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Jonnys Fat Loss Log!


Hello all, long time reader first time poster. Instead of randomly posting around the site I just thought I'd jump strait in with my fat loss log.

For the last 3 months, give or take, I've been doing FBs as well as light cardio and HIIT, tabata based mainly. But in that time I've had a few injuries and illnesses but now I'm ready and raring to go to shift that shit from around my large stomach, no more excuses for this big chunk. Time to lose the lard me thinks.

This is my training log and I am so determined to do so I will do whatever it takes. (except for going down the lazy arsed surgical route)

=A bit about me=
I am 25 and around 5ft 7. I weigh about 175lb (12.6st) and from the UK.

I used to weight near the 189lb (13.7st) mark a few years back, and have been exercising randomly since then. But since January I have really started to try and concentrate on what I need and want to do, and that is lose fat and retain muscle. I have stopped drinking (alcohol) in the last month and cut down a lot on the usual crap that I used to eat.

=My Goal=
To lose fat whilst retaining muscle mass.

=Tracking Progress=
I will be tracking progress (or lack of it that happens) by way of tape measure and photos every 6 weeks.


=My FB Workouts=
Flat BB Bench, Flys or Incline DB Press (Alternating)
DB Upright Row & DB Shoulder Press (Alternating)
BOR & DB Bent-Over Row (Alternating)
And 2 Isolations concentrating on either Biceps, Triceps or Forearms.

My reps would usually consist of 3x8 on one day and 2x12-15 on 2 days. The reason I do the 2x12-15 on 2 days is I believe it will maximize my goal of losing fat, or atleast thats my thinking anyway.

=My Cardio routine=
Tabata sprints x3 per week (20 second sprint followed by 10 second rest, x10)
Longer distance light jogging x2 per week (I enjoy the fresh air:))


The reason I want to change routine is because of my recently changed working hours. I now have 4 consecutive days where I can hit the gym. So in my great wisdom...I thought it best to change the routine and try the Upper/Lower body split like so;

Day1 - Upper
Day2 - Lower (also Tabata sprints)
Day3 - Upper (also Light jog longer distance)
Day4 - Lower (also Tabata sprints)
Day6 - Tabata Sprints
Day7 - HoC (Consisting of Boxing Bag, light weights, body weight exercises x4-8)

So as you can see I work 4 on 4 off. And now have built a new routine around my new work hours.
I have not tried this new routine yet but have done near enough that much exercise before and did feel ok for it.
There is a slight concern that I'm not getting enough rest in the first 4 days of the new routine but will see how I feel afterwards.

And thats the routine for now, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to go about the Upper/Lower split to maximize fat loss without overworking myself.
If anyone has any experience or ideas then please post them thank you and thank you for reading.

If anyone wishes to join me on this fat loss life goal then please post with how your doing, but if you wish to post a log then make a seperate topic so as not to hijack my log, thank you.


I am kinda in the same mindset as you right now. I am turning my attention to more fat loss and less of the strength phase than before. I am setting at 6'2/311 (as of this morning) and my goal would be to get to 275 by the christmas.

I however need to really hit it hard because I don't lose weight as easily as some. I have the metabolism of a snail, so I have to work twice as hard at it than most. Lucky for me. My new routine is kinda a cross between my current 5/3/1 routine and something I have come up with kinda through trial and error.

Day 1- Upper Body Push #1
Day 2- Upper Body Pull #1
Day 3- Full Body Circuit Training #1
Day 4- Rest Day
Day 5- Upper Body Push #2
Day 6- Upper Body Pull #2
Day 7- Full Body Circuit Training #2
Day 8- Rest Day
Day 9- Repeat

Cardio in done in the a.m. of the upper body push and pull days. Stationary bike work will be used since that is what I have in my garage gym.

You probably noticed that I don't have any lower body work listed, well, I don't plan on having a "leg" only day because I don't want to ruin my recovery from all the cardio and the circuit training.


hey man i really think than you can lose a lot more than just 36 punds in six months!!!, if you're serious about it, make a trainin and food log, with everyone's tips, help and opinnions i think you cans lose 50 punds on those 6 months. that's just my opinnion


My weight loss goal is to lose 8lbs at the mo, to get down to 168 (12stone). Easily achieveable if I stick to the correct diet and work out my upper/lower split.

And Jimers, it is entirely possible to lose that much if you stick to a good diet and routine. Diet is key and is the first thing anyone should consider. But I would include lower body workouts as working your legs is great for fat loss and you won't look like a freak with a massive upper body and stringy lower.

And more on my upper/lower split. Is it generally better to stick to compound movements rather than isolations when aiming for fat loss? I get the general feeling it would be due to your body using more muscles when doing compounds and therefore increasing metabolism and losing fat.


Also I just realised I posted in the BodyBuilding section, can someone move this to the other training section training logs. Thanks


Well, the major reason that I don't have any lower body days in my routine is that my knee just doesn't cooperate well after my ACL surgery last year. My recovery time is a little longer and it makes getting my cardio in a little harder.

For example, I squatted yesterday to see how it would be since I haven't squatted for a couple weeks, now, the knee has ached all day.

As far as getting some lower body work in, my circuit training days have lower body exercises mixed in, just not the volume that I would normally use, much less but still something. I'm using the circuit that C.Thibs designed for Bartl during the first physique clinic.

Circuit Training:

Incline D.B. Press > Leg Press > Bent D.B. Rows > Lunges > Barbell Curls
12-15 reps on all exercises, no rest between sets

This is a real ass-kicker if you push yourself and use weights that challenge you. I also took this routine and changed a couple exercises around so I could use the circuit twice a week without getting stail.