stability in the bottom
Sitting behind the neck db’s extensions

Bulgarian squat 6-8x3
Standing Military press 8 x 4
Chins max reps with strict form
Power hang clean 3-5 x5
Ez-curl high rep with easy weight

Deadlift 5reps, and top set 3 reps
Incline bb bench same
Barbell row 5x4
Close grip bench, again working on form
DB’s laying on bench elbows out extensions ( don’t know name) 6 x3

Saturday GUNZZZ
Heavy pullups not strict 5 x 4 set
BB curls heavy
Hammer curls heavy
Around 15 dips


5-10g BCAA

+30min 100g gainer
25g protein
64.1g carbs

0.5 liter milk 3% fat 300kcal with
Around 66g whey, 55g protein, 220carbs

2-3hours after protein I usally have 500g of Swedish pea soup which is yellow peas and pork
600kcal, 32.5g protein, 75g carbs with about 0.3l milk

Workout time
-45min 7g bcaa
-30min 4g beta-alanin, 3g Citrulline malate
-10min 100g gainer
25g protein
64.1g carbs
During the workout I drink 75g hydrolyzed casein and whey protein with fast carbs
18.75g protein
52,5g carbs
+60min 100g gainer again
25g protein
64.1g carbs
food, after trainign I often make 200-250g chicken filé with 300g vegetables and noodles
I’m just estamating that it’s around 1200kcal and around 65-70g protein

Before bed I have around 100-200g cottage cheese and a glas of milk
per 100g cottage cheese
12g protein
2g carbs

I have around 8grams of omega 3 taken in during the day during the meals and snacks I have
that’s 1440mg EPA and 960 DHA
I also have around 1-2 tabs of ALA per day 300mg each

My snacks usually consist of sour milk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filmjölk with some Muesli and Cinnamon and a glas of milk.
I’m getting around 3000kcal per day from the stuff I pretty much always eat and I’m guessing I’m getting maybe another 1000-1500 from snacks.

I’m from swedish so my english isn’t perfect if I write anything you don’t understand or you want me to write in another way please tell me.

Is there a way to post more than one picture per post??
First one is before I started training. I was 17 at the time and was about to be 18

Here is at the end of the army at 19year about same time of the year. Don’t mind all the writing and stuff on me


January this year, 6months after army, 20years

Bad picture with the mirror and probably made me look a bit bigger than I was.
Around 84kg at the time

Today 85kg, I suck at flexing

Is there any limit to how much you can upload, my pictures got pretty big after uploading them…

Back with my huuuge gunzzz which measure around 15.7inches… Al tough they have grown around 0.8 inches in around 2-3months from working them out instead of thinking it’s gay to train biceps. But if I’m posing pictures of myself in underwear for men to look at it it makes training arms less gay.

Trying to do triceps

Wheelz. Haven’t been able to train legs good in 2 months.

Friday 090619

Todays workout didn’t feel very good strength wise. Maybe because I went swimming yesterday for the first time for long and I still was sore from the bulgarian splits wednesday. Anyway:


Incline bench
87.5x3 felt easy


Close grip bench

Yesterday it was midsummers eve so it wasn’t a good eating day. I’ve decided I’m going to get my 5RM incline up to 100kg (220pounds) and it will probably happen in the beginning of august. Hopefully my knee will be good to do front squats by then too. Then I’m gonna start with a split for the first time in my life and I’m really exited to see how I respond to it.

bb bench 3x5
DB incline 3x8
pec dec machine 3x10

T-bar row 3x5
weighed pullups 3x8
one arm db row 3x10

Close grip bench 3x5
JM press 3x8
Overhead DB triceps extension 3x8

Ez-curl 3x5
Hammercurl 3x8
BB preacher curl 3x8

Front squat 3x6
bulgarian split squat 3x8
leg extensions 3x10

Deadlift 3x5
weighed back extensions 3x10
pull trough 3x10

Hang power clean 3x5
Military press 3x5
lateral raises 3x8
rear lateral raises 3x8

Here is what I got now. If any one reads this and has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

I took some measurements so I can see if I’m making progress.They are taken after BCAA, 100g gainer, and 0,5liter milk with protein.

I found it really hard to measure my chest and shoulders. I measured in a relaxed position and the tape measure couldn’t follow the skin in the back and it was just floating in air because it goes in where my spine is, is that correct??

Neck 41cm 16.1"

44.3" 112.5cm

50.8" 129cm

Right 15.6" 39.5cm || Left 15.4" 39cm

Forearms unflexed
Right 12.8" 32.5cm || Left 12.4" 31.5cm

Forearms flexed
Right 13.8" 35cm || L34cm 13.4"

Waist 30.1" 77cm

Upper leg
Right 23.8" 60,5cm || Left 24" 61cm

Lower leg
Right 17.3" 44cm || Left 18.1" 46cm

Right 14.6" 37cm || Left 14.4" 36,5cm

Workout 090620

Pullups (palm towards face)

BW+20kg x5
BW+30kg x5
BW+40kg x5
BW+45kg x5 last rep wasn’t high enough, chin around bar not much above and used some momentum

30kg x5
55kgx5 first 3 reps used some momentum and then cleaned up it and did 2 slow negatives

Reverse Incline Hammer Curls

Sitting calves
5 second eccentric and explosive Concentric, staying in bottom position for a few seconds
did 2 set don’t know how many reps but around 2 min each set

15 BW dips
Easy, just so my body doesn’t forget to do many dips

I was to the doctor today for my knee. He said that it looked good and it was from a bleeding in the muscle from overusing the muscle. He expected it to take around 8 more weeks to be fully recovered to start doing squats. I will probably have to wait a bit longer to start my split since I have to start with low weights and work them up slowly to not get injured again. I will lower the weight on the bulgarian splits since they probably was a bit too heavy for my knee at the moment.

Did some swimming yesterday. Did 50meter sprints and then rested 30sec-60sec 4 times. I did front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke. Afterwards I spent like 10min sitting on the bench and about to throw up. My swimming isn’t as good as it had been :stuck_out_tongue:

Accidentally took twice portion of beta-alanin pre-workout so I got some crazy itches :).

100kg x5
120kg x5
140kg x5
162,5kg x5
I never use belt or straps btw. The pulls felt really good but I felt a little pain in my knee so maybe I should lower the weight a bit next workout… :confused:

Incline bench
45kg x5
55kg x5
65kg x5
77.5kg x5
87.5kg x5 I could probably do 1-2 more reps

V-bar rows with 15kg plates for more ROM
45kg x5
60kg x5
75kg x5
85kg x8

Overhead DB triceps extension
22.5kg x5
30kg x5
32.5kg x7

Rollouts with barbell standing on feet 5 reps 2 sets

I got sick this Tuesday so I skipped the Workout on Wednesday. Today I had no fever and no sore throat so I trained. Was pressed on time so nutrition around workout was pretty bad but felt good to be back in the gym this fast

Deadlift without straps or belt
100kg x5
120kg x5
140kg x5
165kg x3 Today I felt good in knee, probably because I had been resting all week because I was sick
120kg x7

Incline bench
45kg x5
55kg x5
65kg x5
77.5kg x5
90kg x3 Felt good and I will probably hit 90kg x5 pretty easy on Monday
65kg x8

BB bent-over row
65kg x5
85kg x5
102.5kg x7

Closegrip bench
60kg x5
85kg x5
102.5kg x3 shitty setup and I didn’t want to do another set because I’m not well yet

Pullups (palm towards face)

BW+20kg x5
BW+30kg x5
BW+35kg x5
BW+45kg x5 better form than last time, next workout I’ll get 5 good reps

30kg x5
55kgx5 Did 3 good reps, 1 with too much momentum and 1 negative

Reverse Incline Hammer Curls

Calves 2 long sets with slow eccentric and fast concentric

You have some great definition in your upper back and shoulders in that back pic, just looks like you need to build your lats some more to balance it out…but you probably knew that :slight_smile: Overall you look like you have a good base and now that you can eat more and not do all the army stuff you should find it easier to put on some mass.

Your English seems fine…much better than my non-existant Swedish! and you seem to have a good sense of humour and attitude for this site. What is with all the writing on your torso in the army pic? Was that some kind of leaving ceremony thing?? or did some guys draw on you while you were drunk??

I was injured last yr and know how much it sucks not to be able to train legs properly, but make sure you let the knee heal up right.

Thank you for your encouraging words! :slight_smile:

I plan to do OTS Big beyond belief when my knee is good again and I’m really exited about it. I have always focused on strength doing TBT and I’ve decided I’m gonna try some bodybuilding training and hopefully my body will respond great to it :slight_smile:

The writing was done a few days out from leaving and we were just having fun while cleaning all the stuff we had used in the year.

Yeah being injured sucks… But I’m taking some advantage of my injured knee by working more on my upperbody.

090629 Monday

Today’s workout felt great!

105kg x5
125kg x5
145kg x5
165kg x5 Really felt great!!

Incline bench
The gym had a new incline bench and I set it up to the highest position about 45degrees but it was abit lower than before so it was pretty easy
50kg x5
60kg x5
67.5kg x5
80kg x5
90kg x7 Was much easier with this bench and the weight came up easily!

Bent-over V-bar row with 15kg plates for more ROM
45kg x5
60kg x5
75kg x5
90kg x8

Overhead triceps extensions
25kg x6
35kg x6 Didn’t have my elbows really close to my head like I usually would do so form wasn’t perfect but still good ROM
32.5kg x5 Better form with elbows closer to head