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Jonny's Velocity Inspired Diet


Im planning to start the V-Diet in a couple of days (when my supplements arrive). Here are my stats:

Height: 6ft 1.5
Weight: 198lbs
Bodyfat: 16.5%
Lean body mass: around 76kg therefore around 15kg of bodyfat

Im following the V-Diet with the exception that im using supplements from myprotein, bad i know, i would love to use Biotest supplements but i live in the UK and i am on a very tight budget. I hope i will at least get some results.

Im using a casein/whey powder (30%whey/60%casein), with leuicine for my meal shakes and a recovery shake with similar nutritional values to Surge. Coupled with this i am adding a fibre supplement to each shake, a greens supplement to my morning shake and taking an appropriate amount of fish oil with each. Added to the diet i am taking a pre-workout blend consisting of BCAA, beta-alanine, citrilliun milate (spelling?) and vitamin B12, i hope this will help my efforts and aid in CNS recovery, the post-workout shake contains a product called Creapure (german creating monohydrate), also before bed i will be taking a sleep inducing supplement, ZMA and a t-boosting supplement. I plan to blend each shake with ice and may split some shakes into two, drinking plenty of water and green tea throughout the day. The only ammendment i am making to the structure of the diet is in phase two ( this may only be a week long).

In an ideal world i would like to drop my bodyfat into single digits, is this unrealistic? is there anyone with similar starting stats who got good results. Also am i missing anything obvious in my planning? Thanks everyone for your time.

Ok well hopefully I’m starting tommorow. Bought a blender today and bought some lifting straps for the Romanian deadlifts. Any suggestions for getting through the diet would help

I did pretty well with a modified version of the diet - by eating a small meal at night. Typical meal would be small portion of salmon on top of a big bowl of steamed broccoli, or a boneless skinless chicken breast and a large serving of steamed green beans.

I didn’t think I could handle only eating one meal a week (psychologically). Having that meal at the end of the day gave me something to look forward to, and kept me motivated not to cheat, because I knew I would get real food at the end of the day. I tried to make the macronutrients stay within the limits of what a shake would provide (so no big bowl of pasta, potatoes, etc)

My tips - be prepared to be hungry, all the time. Bodybuilders are conditioned to think that hunger is terrible and that you need to eat constantly to make progress. Get used to the idea that you are riding a wave of hunger, going from one shake to the next. “Managing” hunger with your small shakes.

Just when you think you can’t stand the hunger any longer, it’s time for another shake. Acknowledge that you’re hungry and tell yourself there is nothing wrong with being a little hungry, that the hunger means progress. Welcome the hunger.

Keep a close eye on the clock and eat when you are supposed to. If you can’t possibly stand waiting, have a half shake, and then have the other half on-schedule (but try not to do that). Do not skip or postpone eating - you might crash.

Fish oil and fiber are crucial. Lots of fish oil, seemed to keep my mood steady, and takes the edge off hunger. I would take as many as 20 large capsules a day. Ground flax meal for fiber, has the same Omega 3 oils as fish. I put flax in every shake.

The first few days are the hardest. As your body shifts to burning fat for fuel you might have mood swings and have a hard time concentrating. This is temporary.

Stay motivated all the time, over this 30 days. If you’re doing this as a lark, you probably won’t make it.

Drink unsweetened green tea and plain water by the liter.

Ok thanks for the advice, Im doing this because I want good results. Yesterday was day one, I struggled, ended up having my solid meal for the week on day 1! Bad I know. I’m
hoping that my body will adapt to having restricted calories and this will eventually become easier. The shakes arnt nice either. I’ll post more tommorow.

Ok, im on day 3 of my modified V-Diet. Here is how im doing it and where i see it going.

Im splitting the diet into two phases, 1 and 2.

Phase 1
I will drink the first four shakes as normal, excluding the greens supplement from the first shake. Each shake is comprised of 30% instantised whey and 70% micellar casein. To this i add around 500ml water, 10g of apple fibre, 1 tbsp groud flaxseed and 1 serving of leucine.

I repeat this four times spread across the day. Before workout i have a pre-workout formula (no carbs) and after a workout formula which coincides with my macronutrient requirments. I will eat 1 solid meal in the evening but keep the calories the same. I.e instead of my evening shake i will have a chicken and green veg (normally 170g of chicken). I will add olive oil to this to replace the fats from the peanut butter.

I hope that this phase will last around a week, maybe 10 days. My thinking behind it is that it will help me introduce the V-Diet slowly and hopefully help me stay on the diet for the full month.

Phase 2
This is simply where i replace the evening meal with the recommended shake and continue for 21 days.

Im on day 3 and to be honest, its living hell. Will this get better anyone?

Ok, day 4 didnt go as planned. I stayed on the diet all day but had a deviation in the evening. I realise that this will only impair my progress but i have acted on it by getting back on the diet strictly today. I increased my NEPA by 20 minutes in the morning and i intend to complete my V-challenge today aswell. Also i measured my bodyfat yesterday and it has already fallen

Alright, well day 5 was a complete disaster, i fell completely off the diet. I was on a day out and ended up participating in a LOT of “NEPA” and consequently completely abandoned the diet. Annoyed by this im trying to work out the best strategy. Do i simply restart or pick up where i left off. My plan so far is this: I will restart the diet on tuesday , most of my friends leave for uni at the end of the week, therefore getting rid of temptation. This would allow me to run the V-Diet strictly (without the phase 1) for 28 days. Anyone any suggestions?

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I think there is a blog feature somewhere, this is really unnecessary.

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